Region 5 Ambassadors


Stephanie Baldwin
Montreal MQG member 
[email protected]

"I am a passionate maker and self-taught sewist and quilter. My love of modern art led me to discover modern quilting, which in turn led me to join the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild in 2013. I became the guild president in 2015 and have spent the last 4 years deepening my love of modern quilting and cheerleading for my wonderful and inspiring guild-mates. I am looking forward to expanding that enthusiasm to help all of the Canadian modern quilters build a stronger sense of community with their fellow quilters and get more out of their membership with the MQG!"


 United Kingdom

Frances Silverman
London MQG member 
[email protected]

A passionate modern quilter and long-armer, Frances is delighted to be chosen to be the MQG Ambassador for the UK. Currently the President of the London UK MQG she is also a Certified Quilt Judge, has previously been a member of an MQG task force and has served on local and national committees of the UK Quilters Guild . When not quilting Frances is a renowned cake maker, practising lawyer and author and loves to spend time in her garden.


The Netherlands

Marina Brito de Campos
Quiltersgilde MQG Member
[email protected]

I started quilting in 2008 and I love it so much. It combines so many of my interests. One of wich is modern art. Since I retired from my job as a schoolprinciple I became a board member of the Dutch Quiltersgilde. I have set up Quiltersgilde MQG and, with a small commity, we organise Meet and Greets and exhibitions. I also give lectures on modern quilting. One of my goals is to promote modern quilting and make more people aware of its possibilities. I hope to reach all of the Dutch modern quilters.




Daniela O'Connell
Individual MQG Member
[email protected]

The first time I've seen and touched a quilt was in 2013 during my honeymoon in the US. Back home I've taught myself how to sew and quilt. As an architect I'm drawn to modern aesthetics, fresh colours and bold designs. I became a member of the MGQ to be part of the modern quilt movement and have access to the many resources the MQG has to offer. I am one of many individual members in Germany and I'd like to connect us, bring us closer together and encourage members to establish local guilds as they provide community and friendship, education and so much fun.


Region 5 Ambassadors Program

Region 5 of the MQG spans the entire world, other than the United States. As a result, it presents a number of unique coordination challenges for the Region 5 board member related to language, culture, and time zone differences (to name a few). 

In an attempt to address some of these challenges, we have developed a new program to provide more representation throughout Region 5. The Region 5 Ambassadors Program will be available to any country with over 50 total members (including both local guild and individual members). 

When a Region 5 country has more than 50 members, a call will be put out in the MQG monthly newsletter to solicit applications to be that country’s Ambassador. At this time, the following countries qualify for the Ambassadors Program:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom 

Responsibilities of the Ambassadors will include, 

  • Sending a semiannual newsletter to your country’s members in the official language(s) of the country communicating updates from the MQG.
  • Communicating with and gathering feedback from members and prospective members in your country about their experience in the MQG.
  • Attending a virtual meeting twice a year with other Ambassadors, the MQG’s Region 5 board member and the MQG’s staff.
  • Assisting in organizing meetups within your country as your membership expresses interest. This could be a virtual or in-person meetup. The Ambassador would serve as a point of contact within the country and as a liaison to the MQG as needed but would not necessarily be expected to be responsible for event planning.
  • Assisting in outreach within your country to support the MQG's mission. The nature of outreach will be dependent on the Ambassador’s skills, connections, and interest.
  • Providing regular updates to the Region 5 board member.

Please note that because this is a new project, responsibilities will be adjusted and further developed with the help of the first Ambassadors, working in conjunction with the Region 5 MQG board rep and the staff of the MQG. The goal is for this to fill a need, so that need will be further assessed and the role refined as the project is in practice.

The process for someone to become a Region 5 Ambassador for their country is to submit an application when the call is made. This call will be posted in the MQG newsletter. 

Requirements are only that someone be a member who lives in that country, have access to internet and video chat capabilities, and is able to work in both English and the official language(s) of the country.

Applicants are considered using a points system based on the replies to the application questions. If multiple people apply to be an Ambassador in one country, the point system will determine who the Ambassador is. At the discretion of the MQG, interviews of applicants may also be conducted to confirm the information provided in the applications. The Region 5 board member will decide in the event of a tie. The MQG may choose not to appoint an Ambassador for a country if no qualified members apply.

The initial term for an ambassador will be two years. At the end of each term a new call will be made to membership to solicit interest in applying for the ambassador role. There is no limit to the number of terms a member may hold.

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