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Slice of Happiness, October 2015

Slice of Happiness was inspired by a glass of lemonade, warm summer days, sitting in the backyard, sipping a cold drink, and having nothing in the world to do but relax. The 3/4 circles represent both the condensation on the glass and the slices of citrus inside. The simplicity of… Read More

Phoenix, September 2015

Phoenix is created primarily from modified drunkard’s path blocks. Curves can be intimidating, but with just a little practice you’ll be conquering them soon enough! The curved pieces in Phoenix are large and only rarely require lining up which makes this a very forgiving pattern for learning. Read More

Altitudinal Ecosystem, August 2015

Altitudinal Ecosystem is a design I created while participating in Quilt Design a Day. Anne Sullivan (@playcrafts) provided the inspiration photo of lakes and snow-capped, tree-covered mountains in November 2014. I loved the inspiration as it reminded me of my ecology studies, the mountain highlighting the diversity of species and… Read More

Quadra, July 2015

I love the geometry of a quilt block. As a graphic designer, I look at two-dimensional things all day. I think that’s why I enjoy quilting so much. What inspired me to make the Quadra Quilt pattern was the way the fabric and color came together to create an illusion… Read More

Honeycomb, June 2015

The design process started with just one circle and rectangle. I moved them relatively to find the best configuration. My goal was to design a modern, repeating block and let the color do the rest. Each member of my family sees something different looking at it. I see a honeycomb;… Read More

Sunshowers, May 2015

The colorway was inspired by a photo in the Quilt Design a Day group last year. After playing with the colors, they reminded me a lot of the rainy days here at home. Every so often a sunbeam breaks through the clouds, so its raining and sunny at the same… Read More

Boids, April 2015

We typically think of “bird” based patterns as using the flying geese block, but this pattern introduces the half-rectangle triangle. Yardage or scrap-friendly!… Read More

Use Your Illusions, March 2015

Use Your Illusions is a high contrast, paper pieced pattern which includes instructions for both wall and lap sized quilts.  The name of the quilt was inspired by the Guns ‘N Roses album of the late 90’s.  The front cover quilt was quilted by Abby Latimer of Latimer Lane Quilting. Read More

Smubble, February 2015

The idea for this quilt came from artwork by Luli Sanchez. Now that I look back on the piece, it doesn’t look much like it at all. I named it Smubble for my own childish self-indulgence. Several years ago, my son was about 6 or 7 and he was fascinated… Read More