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Modern Fundamentals Log Cabin Block

Log Cabin and Courthouse Steps are traditional blocks with countless possibilities. Each block is built from the center outward using rounds of strips built onto the previous round. In a Log Cabin block (Figure 1), strips are added by working in one direction, clockwise or counter-clockwise, overlapping ends like logs… Read More

Quilt Show Photography Tips

Every fall, submissions open for members to submit their quilts to QuiltCon. One requirement is to upload quilt images – we know this can be the most challenging step as we hear members ask how to best take photos. We’ve got seven tips to help you prepare… Read More

Double Bubble

“Double Bubble” is a block-based design, featuring a hot new trend in modern quilting: curves within curves. This design will challenge you to learn inset curved piecing, precision piecing where two or more curved seams converge, and how pressing direction can affect the finished appearance of pieced curves. … Read More

Tulsa Sews

Tulsa Sews is an initiative by the Tulsa Modern Quilt Guild (Tulsa MQG) to teach people of any age and interest level sewing skills. When Robin Jones, the newly elected President of Tulsa MQG, took office in July 2021, she had many ideas to reinvigorate the guild after the Covid-19… Read More

Finishing What She Started: Remembering Susanne Woods

Susanne Woods, who passed away in February of 2020 at just 47 years old, was a quilting book publisher and an early board member of the MQG. She sat on the board from 2013 to 2018 and was then part of the MQG’s advisory board until the time of her… Read More

Tilted Tiles

Tilted Tiles is a semi-improv quilt. The pattern is a collection of approachable techniques that allow for the creation of a quilt with the look and feel of improv while allowing for the use of a ruler at every step.  The pattern uses multiple block sizes, each… Read More

Quilt Math – Yardage

This month, we are going to explore the heart of quilt math: yardage calculations and fabric requirements. To get to a yardage calculation, I use the intermediate cutting instructions step to stay organized. Creating Cutting Instructions Let’s start right where the Design to Components article left off, with the… Read More

Puzzle Patch Block Study

The inspiration for this block is the Half-Square Triangle (HST), the simple yet versatile building block of many quilt patterns. It keeps the diagonal seam of the HST and add other elements to each triangle section. … Read More

Criss Cross Chain

We take a trip down memory lane with the Criss Cross Chain quilt. Growing up, Wendy’s mum would sometimes allow her and her sisters to try on her jewelry for fun and share the stories behind each of the pieces.  The quilt design is a… Read More

The Road to Best in Show

The movies nominated for best picture every year only have one thing in common – they’re movies. One is hilarious while another is an all-out tear-jerker. Judging one against the other takes guts. QuiltCon’s Best in Show is a lot like that. While the entries all have one thing in common – they are quilts – their other qualities are a chaotic array of style, color, technique, subject matter, and beauty. The first QuiltCon was held in Austin in 2013. There was no event in 2014. Beginning in 2015, QuiltCon has been held annually in cities across the U.S. The 2023 Atlanta will be its 10th anniversary. Each year, the judges somehow find a path to judge one quilt against another.  Here’s how they do it. Read More