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Tesseract: April, May, June 2022

Tesseract is designed to help you master Y-seam and partial seam techniques. Choose a single color palette for a cohesive, ordered quilt — or go scrappy and see what happens! Members, share your work on Instagram using the hashtags #MQGBlockStudy and #ShowUsYourMQG!… Read More

Modern Fundamentals: Y-Seams and Partial Seams

In each issue of the MQG Journal this year, Sarah Ruiz will teach us a Modern Fundamental of quilting. This quarter, we are focusing on two piecing techniques: Y-seams and partial seams. Both techniques can be used to create blocks or join larger sections together when piecing a quilt top. These techniques may seem intimidating,… Read More

Managing Inspiration Overload

Inspiration is everywhere. It’s there every time we open up social media, attend guild meetings, visit museums, or travel to events like QuiltCon. Join Jessica Plunkett as she talks about how to translate those experiences into something meaningful. Let’s turn overload into opportunity!… Read More

Gambit Quilt: January 2022

The Gambit quilt pattern is made up entirely of strip piecing! You will start off by creating large stripped units and then trimming them down to 2″-wide strips that you will use to piece together each block. This pattern is a great way to practice using a scant seam allowance… Read More

Buckled Up Quilt: February 2022

This pattern is based on a traditional block called “Children of Israel.” Modifying the block and then extending the lines that reach to the edge creates an interesting woven design with a sort of buckle that holds the ribbons of color together when only a few blocks are set in… Read More

Seffarine Stars Quilt: March 2022

This paper-pieced pattern is based on a traditional Moroccan zellige (tile mosaic) pattern found in many historic buildings around the country, among them the Seffarine Madrassa in Fez. This stunning quilt comes together with a block-based assembly, combining three different blocks, and is finished with a pieced border. ​… Read More

Make-It Take-It: Pinwheel Coasters

Perfect for a guild retreat, sewing with friends, or sewing to gift, these coasters are easy to make – instead of just one, these instructions will make a mirrored pair! In this Make-it-Take-it series, Sue will provide everything you need to know to make a few items for yourself, as… Read More

Mexican Tile Study: January, February, March 2022

Inspired by Mexican tiles, this block study is a wonderful way to play with color! Try it in a two-color version or use a wider palette to experiment with color placement. You’re sure to enjoy the variety this block has to offer. ​… Read More

Modern Fundamentals: Half-Rectangle Triangle Blocks

Have you conquered half-square triangles? If so, you’re ready to meet its more sophisticated cousin: the half-rectangle triangle! In each issue of the MQG Journal this year, Sarah Ruiz will teach us a Modern Fundamental of quilting. In this issue, we will explore how to make Half-Rectangle Triangle Blocks. This… Read More

Quilt Math: Using Modern Fundamentals Tables

In each issue of the MQG Journal this year, Yvonne Fuchs will be sharing an important behind-the-scenes aspect of quilt pattern writing: quilt math. To get things started, we are going to take a look back at the Modern Fundamentals that were shared in 2021. We will discuss how to… Read More