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Boids, April 2015

By: Gillian Smith

We typically think of “bird” based patterns as using the flying geese block, but this pattern introduces the half-rectangle triangle. Yardage or scrap-friendly!…

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Use Your Illusions, March 2015

By: Cheryl Brickey

Use Your Illusions is a high contrast, paper pieced pattern which includes instructions for both wall and lap sized quilts.  The name of the quilt was inspired by the Guns ‘N Roses album of the late 90’s.  The front cover…

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Keeping it Zentresting, Developing Guild Programs & Fun

By: Kristen Ballou

The guild is much more than just a monthly meeting! In this webinar, we will discuss ideas for programs, from sew-ins to swaps to retreats and much more. Kristen Ballou, of the Seattle MQG, will lead you through the challenges…

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Speakers, Teachers & Sewlebrities; Finding & Contracting Quilting Talent

By: Kristy Daum

Want to attract sewlebrities to your next guild meeting? Bringing talent to your area often includes looking right at home for local and regional speakers and teachers. In this webinar, Kristy Daum will share ideas for networking and connecting with…

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Smubble, February 2015

By: Rebecca Burnett

The idea for this quilt came from artwork by Luli Sanchez. Now that I look back on the piece, it doesn’t look much like it at all. I named it Smubble for my own childish self-indulgence. Several years ago, my…

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Choosing Fabric for a Quilt: Thoughts, Suggestions, and General Inspiration

By: Elizabeth Hartman

I love fabric and I love finding new and interesting ways to combine it in patchwork. In this webinar, I’ll talk about what leads me to choose certain fabrics for certain projects, why I think certain fabrics are more appropriate…

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Road to Pasadena, January 2015

By: Kendra Nitta

Road to Pasadena was inspired by the Arroyo Seco Parkway, the first freeway in LA. It runs between downtown LA and Pasadena, and it’s VERY curvy.

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Arrows, December 2014

By: Hema Elumalai

Let’s get creative with the half-square triangle! This versatile block lends itself to many creative quilt designs.

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Plumage, November 2014

By: Casey York

Mix and match the feathers to create your own design in this creative appliqué quilt pattern.

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Shifted, October 2014

By: Kristy Daum

SHIFTED began as an experiment with shapes and building larger blocks one row/round at a time. In the end, Kristy ended up quartering the blocks and creating a new layout for them. This will be a great quilt to play…

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Modern Quilting: Know It When You See It 9/30/14

By: Jacquie Gering

Copyright © 2014 by Jacquie Gering. Photos used with permission and licensed for webinars by the Modern Quilt Guild. All rights reserved. Licensed only for private home viewing or public viewing at official Modern Quilt Guild meetings. Any public performance…

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Chess on the Steps, September 2014

By: Krista Hennebury

Chess on the Steps is a fun take on a traditional quilt. New to improv? This pattern might just get you hooked. It’s a great quilt to try out a few techniques that you might not have done before. Have…

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