2021-22 Letter from Karen R. Cooper, Executive Director

Karen R. Cooper

Dear MQG Members,
The period of January 2021 through June 2022 was a time of challenge and growth for the MQG. We were fortunate to have an incredibly successful virtual event, QuiltCon Together, in February 2021. This event brought together more than 7000 MQG members from around the world in a multi-day celebration of quilting.

We were able to use some of the income from that event to build a much-needed new MQG website designed to make it easier for members to access our educational resources. Now that we have launched the new website, we are excited to be looking towards the 2022-2023 year as we develop new community-focused educational programs and new opportunities for our quilting community to learn and connect with each other.

Thank you for being part of our organization and I look forward to our bright future with you!