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Textile Talk: Celebrating Modern Together

Join Alissa Haight Carlton, the founding director of the Modern Quilt Guild, and Karen Cooper, the new executive director in a conversation about the past, present, and future of the modern quilting movement moderated by current board president Heather Kinion. Discover how the quilts and community have evolved in the… Read More

Yoga for Healthy Hands

This webinar will begin with some hand stretches and build into a flow where students will learn to strengthen their hands. This combination of stretching and strengthening is key for maintaining hand health for those who spend many hour hand sewing!… Read More

Improv Play

In this webinar, Maritza will share exercises using basic improv techniques to produce exciting results that offer a myriad of design possibilities. Read More

Itty Bitty Curves: Curvelets

IMG_1122.jpg Learn how to embrace tiny curves as a fun new skill you can take wherever you go! Hand piece these tiny gems for projects large and small. Read More

Design What You Know: Finding Inspiration in Your Own History

IMG-1627.jpg In this webinar, Melissa will encourage viewers to look into their own family histories to discover design inspiration. We will explore areas where one can look for motifs and ideas: weavings, pottery, folk art, stories, common sayings, showing examples from all and how they’ve been incorporated into modern… Read More

Pucker Free, No Whisker Walking Foot Quilting

Ever run into trouble with your walking foot quilting? Heard scary stories about walking foot quilting? Let’s dispel some common myths and then talk about strategies and techniques to use to achieve flat, beautiful walking foot quilting. Read More

Craft Connections to the Past

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment by learning the history of handicraft as it is tied to the suffrage movement. Diving into the iconography tied to the women’s equality movement, you will be empowered to craft your own homage to the past. This webinar will showcase handicraft possibilities… Read More

Jumping Creative Hurdles

Do you ever get stuck on a project or come to an impasse with a WIP? The actionable tips and tricks in this webinar will help you overcome your creative quandaries and make friends with the process. Tackle those WIPs with confidence!… Read More

Free Motion Therapy

Learn four free motion designs that are fast, fun, and forgiving to stitch. Let go of perfection with Christa’s easy-going techniques that will enable you to finish those UFOs in a flash!… Read More