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Many Voices as One: How to Make a Community Quilt

So you want to make a community quilt! It’s fun to dive right in, but it’s wise to pause, ask yourself a few questions, and get some good advice. For instance, will your quilt have message? What are the best ways to incorporate a variety of points of view? Do… Read More

Fabric Design for Quilters: A Crash Course

Whether you’d like to design your own fabrics, want to know how to choose fabrics to make your quilt projects more successful, it helps to know about the fundamentals of fabric print design. This webinar will walk you through different print types, how prints and collections are created for the retail… Read More

No Rulers, No Rules: Creating Cohesive Improv Quilts Without a Plan

Wondering how to create a truly improvised quilt that looks cohesive in the end? Shelagh (pronounced Shay-la) Jessop from Stuart Moores Textiles breaks down and outlines her process in easy to follow steps, to help you create beautiful improvised quilts without a plan, a ruler, a rotary cutter, or much… Read More

Curves and Strips with Jen Carlton-Bailly, Fresh Quilting 103

In this episode of Fresh Quilting, we look at quilt construction piece by piece. Modern quilter Jen Carlton-Bailly shows how one simple curved block can be used in hundreds of designs. Then, fiber artist Shelly Gilliland joins Heather Grant with ideas for a quilting Service Day. Finally, join textile artist Chawne Kimber… Read More

Design Options with Christina Cameli, Fresh Quitling 101

It’s Fresh Quilting‘s very first episode! Author and free-motion quilt artist Christina Cameli explains her methods for determining which areas to quilt and showcases some of her best free-motion techniques. Next Heather Grant and art historian/quilter Allison Evans discuss best practices for planning a charity quilt event. And finally, author and quilter Jacquie Gering… Read More

Messages and Motifs with Chawne Kimber, Fresh Quilting 105

On this episode of Fresh Quilting, Chawne Kimber uses raw-edge appliqué to create quilts with themes of social justice. Then, quilt guild activist Katie Jones-Burford offers tips for planning a quilt show on a shoestring budget. Finally, Rebecca Kemp Brent shows off a modern feather design for an updated whole… Read More

Old to New with Elizabeth Dackson, Fresh Quilting 106

In this episode of Fresh Quilting, join quilt pattern designer Elizabeth Dackson for a journey into the world of “modern traditionalism”: making traditional quilt blocks new again. Then, Heather Grant and Brenda Ratliff discuss the best way to book faculty for quilting events. Finally, Elizabeth Dackson reveals her top tips… Read More

Design Alternatives with Jacquie Gering, Fresh Quilting 107

In this episode of Fresh Quilting, contemporary quilter Jacquie Gering manipulates traditional quilting grids to show how to arrange blocks in new ways. Then, join Katie Jones-Burford and Elizabeth Dackson as they discuss how to form a new Modern Quilt Guild chapter. Finally, learn new bias tape appliqué techniques from Latifah… Read More

Reverse Appliqué with Rossie Hutchinson, Fresh Quilting 108

In this episode of Fresh Quilting, fabric designer Luana Rubin takes us on a tour of her most recent fabric collection inspired by a trip to Cuba. Then, Allison Evans and Heather Grant brainstorm fresh approaches to charity quilting. And finally, Rossie Hutchinson shows how reverse appliqué is the perfect… Read More

Scraps and Pieces with Shannon Brinkley, Fresh Quilting 109

In this episode of Fresh Quilting, Shannon Brinkley collages fabric scraps to create a technique called scrappy appliqué. Then, Jacquie Gering and Heather Grant discuss guild scholarship programs. Finally, pattern designer Elizabeth Dackson reveals her tried-and-true techniques for foundation paper piecing. Read More