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Secret Sewing for Outgoing Guild Leaders

Quilters love to make quilts to commemorate special events or as a show of thanks. If you’ve been in the Modern Quilt Guild for long, you’ve almost certainly had a particularly wonderful leader decide to step down, and members decide they’d like to make a quilt to show their appreciation. Read More

Every Fabric Deserves a Second Chance

Using Recycled Fabric in Quilts Sourcing and using recycled fabric in my quilts is what I love to do. There’s the thrill of the hunt, helping out good causes, and creating unique and beautiful quilts–what’s not to love? I mainly use simple improv blocks for my quilts, but you can… Read More

The Highs and Lows of Temperature Quilts

As quilters, we know the inspiration for our next quilt can come from the most unlikely of places. Who would have thought that weather charts and daily high and low temperatures would capture the imagination of so many quilters worldwide and become the starting point for the design of creative… Read More

Cutting Accuracy: Beyond the Mat

Join Elizabeth Ray to explore fabric preparation and top tips for accuracy when cutting pieces for quilt tops, backings, and batting. In Beyond the Mat, Elizabeth will explore techniques, tools, and tricks to achieve the best accuracy in your quilt cutting. Better piecing starts with precision cutting. Read More

Flyover Quilt: October 2021

Flyover is a traditionally-pieced quilt that plays with the idea of overlaid circles and squares to create depth and texture. The repeated block is a mix of straight and curved piecing and comes together quickly. With so many “layers,” Flyover lends itself to fun customization and creative quilting. We can’t… Read More

Night Bloom Quilt: November 2021

Night Bloom uses Foundation Paper Piecing to create its precise points and mathematically correct octagons. The octagonal points of this geometric quilt are inspired by Easter cacti which bloom only at night. ​… Read More

Staggered Lines Quilt: December 2021

Experiment with a singular block by manipulating it directionally or with color to create an illusion of six individualized blocks in the Staggered Lines Quilt. A dark or contrasting background make the staggered lines a focal feature. ​… Read More

Backpack Tote

The Backpack Tote is a fun bag pattern that can be worn as a backpack or as a tote. Plus, it’s the perfect way to repurpose your favorite pair of worn-out jeans. Whether you grab your scraps and leftover blocks or fabric from your stash, you’re sure to love your… Read More

Whorl Block: October, November, December 2021

Are you ready to put your quarter-square triangle skills from this quarter’s Modern Fundamental to practice? Add a partial seam to the mix with the Whorl Block for a great way to practice techniques without a lot of stress. Read More

Modern Fundamentals: Quarter-Square Triangle Blocks

In each issue of the MQG Journal this year, Yvonne Fuchs will teach us Modern Fundamentals of quilting. In this issue of the MQG Journal, we will explore how to make Quarter Square Triangle Blocks, widely known as Hourglass blocks, which are square blocks that are made up of four 90°… Read More