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Lucky Cuff, December 2016

“This quilt is inspired by colorwork knitting patterns and my childhood love of Lucky Charms cereal. Being a knitter as well as a quilter, I enjoy the correlation between knitted and quilted rows. In knitting, we always have the restriction of the row, and it’s interesting to observe how knitters… Read More

Robbing Pete, November 2016

​Minimalism is the concept of extreme simplicity in design. It is the idea of distilling the design down to some of the most simple forms and shapes. In this Block of the Month lesson, we’ll learn how to use minimalism (along with other modern quilting design fundamentals) with impact to… Read More

Looking at the Classroom From Both Sides

“In the course of my career as a magazine editor, and because of my passion for quilting and related arts, I have attended a lot of classes. I have made a few observations over the years about what makes an exceptional teacher… and equally important, what qualities are needed to… Read More

Quilting Inspiration From Reclaimed Textiles

Special quilts begin with special fabrics. These fabrics can be ones you’ve collected from family and loved ones, or ones that remind you of special places or things. Blair talks through how to find inspiration through creatively reused vintage and cast off fabrics into beautiful quilts. It’s much easier than… Read More

Oh Happy Day, November 2016

Oh Happy Day is a playful exploration of traditional blocks in a very non-traditional layout. The design aims to create a feeling of transition from the upper left to the lower right with a feeling of movement and dissonance along the way. The quilt offers an opportunity to practice precision… Read More

Color Theory for Modern Quilters

Color theory is a great tool for putting together interesting quilt palettes. It seems complicated and full of rules to so many people, but it doesn’t have to be. Kim will demystify the concepts of color theory and show tons of juicy examples from the modern quilt world. This webinar… Read More

Double T, October 2016

Changing the scale of a block can dramatically impact a quilt, and altering the scale of a traditional block is a fun and easy way to make a modern traditionalist quilt. In this Block of the Month lesson, you’ll learn how to increase or decrease a block’s size and use… Read More

Note to Self, October 2016

Things don’t have to be complicated to be interesting. One simple block takes on a different look depending on color placement and those shapes immediately surrounding it. Add in one solid square and one pieced block and the impact is quite significant. Note to Self is made up… Read More

No-Tails Binding: Mitered Corners by Machine

Every quilter probably knows several ways to sew binding to a quilt, but this method will have you exclaiming, “Ah-ha! How smart!” Up your game with a triple-fantastic finish that gives you a squared-up quilt, machine-bound corners, and binding that’s fully-stuffed with batting. With step-by-step pictures and explanation, you’ll learn… Read More

Snapped, September 2016

“The Snapped quilt is an introduction to cropping and scale and large-scale piecing. There are only 12 blocks in this quilt, but they are 27 inches wide — so be warned! The quilt itself is a large card-trick block that has been ‘snapped’ in two pieces and rearranged asymetrically. The… Read More