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Hartsfield Family Quilt Collection

Sit down with Jim Tharpe as he shares about his family’s collection of quilts. The Hartsfield Family Quilt Collection spans generations, dating back to Jim’s ancestor Miss Molly, an enslaved woman in Whitlock, Tennessee. Learn how he came to appreciate the importance of these quilts in his and his family’s… Read More

QuiltCon Together 2021 Awards Ceremony

Watch the replay of the 2021 QuiltCon Together Awards Ceremony to see the top winners of every category along with the top awards: Best Machine Quilting (Framed), Best Machine Quilting (Frameless), Quilting Excellence, and Best in Show. … Read More

Quilt Your Life: Milestone Quilts for Every Moment

What do you get when you combine quilting with living in a very literal way and create positive feedback loops with your quilt planning? Milestone quilts! Come explore the world of quilts created to mark milestones and see why these quilts are a fun and meaningful solution to joyful sewing… Read More

The Highs and Lows of Temperature Quilts Webinar

Join panelists Jo Avery, Karen Foster, and Linda Hungerford for this webinar as they discuss the highs and lows of creating temperature quilts. Together we will chat about how each panelist approached the basics of creating a temperature quilt from choosing a color palette and gathering daily weather information to… Read More

Blocks, Fresh Quilting Episode 301

This episode of Fresh Quilting features blocks—the most basic of quilt techniques. First up is Ebony Love using negative space in nontraditional quilt blocks. Then, Lee Monroe shares her basic techniques for attaching blocks together. Finally, Eliane Bergmann shows us how to create panels with scraps using a quilt-as-you-go method… Read More

Piecing, Fresh Quilting Episode 302

In this episode of Fresh Quilting, we put things together with piecing techniques. Up first is Catherine Cureton to show us how to strip-piece to save time. Simply cut and sew strips together, then subcut before assembling into blocks. Next, we meet Laura Hartrich and learn pieced modern letters. Make… Read More

Scraps, Fresh Quilting Episode 303

Sometimes as quilters, we struggle to throw out even the tiniest scrap of fabric! In this episode of Fresh Quilting, learn how to utilize those scraps in modern quilts. First, Rossie Hutchinson combines scraps and fat quarters for a multitude of options we can use to create our own unique… Read More

More Modern Blocks, Fresh Quilting Episode 304

Quilt blocks are the true building blocks of modern quilting. In episode 304 of Fresh Quilting, Brenda Ratliffe is our first guest with a lesson on mixing and using string blocks, a popular technique that creates endless variations. Next, Rossie Hutchinson is back to give the traditional log cabin block… Read More