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Shifted, October 2014

SHIFTED began as an experiment with shapes and building larger blocks one row/round at a time. In the end, Kristy ended up quartering the blocks and creating a new layout for them. This will be. This will be a great quilt to play… Read More

Modern Quilting: Know It When You See It 9/30/14

Copyright © 2014 by Jacquie Gering. Photos used with permission and licensed for webinars by the Modern Quilt Guild. All rights reserved. Licensed only for private home viewing or public viewing at official Modern Quilt Guild meetings. Any public performance (including non-MQG or unofficial MQG guild meetings) or… Read More

Chess on the Steps, September 2014

Chess on the Steps is a fun take on a traditional quilt. New to improv? This pattern might just get you hooked. It’s a great quilt to try out a few techniques that you might not have done before. Have… Read More

Kite Tails, August 2014

Kite Tails, her latest pattern design for you, is sure to inspire you to try out paper piecing. Have fun with it and use this opportunity to put some fabrics together that maybe you haven’t used before!  … Read More