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Leadership Webinar: Community Building

Join members of the Guild Leadership Task Force as they discuss best practices and techniques to build your guild community. Drawing on the experience of the Guild Programming and Leadership Task Force and numerous MQG guild leaders, you’ll walk away with great information to apply to your guild. Read More

Fearless Straight Line Quilting

Wait! Why are you so afraid of machine quilting with rulers? In this fun webinar with Natalia Bonner, Natalia will show you some basics of quilting with machine quilting rulers. You’ll find that anyone can do it! Working on a domestic machine or longarm machine, you can use machine quilting… Read More

A Graphic Designers Guide to Quilt Design and Layout

In this webinar, Christine Ricks takes you through her background in graphic design and how it lead her to her love of modern quilting. From examples of her work with more structured designs using foundation paper piecing to her more relaxed and freeing improv style, she will illustrate the ways… Read More

Improv Hand Quilting

Join Heidi Parkes for an in-depth discussion of her approach to hand quilting in three parts.  First, stitch formation and improvisation will be discussed with lots of visuals of her quilts, in reference to the evolution of Heidi’s own design aesthetic. Second, hand quilting will be covered in regard to… Read More

Made in Japan: Quilts, Cotton and Indigo

Cotton & Indigo from Japan: The Very Old and the Very New. Japan’s textile history will come alive as you learn about two epic plants and how they forever changed the world: cotton and indigo. Indigo is native to Japan and for centuries, it has inspired weavers, dyers, merchants and… Read More

Modern Quilts from My Grandmothers

In this webinar, Sarah Bond will discuss part quilt history, part family history, and part modern quilt inspiration. Jane Arthur Bond was born a slave in 1828 in Kentucky. Louvinia Clarkson Cleckley was born a slave in 1858 in South Carolina. Anna Gibson Bond was born in 1869. Ruth Clement… Read More

Beyond Modern Traditionalism: Blocks Inspired by Other Crafts

Updating traditional blocks and pulling inspiration from nature or architecture are common practices in modern quilting, but it’s harder to find quilts inspired by other crafts. In this webinar, Ginny will describe how she approached designing her afghan-inspired quilt, “Fauchet” and how her relationships and conversations with craftspeople in her… Read More

Take the Leap: Facing Your Fears of Improv

Improv piecing is like standing on a cliff with a clear, deep, pool below. Some of us can’t wait to make the leap, and others are so terrified that we quietly walk back down the way we came. The majority of us are somewhere in between. This webinar by improv… Read More

Textile Surface Design: Experimental Techniques

In this webinar, Tim will demonstrate a broad range of experimental screen printing and pigment dying that work great for creating medium to large-scale fabrics. In addition to screen printing, Tim will show a series of monoprinting techniques like canning, spraying, quick masks and brushing that don’t require screens but… Read More