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Toggle Table Runner

The square shape is based on the historic courthouse steps block. Piecing begins by sewing two short rectangular strips to opposite sides of a center square. Then two long rectangles are sewn to the other sides of the center square. The courthouse steps block stops after just one… Read More

Teamwork Quilt

This quilt started out as an exercise to create an improv-lite project with simple piecing and movement throughout. It’s titled Teamwork because the groupings of triangles reminded Michelle of youth soccer teams all running around the field in a cluster, chasing the ball.     … Read More

Punch Block Study

The Punch block is beginner-friendly for those who are new to curved piecing. It features a large-scale quarter circle block – larger, more gentle curves are generally easier to sew.   If you’re new to sewing curves, you can refer to Yvonne Fuch’s Modern… Read More

Echo Chamber

Explore multiple illusions with this striking modern quilt. Using only four fabric colors, play with color interactions to create a transparency effect. Create the illusion of large curves without any curved piecing. Learn to use a unique angle template and join strips of fabric at any angle. The finished… Read More

Double Bubble

Double Bubble is a block-based design, featuring a hot new trend in modern quilting: curves within curves. This design will challenge you to learn inset curved piecing, precision piecing where two or more curved seams converge, and how pressing direction can affect the finished appearance of pieced curves. … Read More

Tilted Tiles

Tilted Tiles is a semi-improv quilt. The pattern is a collection of approachable techniques that allow for the creation of a quilt with the look and feel of improv while allowing for the use of a ruler at every step. The pattern uses multiple block sizes, each with… Read More

Puzzle Patch Block Study

The inspiration for this block is the Half-Square Triangle (HST), the simple yet versatile building block of many quilt patterns. It keeps the diagonal seam of the HST and add other elements to each triangle section. … Read More

Criss Cross Chain

We take a trip down memory lane with the Criss Cross Chain quilt. Growing up, Wendy’s mum would sometimes allow her and her sisters to try on her jewelry for fun and share the stories behind each of the pieces.  The quilt design is a… Read More

Apremoo Quilt: April 2022

Created to commemorate Juneteenth becoming an official federal holiday in the USA, Apremoo is a modern take on a traditional African-inspired pattern. Representing thunder and lightning, the design symbolizes both power and resistance, while reminding us to continue to fight for our rights. On the surface, Apremoo is a simple… Read More

Frontier Star Quilt: May 2022

Frontier Star is a good pattern to start with if you are new to cutting 45-degree angles and sewing diamonds together. The quilt comes together quickly because of the large diamonds. It is a good gateway quilt into a more complicated star quilt pattern. Members, share your work on Instagram… Read More