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Playtime, Fresh Quilting Episode 312

Explore your inner child and let them out as we have playtime in this episode of Fresh Quilting. We begin as Steph Skardal encourages us to play with color by starting with paper before adding fabric into the mix. Then, Catherine Cureton plays around with a mini quilt and shows… Read More

Intentional Quilting, Fresh Quilting Episode 313

In this episode of Fresh Quilting, we explore intentional quilting. Laura Hartrich kicks things off with her annual intentions quilt which can lend a more cerebral thought process to quilting. Then, we talk with Lee Monroe about the importance of scant ¼” seams. They do make a difference! Finally, it’s… Read More

Phulkari: Then and Now

Building on Saima Kaur’s article ‘Phulkaris: Threads of Memory, this webinar is an opportunity to understand them through visual examples old and new as well as materials and methods of production. The webinar also explores contemporary trends in India and abroad by sharing case studies of textiles artists, collectors,… Read More

Block Printing Repeat Patterns

Creating repeat patterns is a timeless technique that is widely used in textile design. In this webinar with Pantera Saint-Montaigne, you’ll learn the essentials of printing repeat patterns on fabric. We’ll examine the way block printing, with small blocks, can be used to create larger patterns. You will also learn the… Read More

Laser Cutting for Modern Quilting

Have you ever considered creating custom acrylic templates? Or custom English Paper Piecing papers? Or would you like an easier way to cut a Hawaiian-style appliqué quilt? All these things are possible with a laser cutter, and having these cut for yourself isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. This… Read More

Quilt Embellishments: How to Make Yo-Yos

Get the kids in your life involved in a fun entry-level sewing project with experienced artist Marquetta Johnson! Join Marquetta as she shares her approach to creating a much-loved traditional textile decoration, the yo-yo. This simple hand-sewing project is a great bridge to get kids interested in sewing, and can… Read More

Getting Started with English Paper Piecing (EPP)

Learn all about what English Paper Piecing (EPP) is and how to get started. This easy handwork technique (requiring minimal supplies) is perfect for quilters looking for a portable project or only have a short periods of time to sew. Working with the EPP version of her alphabet pattern, entitled… Read More

Textile Talk | Finding my Way Back Home – A Textile Odyssey

In this Textile Talk webinar, Marquetta Johnson and Amanda Hines Bernay discuss Marquetta’s long family history of quilting and art, her perspectives on quilting, and her journey as a quilter and teaching artist, with plenty of photos to delight and engage the viewers.    TextileTalks_web.png   This webinar was… Read More

Curved Piecing: Beyond the Drunkard’s Path

Let’s explore the world of curved piecing. In Beyond the Drunkard’s Path, Yvonne will explore improvisational curves and how to use rulers to make more than a Drunkard’s Path block. Additional inspiration and resources will be shared to help you get curvy!… Read More