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Vector, March 2018

The March 2018 Block Study is Vector by Sarah Ruiz, a member of the Houston MQG. It’s a fun and whimsical paper piecing blocks that has loads of possibilities. Find the block pattern and bonus quilt pattern below. Block Assembly Instructions   Cutting: From the light yellow fabric, cut:… Read More

Scoop, March 2018

“Scoop plays with the idea of foreground and background, just ever so slightly. The placement of colors in an ombre arrangement and the repetition of the half circles keep the viewer’s gaze moving inward.  I’m experiencing my first snowy winter in several years, and the colors for this quilt are… Read More

Side Stripe, February 2018

The February 2018 Block Study is Side Stripe by Renee Tallman, a member of the South Bay Area MQG. It’s a half-square triangle block — with a twist! It features a fun stripe in the middle, making for a fun effect. Measure the blocks for consistency, or go improv! Find… Read More

Positive Illuminations, February 2018

    “Positive Illuminations quilt was inspired by experimenting with the negative and positive space in one of my favorite quilt blocks, the churn dash. By using a high contrast color palette and rotating a few of the elements within the block an entirely new block was created, one that… Read More

Missoni Inspired Quilt Tutorial

This quilt was inspired by the zigzag-based knitwear motifs of the Italian fashion house Missoni. The final quilt size in this tutorial will be for a small baby quilt but, can easily be altered to make a quilt of any size. Finished quilt size: 40” x 42” Fabric Requirements:… Read More

Lockup, January 2018

This month is the first block study of 2018! In the 2018 series, we will explore 12 different modern blocks and the quilts that can be made using them. We’re starting with the Lockup block by Riane Menardi Morrison of the Central Iowa MQG. It’s twice as long as it… Read More

Modern Love, January 2018

“I recently simplified a Pickle Dish Quilt by using a New York Beauty quarter block and half-square triangles. I thought I would try the same approach with a Double Wedding Ring pattern, basically taking away the fiddly lemon shaped centre and instead using Fan block quarters with some squares and… Read More

Cogs, December 2017

This month we’re exploring the concept of cropping with the Cogs block by Yvonne Fuchs, an individual member from California. Block Assembly Instructions Cutting: From the teal fabric, cut: [4] 6-1/2” squares [3] 4-1/2” squares [1] 4-1/2” x… Read More

Bridges, December 2017

“When designing quilts, I often give myself challenges to work with shapes I’m not comfortable with. I had done some designs working with curves, but I challenged myself to make a block that mixed curved piecing with rectangles or squares. While playing, I came up with this design. I was… Read More

Overlapping Squares Block Tutorial

This tutorial for a very basic block incorporates an easy to tackle improv piecing technique. Use any three colors, plus your background color to create this look of overlapping squares. Finished block: 15.5″ square Fabric requirements: Background fabric: (2) 5 1/2″ squares Center square fabric:… Read More