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The Road to Best in Show

The movies nominated for best picture every year only have one thing in common – they’re movies. One is hilarious while another is an all-out tear-jerker. Judging one against the other takes guts. QuiltCon’s Best in Show is a lot like that. While the entries all have one thing in common – they are quilts – their other qualities are a chaotic array of style, color, technique, subject matter, and beauty. The first QuiltCon was held in Austin in 2013. There was no event in 2014. Beginning in 2015, QuiltCon has been held annually in cities across the U.S. The 2023 Atlanta will be its 10th anniversary. Each year, the judges somehow find a path to judge one quilt against another.  Here’s how they do it. Read More

Bullet Journaling for Quilters

Learn how to layout and customize a Bullet Journal (or any dot grid notebook) to keep track of all your quilting schemes and dreams. Develop a system that helps you design, shop, plan, track, and organize your quilting process. Emily will share tips, tricks, and resources to help you keep… Read More

Apremoo Quilt: April 2022

Created to commemorate Juneteenth becoming an official federal holiday in the USA, Apremoo is a modern take on a traditional African-inspired pattern. Representing thunder and lightning, the design symbolizes both power and resistance, while reminding us to continue to fight for our rights. On the surface, Apremoo is a simple… Read More

Frontier Star Quilt: May 2022

Frontier Star is a good pattern to start with if you are new to cutting 45-degree angles and sewing diamonds together. The quilt comes together quickly because of the large diamonds. It is a good gateway quilt into a more complicated star quilt pattern. Members, share your work on Instagram… Read More

Deco Breeze Quilt: June 2022

As a block-based quilt, you can rearrange the blocks in Deco Breeze to be at different points in the rows and create a whole different effect. Playing with color and where the lights and darks go can also create another look. Play around to see what effect you want to… Read More