basics by Laura Cox, 2015
Inspired by an Alexander Girard textile print, "basics" is built improvisationally with lines and triangles and the lack of ruler use. Created for an Umbrella Prints challenge, this quilt stepped me... more
Score for Showing Up ~ Disco by Sherri Wood, 2014
Freestyle improvised mashup of template-free layered curves and ruler-free strip piecing. Featured in The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters.
my brother's jeans by melissa averinos, 2015
The denim in this quilt is from my brother Michael's work jeans, which I rescued from the dumpster after his suicide in 2009. I improvisationally pieced the crosses, which resemble a variation on the... more
Line Study #1 by Andrew Steinbrecher, 2013
The first in a series, "Line Study #1″ is an exercise that explores the relationship between lines, stripes and color. Using a strip piecing method, vintage striped sheets were combined with... more
Urban/Suburban by Andrew Steinbrecher, 2015
"Urban/Suburban" was inspired by a historic neighborhood in Cincinnati named Over-the-Rhine. Urban decay meets hipster in this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of 150+ year-old brick buildings. This... more
One Earth by Kathy York, 2015
This quilt is a message of love for the earth and a dream of harmony among all people.
Accumulative Effect by Stacey O'Malley, 2015
"This quilt features the accumulated scraps from my first 25 quilts. It uses scraps from every quilt I have ever made. I started with 8 improvised large scrappy blocks, organized by colour. I mixed... more
RoundAbout by Marcia DeCamp, 2012
"An old solution to managing traffic at busy intersections is gaining new popularity. The rule of ""yield to left traffic and move to the right"" allows entrance to the many road choices depicted in... more