New MQG Board Officers

We are pleased to announce recent updates to the MQG board officers:

MQG Board President, Aleeda Crawley

Aleeda Crawley has been elected president by the board of directors at the November 2022 meeting. She begins her term on January 1, 2023. Aleeda joined the board in July 2020 in a board-elected position.

MQG Board Vice-President, Candy Parker

Candy Parker has been elected as the first-ever vice-president by the board of directors at the November 2022 meeting. She begins her term on January 1, 2023. Candy joined the board in January 2021 as the elected Region 4 representative.

MQG Board Secretary, Frances Silverman

Frances Silverman is the secretary of the board, having assumed this responsibility in July 2022. Frances joined the board in January 2022 as the elected Region 5 representative.

MQG Board Treasurer, Vikki Gray

Vikki Gray will continue as the MQG board treasurer, having served in this position since joining the board in January 2019.

Other Board Changes

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to outgoing president, Heather Kinion, and outgoing Region 2 representative, Mary Anne Williams!

Heather will continue serving on the board through 2023 as the elected Region 3 representative. Mary Anne served as secretary during her term. She joined the board in January 2018 as the elected Region 2 representative.

Aleeda Crawley

A note from Board President, Aleeda Crawley:

As your newly elected Board President, I was offered the opportunity to introduce myself, and I happily accepted.

I am a very curious person particularly when it comes to making. I’ve tried and enjoyed cake decorating, stained glass, crochet, sewing, felting, screen printing, and needlepoint. I love cooking (especially making ice cream and gelato) and traveling, combining them whenever possible. I once thought I’d like to run a restaurant before I figured out that I preferred to cook for people who don’t pay me.

On every personality test, I am tagged as an Extrovert. Extroverts are energized by being around other people. It’s no wonder that I was drawn to quilting with its bees and guilds and meetings. I belong to multiple guilds, and find that each offers a chance to learn and get that good quilty energy! When asked to describe myself, I say I am a happy little hub. I am thrilled when I get a chance to connect things, people, or ideas, sharing information gained through so many experiences and people. As a serial volunteer, I think all of my volunteer efforts benefit from one another.

Organizations that remain unchanged get left behind. For example, in just the past few years, online learning has become normalized, giving wider access to students and teachers alike. I don’t know what changes will come to shape and reshape the Modern Quilt Guild during my term. I can promise you that we are well-prepared and ready for whatever is next.

Have you ever started a major quilting project–bought fabrics, tools, bought/designed a pattern, upgraded your machine–to get it done? Were you both excited and filled with the wonder of a new challenge, but also a tiny bit afraid that you might make mistakes? Well, that’s me right now. I have set a single goal for myself, one that has been met by every one of my predecessors: leave the Modern Quilt Guild a little better than you found it. Now, who’s willing to help me with this project?