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Funky Medina, July 2016

By: Christine Ricks

Fun, fresh take on the traditional Arkansas Traveler block, the Funky Medina block uses paper piecing to make those points super precise! Play with color to create your own unique version.

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Making Traditional Modern

By: Shannon Page

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to update traditional patterns by using modern ideas to create dynamic designs. We will be visually exploring how to design a modern quilt beginning with traditional favorites, such as log cabins and half square…

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Quilt Show Jurying & Judging Panel

By: The MQG

Are you entering a juried quilt show this summer? Tune in to the MQG’s June webinar to get insider tips from quilt experts and former judges. In this panel, Jacquie Gering, Shannon Page, and Stevii Graves will join Heather Grant…

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State of Being, June 2016

By: Cheryl Brickey

State of Being is a modern take on an Ohio star block quilt having pieces of the blocks scattered across the negative space of the quilt.

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Creative Webinar: English Paper Piecing

By: Anna Boenish

English paper piecing (EPP) is a hand sewing method used to create intricate geometric shapes with y-seams. It’s my absolute favorite technique to incorporate into quilts – both for the process of sewing by hand and how the finished product…

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Synapse, May 2016

By: Kari Vojtechovsky

Synapse is named after the minute gaps between brain cells. This quilt has thin sashing between the plus blocks, creating an interesting visual tension. The dynamic pops of pink make your attention dart from block to block, like nerve…

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The Hallmarks of Modern Machine Quilting

By: Christa Watson

Join Christa Watson for an informative webinar presentation full of examples demonstrating how the the modern aesthetic applies to the machine quilting process. Learn how negative space, minimalism, graphic geometry, improvisation, and other hallmarks of the modern aesthetic can be…

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Antics, April 2016

By: Amy Gunson

This pattern includes the Bonnie and Clyde blocks, which can be used on their own or combined with other 9″ finished blocks to create a variety of quilts. Amy has included two additional layout ideas to get you started creating…

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Freedom from Perfection & Procrastination

By: Amy Marson

Try to make your work perfect? Work on projects at the last minute? Feel like your work is not good enough? Stop procrastinating and start doing — today! Procrastination and perfection are closely linked, and once you unlock the connection…

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City Lights, March 2016

By: Anne Sullivan

The quilt City Lights is inspired by the reflections of street and car lights in the city streets after a good rain. The design was originally a Quilt Design a Day (QDAD) design that was reworked to include some…

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Rally, February 2016

By: Melanie Tuazon

Rally is about the experience of being a member of a community. Individuals join together to make a group, and in turn, the group helps them to define their individuality. The quilt uses an improvisational technique to make blocks…

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Social Media Principles for Quilters

By: Jessica Plunkett

Technology continues to evolve the world of quilting — and social media is just one element that influences it. By deploying basic social media principles to your quilty life, you can connect with a vast world network of quilters, find…

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