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Using Triangles with Rebecca Bryan, Fresh Quilting 104

On this episode of Fresh Quilting, author-designer Rebecca Bryan demonstrates how triangles can pump up modern quilt samplers. Then, quilters Kara Sanders and Elizabeth Dackson talk about how to plan fun and inspiring quilting retreats. Finally, designer Christina Cameli taps into making 10-degree triangles to create versatile, modern blocks. Read More

Quilting Words with Free Motion

A quilt can say a lot, but it can speak even louder with quilted words. In this webinar, we’ll explore everything from learning to write with free motion quilting, building your skills, the minimal tools necessary, tips and tricks, and inspiration. Note: This webinar is for all levels of quilters. Read More

Planned and Unplanned: Design and Improv in Piecing

Design and improv aren’t mutually exclusive approaches to piecing a quilt top. We’ll talk about different relationships between design and improv and outline some steps for making quilts that are both thoroughly considered and completely unique. Read More

Using Simple Quilt Blocks to Create a Complex Geometric Design

Corinne Sovey is a graphic designer, textile artist, and color enthusiast. Her colorful quilts blend the graphic patterns of the design world with the time-honored tradition of patchwork. With great attention to detail, each quilt is designed with graphic purpose and balance. She aims to make contemporary quilts inspired by… Read More

Hand-stitched Blocks on the Go

Away from your sewing machine too often but still have the desire to quilt? Instead of English paper piecing or hand-quilting, why not try hand-stitching your blocks? This tutorial will introduce hand-stitching techniques for quilt blocks with the use of no rotary cutter and no sewing machine. Hand-stitching allows you… Read More

Panel: The Influence of Varied Voices in Quilting

There’s so much to learn by seeking diversity and looking outside our immediate cultures to the broader world for inspiration. In this webinar panel discussion, we’ll explore how quilters can be impacted by different frames of reference and backgrounds, thereby gaining new perspectives about their craft. We’ll cover how the… Read More

Quilting Inspiration From Reclaimed Textiles

Special quilts begin with special fabrics. These fabrics can be ones you’ve collected from family and loved ones, or ones that remind you of special places or things. Blair talks through how to find inspiration through creatively reused vintage and cast off fabrics into beautiful quilts. It’s much easier than… Read More

Color Theory for Modern Quilters

Color theory is a great tool for putting together interesting quilt palettes. It seems complicated and full of rules to so many people, but it doesn’t have to be. Kim will demystify the concepts of color theory and show tons of juicy examples from the modern quilt world. This webinar… Read More

No-Tails Binding: Mitered Corners by Machine

Every quilter probably knows several ways to sew binding to a quilt, but this method will have you exclaiming, “Ah-ha! How smart!” Up your game with a triple-fantastic finish that gives you a squared-up quilt, machine-bound corners, and binding that’s fully-stuffed with batting. With step-by-step pictures and explanation, you’ll learn… Read More

Creative Webinar: Designing Quilts in EQ7

Learn the basics of EQ7 with Amy Ellis! Amy will share the all the basics and tricks she’s picked up after using the program for years. Like how to use the tool bars and libraries to their fullest potential, draw your own blocks, and experiment with the fabrics you plan… Read More