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On-Demand Education: Quilt Labeling

Why should you label your quilts? Amy Milne, the Quilt Alliance Executive Director, explains why quilt documentation is important and provides suggestions for what to put on a quilt label. Amy also shares 13 ways to label a quilt. In addition to labeling the quilts you make, Amy… Read More

On-Demand Education: Appliqué

Appliqué has a rich history in traditional quilting, so how do quilters utilize this technique in modern quilting? Ginny Robinson, an individual MQG member, shares the characteristics of modern appliqué and why a modern quilter might choose this technique. Ginny walks through the tools and materials needed to do different… Read More

On-Demand Education – Value of Quilts: Panel Discussion

How do you price quilts? What factors do you take into consideration when pricing a quilt? Is there a formula? Do you truly take into account all hours put into the project? We asked members a variety of these questions in a survey and then brought together three… Read More

On-Demand Education: Modern Traditionalism

How do quilters apply traditional quilting elements to their modern quilts? Holly Clarke, a Winnipeg MQG member, explores traditional and modern quilt aesthetics and how the two are used together to create interesting modern traditional quilts. Holly includes a segment where she chooses a traditional and a modern… Read More

7 Quilt Back Tips To Inspire You

Andrea Tsang Jackson, a Maritime MQG member and creator of the popular #PartyInTheQuiltBack tag on Instagram, shares 7 Quilt Back Tips to Inspire You. From how to use your favorite large-scale prints to how to utilize quilt top scraps, Andrea’s tips will inspire you to have fun piecing your next… Read More

On-Demand Education – Minimalist Design

Have you ever wondered how to approach a minimalist design? Carson Converse, a member of the Northampton MQG, shares a broad look at Minimalism vs. minimalism in art, and then dives into minimalism in quilting. Carson shares her thought process for approaching minimalist quilt design and offers unique insights into… Read More

On-Demand Education – Quilting Improvisationally

Improvisational piecing is commonly recognized in the modern quilting movement. The same improvisational mindset can be applied to quilting as well. Clara Stoikow, an individual member of the MQG, shares her approach for quilting improvisationally. Read More

On-Demand Education – Maximalism!

What is maximalism? Have we seen it before in arts, culture, and quilting? We sure have – Irene Roderick, a member of the Austin MQG, shows us different styles and influences throughout history, unlocks the ultimate maximalist source of inspiration, and talks about maximalism in today’s modern quilting… Read More

On-Demand Education – Creative Color for Modern Quilters

What is color theory? What is a color wheel? What is human color perception? In this on-demand video, Erika, a Chicago MQG member, takes a look at color systems throughout history, has participants take part in a color exercise, and walks through color illusions. She explains how those… Read More