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Central Virginia MQG

Central Virginia MQG We are a Modern Quilt Guild located in Central Virginia, USA. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month. Guild Meeting Locations: Our meeting location rotates each month to a different location. Our website shows the upcoming meeting location. cvamodernquiltguild.com Or, send us an email: cvamqg@gmail.com… Read More

Central Oregon MQG

Central Oregon MQG We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at BJs Quilt Basket in Bend.  We can arrive as early as 1:00 pm for open sew – sewing machines, handwork, etc.  The meeting begins at 6:00 pm and usually ends by 7:30 pm if not before.  Be… Read More

Central Ohio MQG

Central Ohio MQG We are the Central Ohio Modern Quilt Guild. Our meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month in Columbus, Ohio. Check out our calendar for meeting information. We hope you will join us! Guild Meeting Locations: Various Contact Us: centralohiomqg@gmail.com… Read More

Ann Arbor MQG

Ann Arbor MQG About Us: We are a branch of the national Modern Quilt Guild, featuring quilters from the greater Ann Arbor area.    Please join us! New members are always welcome.   Meetings… We meet on the last Wednesday of the month at NEW Center in Ann Arbor 6:30 pm… Read More

Augusta MQG

Augusta MQG About Us: The Augusta Modern Quilt Guild’s purpose is to share and encourage the love of MODERN quilting! We are a vibrant group of quilters who enjoy the evolving world of modern quilting. We meet monthly to share ideas, knowledge, and the community of our diverse group. Some… Read More

Baton Rouge MQG

Baton Rouge MQG About Us: Our mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community. Our group was founded in 2013 to expand the Modern Quilt Guild movement to Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Our original name was Not Your Mama’s… Read More

Bay of Quinte MQG

Bay of Quinte MQG About Us: Guild Meeting Location: Contact Us: bayofquintemodernquiltguild@gmail.com Follow Us:… Read More

Bellingham MQG

Bellingham MQG About Us: The Bellingham Modern Quilt Guild meets monthly at the Ferndale Public Library on the 1st Monday of the month at 6:30 pm. We also gather for Handwork Happy Hour at the Whole Foods food court on Lakeway in Bellingham from 6-8 pm on the 3rd Monday… Read More

Berkeley MQG

Berkeley MQG About Us: We started as a community event and have grown from there! All are welcome to join us! we have a love for all things quilting! Guild Meeting Location: Contact Us: jperevosnik@gmail.com Follow Us:… Read More