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Quilt Math: Design to Components

In each issue of the MQG Journal this year, Yvonne Fuchs will be sharing an important behind-the-scenes aspect of quilt pattern writing: quilt math. In this article, we are going to work through the process Yvonne used to go from the design of the MQG quilt of the month pattern,… Read More

Houston Strong: Bound Together by Shared Experiences

Our guild began the 2020 QuiltCon Community Outreach Challenge by putting together a committee and voting on designs. One thing that rang true throughout the process: we wanted to create a quilt to represent Houston. Houston has survived Hurricane Harvey, the Astros have won the World Series and several American… Read More

Five Tips from Audrey Esarey

I always love learning new things from the sewing and quilting community. As a lifelong student, finding new approaches helps me bring my creative ideas to life, achieve my long-term goals, and make my workflow more efficient. Between guild meetings, online resources, quilty friends, and books, I’m always finding multiple… Read More

Susan Hudson’s Walk Through Two Worlds

Each time Susan Hudson – a successful Diné, Navajo quilt artist – accepts an invitation to present a lecture or grant an interview, she begins a journey through two worlds. When she speaks and when she makes art, Susan does not sugar coat her story. In the “white” world, Susan… Read More

Meet Latifah Saafir: QuiltCon 2022 Featured Presenter

In my job as a writer and researcher, I’ve interviewed hundreds of quilters. Latifah Saafir might possibly be the most articulate and self-aware quiltmaker I’ve ever encountered. Her curiosity about her own mind and her place in the world is woven into her very being. She knows exactly who she… Read More

Inspired by Temperature Quilts

It’s fair to say I went down a bit of a rabbit hole when researching temperature quilts. I am now following the hashtag #temperaturequilts on Instagram, and so many beautiful temperature quilts pop up on my feed every day; you should follow it too, it’s inspiring! I also became aware… Read More

Tesseract: April, May, June 2022

Tesseract is designed to help you master Y-seam and partial seam techniques. Choose a single color palette for a cohesive, ordered quilt — or go scrappy and see what happens! Members, share your work on Instagram using the hashtags #mqgblockstudy and #showusyourmqg!… Read More

Modern Fundamentals: Y-Seams and Partial Seams

In each issue of the MQG Journal this year, Sarah Ruiz will teach us a Modern Fundamental of quilting. This quarter, we are focusing on two piecing techniques: Y-seams and partial seams. Both techniques can be used to create blocks or join larger sections together when piecing a quilt top. These techniques may seem intimidating,… Read More

Managing Inspiration Overload

Inspiration is everywhere. It’s there every time we open up social media, attend guild meetings, visit museums, or travel to events like QuiltCon. Join Jessica Plunkett as she talks about how to translate those experiences into something meaningful. Let’s turn overload into opportunity!… Read More

Gambit Quilt: January 2022

The Gambit quilt pattern is made up entirely of strip piecing! You will start off by creating large stripped units and then trimming them down to 2″-wide strips that you will use to piece together each block. This pattern is a great way to practice using a scant seam allowance and… Read More