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Creative Webinar: Being True to Your Inner Quilt Artist

By: Latifah Saafir

An important part of the modern quilt community is to be inspired by all of quilts that are constantly popping up in our social media feeds. But, sometimes do you feel you get caught up in the fads and trends…

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Party Streamers, December 2015

By: Christopher Thompson

No matter the celebration, we loooove to decorate. Party Streamers was inspired by the countless times we’ve decorated for a birthday, wedding anniversary, baby shower, or holiday party! There’s a crepe paper loving self in all of us. This confident…

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You Call That a Quilt?

By: Mary Fons

The quilt galaxy in America is so big, so healthy, that there are four distinct styles of quilts we make: Traditional, Studio/Art, Contemporary, and Modern. What are the differences between them? How did these styles emerge? When you know your…

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Jeweled, November 2015

By: Jessica Godfrey

Jeweled is inspired by the diamond, its flow and movement, and how the shape changes as you look closer. If you play with color in this quilt pattern, you can illuminate different aspects of the design and come up with something…

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Get Published: How to Pitch Magazines Like a Pro Panel

By: The MQG

Want to see your work in print? Join our panel of magazine experts to learn how pitch patterns and articles. In this webinar, you’ll learn what editors look for in submissions, what to send with your pitch, and the nitty…

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Slice of Happiness, October 2015

By: Stacey Day

Slice of Happiness was inspired by a glass of lemonade, warm summer days, sitting in the backyard, sipping a cold drink, and having nothing in the world to do but relax. The 3/4 circles represent both the condensation on the…

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How to Teach a Quilt Class

By: Heather Kojan

In this webinar, we’ll cover the who, what, where, when, and why of teaching a quilt class. (Not necessarily in that order!) If you’ve always thought about teaching but haven’t taken the plunge yet, this class will give you some…

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Phoenix, September 2015

By: Anne Sullivan

Phoenix is created primarily from modified drunkard’s path blocks. Curves can be intimidating, but with just a little practice you’ll be conquering them soon enough! The curved pieces in Phoenix are large and only rarely require lining up which makes…

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Navigating the Media: Pitch Your Guild, Brand, Event or Book

By: Jennifer Moore

Navigate the media and pitch your guild, event, brand or book with the help of media professional Jennifer Moore. Jennifer has 13 years of experience in both local and national television news — she’s worked in six different local TV…

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Altitudinal Ecosystem, August 2015

By: Michelle Wilkie

Altitudinal Ecosystem is a design I created while participating in Quilt Design a Day. Anne Sullivan (@playcrafts) provided the inspiration photo of lakes and snow-capped, tree-covered mountains in November 2014. I loved the inspiration as it reminded me of my…

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Wedge Quilts Go Modern

By: Christian Cameli

Go beyond the dresden! Modern quilting is ready for some wedge magic. Join Christina Cameli for an inspiring webinar designed to get you as excited about wedge quilts as she is. See how one simple shape gives you potential for…

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Quadra, July 2015

By: Christine Ricks

I love the geometry of a quilt block. As a graphic designer, I look at two-dimensional things all day. I think that’s why I enjoy quilting so much. What inspired me to make the Quadra Quilt pattern was the way…

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