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Using Triangles with Rebecca Bryan, Fresh Quilting 104

By: The MQG

On this episode of Fresh Quilting, author-designer Rebecca Bryan demonstrates how triangles can pump up modern quilt samplers. Then, quilters Kara Sanders and Elizabeth Dackson talk about how to plan fun and inspiring quilting retreats. Finally, designer Christina Cameli taps into making 10-degree triangles…

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Quilting Words with Free Motion

By: Jessica Skultety

April 19, 2017 9pm EDT, 6pm PDT A quilt can say a lot, but it can speak even louder with quilted words. In this webinar, we’ll explore everything from learning to write with free motion quilting, building your skills,…

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Oblique, February 2017

By: Diana Vandeyar

Oblique By Diana Vandeyar, Individual MQG Member “This quilt is all about color interaction – and I love dramatic color juxtapositions. There are nine 20″ x 20″ blocks. The Oblique block units (A and B) are easy to construct with a paper-piecing…

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Strut Block & Quilt Pattern, February 2017

By: Silvia Sutters & The MQG

Asymmetry is featured in many modern quilt designs and is a hallmark of modern quilting. Use of intentional imbalance can lend real interest and uniqueness to a quilt layout. Be it with where the piecing is placed within negative space,…

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Convergence Quilt Pattern

By: The MQG & Art Gallery Fabrics

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Planned and Unplanned: Design and Improv in Piecing

By: Melanie Tuazon

January 31, 2017 9pm EST, 6pm PST Design and improv aren’t mutually exclusive approaches to piecing a quilt top. We’ll talk about different relationships between design and improv and outline some steps for making quilts that are both thoroughly…

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The Beautiful Mind of Chawne Kimber

By: Aimee Allen

Every few years a developing artist comes along and re-envisions their medium, and is appreciated long after for the new aesthetic they have given the world. Tracey Emin’s confessional tent, Kara Walker’s haunting silhouettes and Cindy Sherman’s photographic characters, all come to…

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Why Modern?

By: Thomas Knauer

Why Modern? “Why?” is such an underappreciated question. While “what?” and “how?” get all the attention, it seems to me that “why” has long been the bedrock of the quilting tradition, and is now the question that is truly bringing…

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Burst, January 2017

By: Maritza Farr & The MQG

Objective ​Color is one of the simplest and most effective ways of dramatically changing the look of a quilt. By trying new color palettes and finding color inspiration in the things you love, you can expand your use of color…

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Singularity, January 2017

By: Jenn Nevitt

"This quilt design was inspired by a graphic I saw years ago that looked like a large X in the center of a square. Paired with my love of the half-square triangle, I started playing around. Some math, some design work, and voila! I also love that I made this quilt, with all of its nuances, with one half-yard bundle, and due to the nature of the ombré fabric, it reads as so many different colors. It definitely took some time on the layout and consulting what I thought was the darker value (thanks black and white photo filter!), but it came together just as I imagined it." — Jenn Nevitt

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Quilt Photography: 5 Tips to Improve

By: Christopher Thompson

It’s true. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Especially when those pictures are your quilts. Photographing your work is often tricky, but it’s important to document. You need clean and clear pictures for your blog, social media, and when entering…

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Using Simple Quilt Blocks to Create a Complex Geometric Design

By: Corinne Sovey

Corinne Sovey is a graphic designer, textile artist, and color enthusiast. Her colorful quilts blend the graphic patterns of the design world with the time-honored tradition of patchwork. With great attention to detail, each quilt is designed with graphic purpose…

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