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Region 5 Ambassadors Program

Region 5 of the MQG spans the entire world outside of the United States. The ambassador program was developed as part of an effort to address the language and cultural diversity of the region (not to mention time zones!) by providing increased representation and support to guilds and individual members throughout Region 5.

This program is available to any country or group of associated countries with over 50 total members (including both local guild and individual members). 

At this time, the following countries qualify for representation in the ambassador program: 

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany and Austria 
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • New Zealand 
  • United Kingdom and Ireland

Current vacancies exist in each of the above-listed areas and members are invited to apply to be the ambassador for their home country by completing this application linked at the bottom of this page. If you have additional questions, please contact MQG Executive Director Karen Cooper.

Please note that the role is voluntary (unpaid) and appointments are for a fixed-but-renewable term of two years. When a vacancy exists, a new call will be made to membership to solicit interest in applying for the ambassador role.

Responsibilities of the ambassadors will include:

  • Sending regular newsletters to your country’s members in the official language(s) of the country communicating updates from the MQG.
  • Communicating with and gathering feedback from members and prospective members in your country about their experience in the MQG.
  • Attending a virtual meeting twice a year with other ambassadors, the MQG’s Region 5 board member, and an MQG staff member.
  • Assisting in organizing in your country as your membership expresses interest. This could be virtual or in-person organizing.  The ambassador serves as a point of contact within the country and as a liaison to the MQG as needed but would not necessarily be expected to be responsible for event planning.
  • Assisting in outreach within your country to support the MQG mission. The nature of outreach will be dependent on the ambassador’s skills, connections, and interests. 
  • Providing regular updates to the Region 5 board member.

The above list is non-exhaustive and the ambassador’s roles and responsibilities will be adjusted and further developed with input from the ambassadors, working in conjunction with the Region 5 board representative and the staff of the Modern Quilt Guild. Ambassadors may carry out differing functions depending on the needs of the members in their own area.    

Requirements are only that someone be an MQG member who lives in that country or area, has access to internet and video chat capabilities, and is able to work in both English and the official language(s) of the country they represent. 

Applicants will be considered using a points system based on the replies to the application questions. If multiple people apply to be an ambassador in one country, the points system will determine who is selected to be the ambassador.  At the discretion of the MQG, interviews of applicants may also be conducted to confirm the information provided in the applications. The Region 5 board member will make a final decision in the event of a tie and the MQG reserves the right not to appoint an ambassador for a country if no qualified members apply.