Building Partnerships to Support Our Mission

At the Modern Quilt Guild (MQG), supporting and encouraging the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community comes to fruition in many ways, including through important partnerships we’ve developed since our inception in 2009.

These partnerships allow us to both showcase our members’ work to larger audiences as well as bring awareness about other quilting-related groups and organizations to our members. Through museum partnerships, quilt organization sponsorships, special exhibit partnerships, and curated exhibits, we work to serve our mission and bring more modern quilting art, education, and community to complement our world-class modern quilt show, QuiltCon.

Museum Partnerships

The International Quilt Museum (IQM) recognized the importance of the modern quilting movement early on. The museum received a grant that allows curatorial staff to attend and purchase quilts exhibited at QuiltCon, including the Best in Show quilt and quilts from the Youth category, as well as purchase directly from makers who are significant to the modern quilting movement. The IQM is building an extensive collection of modern quilts, understanding the impact of modern quilting within the wide-ranging quilt industry.

Quilt Organization Sponsorships

There are many important organizations supporting the work of quilters today and we are grateful to partner with and provide sponsorship to the following groups:

Atlanta Quilt Festival

Quilt Alliance 

SAQA Conference 

Textile Talks

Susan Hudson of the Navajo Quilt Project

Special Exhibit Partnerships

We partner with various groups and organizations to bring special exhibits to QuiltCon that highlight underrepresented groups in quilting, including:

African American Quilt Circle of Durham 

Brown Sugar Stitchers

Great Lakes Quilt Center at Michigan State University 

Navajo Quilt Project 

In addition to exhibiting work from these groups, the MQG utilizes funds raised from the sale of Community Outreach quilts at QuiltCon to benefit local charities where the event is held, with many of those charities chosen directly by the special exhibit partners.

Curated Exhibits 

A curated exhibit of outstanding work that showcases the latest in modern quilting from our members is sent to quilt shows and festivals worldwide following each QuiltCon. The Selections from QuiltCon traveling exhibit is a great opportunity to educate a global audience about modern quilting.

In addition, we have curated several special exhibits for the International Quilt Festival, showcasing even more modern quilts from our members, as well as a special exhibit for the National Quilt Museum.

Are you a museum, quilt show, or quilt festival interested in exhibiting modern quilts? Contact us today!