Molecular by Jess Frost, 2015
Molecular was inspired by molecular structure, microscopes and general geekiness. ... more
Patch Nine by Dora Cary, 2015
Patch Nine is a take on the traditional Nine Patch block and I created it when I was asked to create a quilt with some of Carolyn Friedlander's fabrics. Patch Nine has a minimalist vibe, enhanced by t... more
I Have This Thing With Floors by Lorena Uriarte, 2015
I follow a very inspiring Instagram account @ihavethisthingwithfloors, the daily posts spark my creativity. Geometrically tiled floors and quilts have much in common and have always attracted me. I lo... more
Itsy Bitsy Hexie Quilt by Sofia Locke, 2015
I started the Itsy Bitsy Hexie Quilt two years ago adding slowly onto it bit by bit. It is hand sewn using the English Paper Piecing technique over 1/2" paper templates with tiny crumbs of paper left... more
Ka-Bloom by Sofia Locke, 2013
I made Ka-Bloom using Aneela Hoey's Bloom quilt pattern. I used my favourite colour fabrics for the flower petals. I cut the pieces using acrylic templates and a rotary cutter and pieced them together... more
Frog prince Reflections by Sofia Locke, 2014
I started this quilt at a workshop with Faye Packham at the Ulladulla Quilters Gathering. Her pattern is called Japanese Reflections. I used the fabric line called Prince Charming by Tula Pink and Whi... more
Sunset on the Bay by Juli Smith, 2015
I have an obsession with the color orange. And I also have an obsession with sunsets. I often will sit at the edge of the water on Mission Bay in San Diego after a walk and watch the sun, sky and wa... more
The Color of Squares by Juli Smith, 2015
I had been thinking about this pattern and the contrast between black and white for years, and finally decided to construct a few blocks. As I started to play with the blocks and rotate them, the str... more
RoundAbout by Marcia DeCamp, 2012
"An old solution to managing traffic at busy intersections is gaining new popularity. The rule of ""yield to left traffic and move to the right"" allows entrance to the many road choices depicted in... more
Bursting Blues by AnnMarie Cowley, 2015
I designed an identical quilt for the online Pantone Radiant Orchid challenge in 2014 using a combination of Elisa's Backyard Drunkards Path template and the Mod Pop template from Julie Pickles Desig... more
Nestled Together by AnnMarie Cowley, 2015
After settling on two ideas, I went with a third, more simple design aligning triangles vertically in colors that I love. ... more
1981 by Nancy Purvis, 2015
1981 began with no pattern but was a complex puzzle pieced one block at a time. I never knew which color or shape would come next, except within the block itself. Although 1981 is improvisational pi... more
6one2 by Colby Lowrey, 2015
This quilt was designed to document my time living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I began with a grid outline of the state of Minnesota and decided to leave some edges incomplete to represent my experienc... more
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades by Rebecca Burnett, 2015
One of my favourite sources for quilt inspiration is Tilman. He is a graphic designer with a Tumblr account called geometrydaily and he creates a minimal composition based on geometric shapes every da... more
Fish & Visitors by Rebecca Burnett, 2015
"On one of my frequent Pinterest jaunts I saw ""156"" by Richard Purdy. His work is encaustic on plywood but to me it just screamed, ""Turn me into a quilt!"" I was intrigued by his use of pattern to... more
Communication by Janet Schoenfeld, 2015
This piece was inspired by a 3 day workshop taught by Marge Tucker, focused on improvisational design and piecing with a modern aesthetic referencing Gwen Marston's books, including sewing techniques... more
Every Little Hungry Schoolgirl's Pride and Joy by Rebecca Burnett, 2015
I was inspired by all the pixelated quilts I saw at QuiltCon 2015 but I wanted to try a different take on the idea. While looking for an image that was iconic enough to be recognizable, but not so ico... more
Pathways by Janet Schoenfeld, 2015
My group created this as part of our Baltimore guild controlled bee activity. This quilt represents the many paths we take on our journeys and what we discover and encounter along the way. Maria's qui... more
Fading Star by Jessica Schunke, 2015
I loved the idea of starting with a traditional block and then breaking it down into its elements, making them fade away until the block eventually "dissolved" into the background. I started with the... more
Blueberries For Sal by Elisa Albury, 2013
The deconstructed bear paw block in this baby quilt is inspired by the classic children's book Blueberries For Sal by Robert McCloskey, a personal favorite. In this story two "children" get separated... more
Stories we tell by Natalie Sabik, 2015
This quilt was pieced in an improvisational style. The design and color represent the stories that we weave and create to explain our identities and experiences. ... more
Wavelength by Rebecca Bryan, 2013
Made from solid fabrics, this improvisational pieced quilt mimics a watercolor of graphic triangles. As each triangle overlaps the next, the two colors blend together; this effects adds a layer of med... more
Phyllo by Scott Griffin, 2015
Through the forest canopy you can see a glisten of light. It is exciting to sit back and look at the colors in my stash and I find it challenging to try to see how many different colors from the same... more
urban suburban by Tracy Baird, 2015
This quilt began as a study of sewing small, in a mind-stretching class taken with Chawne Kimber at a retreat. The teeny improvisational log cabins are dense, and they are surrounded by a rough-hewn f... more
Paper Cranes by Sylvia Schaefer, 2013
I have long enjoyed origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. In Japanese tradition, strings of a thousand origami cranes are thought to bring good luck. I wasn't about to paper piece quite that man... more
November Nights by Giedra Bowser, 2015
I have always had a great crush on the moon. We go way back. This quilt, November Nights, is my love poem to the moon. It is a reflection of, not only my heart but of me as a quilter. Limits were test... more
Bias 4 by Alissa Carlton, 2015
This quilt is another in my Bias series, all non-block based quilts, in which I explore turning piecing on the bias. Dense straight line quilting emphasizes the piecing design. ... more
Lots of Cream, Lots of Sugar by Heidi Parkes, 2014
My favorite painting is Mark Rothko's untitled orange work at The Art Institute of Chicago. Enveloped by the expanse of color, my eyes love to linger on every drip and transparency. This white quilt... more
Amish-ish by Ruth Beeby, 2014
This quilt was created for an exhibit of modern quilts inspired by Amish designs. I drew on the many Amish Quilts that use the traditional Roman Stripes quilt block. The name comes from many discuss... more
Modern Dresden by Lori Landenburger, 2015
I love to modernize traditional quilt blocks, and my favorite shape is the triangle. I was inspired by Denise Schmidt's Crafty Planner podcast to update the Dresden Plate, a very traditional block, us... more
White Spaces by Bev Bird, 2013
"""…to find a balance between minimalism and a sense of richness."" These words from Yoshiko Jinzenji's book Quilt Artistry epitomize the challenge inherent in modern quilting, and I wanted that sort... more
Places Unfold by Heidi Parkes, 2014
The thirty-six squares in this quilt investigate various ways in which a person might move across the earth. Among them are maps of my former homes, and world destinations like the Arc De Triomphe; u... more
Night and Day by Heidi Parkes, 2015
The large expanses of navy blue in this quilt create an area of negative space in the piecing. This space is then used to emphasize the hand quilting in the work. The quilting is done in a Sashiko s... more
Night Flight no. 1 by Heidi Parkes, 2014
This quilt depicts the earth as seen from above at night in an airplane. It's improvisationally pieced using variations of the Seminole patchwork technique, which is a reminder of the affects of tech... more
Untitled - Ash Series by Lavialle Campbell, 2015
As an improvisational quilter, I am always searching for unusual solid color combinations to complete my designs. I picked these disparate colors, started cutting and stitching, and enjoyed the outco... more
Bubble Gum by Margaret (Kathy) Greer, 2015
"Bubble Gum (2015) Designed, Pieced and Quilted by Kathy Greer 822 S. Eunice St. Port Angeles, WA 98362 (360) 457-6286" ... more
Pine Burr Quilt by Tara Faughnan, 2015
I have long been enamored with Pine Burr quilts (it's the official quilt of Alabama), and this is my second attempt at making one. This is such a heavy quilt, that I had to make it in pieces and att... more
Party Arbor by Jenna Brand, 2015
This quilt was started in Sherri Lynn Wood's Scrap Doodling class at Quiltcon 2015. The free-form, improvisational process created the first tree shape, and I chose to continue making these fun block... more
Dunes by Jenna Brand, 2015
"Dunes" is based on a traditional clamshell quilt, but with curved color splashes improvisationally pieced into the scallop shapes. The color palette was inspired by the beautiful Sleeping Bear Dunes... more
Double Wedding Ring by Tara Faughnan, 2015
I was inspired by a pair of amazing double wedding quilts by an unknown maker, in the collections of Bill Volckening and Roderick Kiracofe. I wanted to hand piece this quilt as an homage to this woma... more
Lazy Gal by Tara Faughnan, 2015
I started this quilt last year in a class with the ladies of Gee's Bend. Made from old clothes and solid cottons. Hand quilted. ... more
Milky Way by Jen Sorenson, 2015
I designed this paper pieced quilt after visit Peru this summer. One night as I was hiking the Inca Trail I experienced the most breathtaking, unreal view of the Milky Way that really moved me. I knew... more
Every Which Way by Jen Sorenson, 2015
I love a traditional flying geese block, but I enjoy mixing it up and exploring new ways to use flying geese. In this quilt I decided to mix it up and use a paper pieced block that I designed, framing... more
"Moonlit" Sticks and Stones by Deborah Ross, 2015
The minute I saw the challenge fabrics I thought about a dark night and moonlit trees and stones. I started the design process with sketching ideas. The quilt is pieced using insertion strip piecing... more
Young Prince (Charming) by Stacie Dolin, 2015
I wanted to highlight the massive amount of output that Prince has worked on and released since he first appeared on the music scene nearly 40 years ago. I chose to transform this image of him from 19... more
Hearts Desire by Autumn Overton, 2015
This is my first large quilt that I made. I used solid fabric that I won from The American Made Brand mini quilt challenge. I added patterns for my own style and used half square triangles so I could... more
Fossil by Nancy Purvis, 2014
Fossil looks at lines partially unearthed. Focusing on asymmetrical shapes and triangles, it offers visual interest. Choosing a bold red allowed the design to take center stage against a white backd... more
Reflection by Nancy Purvis, 2015
Reflection started with simple lines that were eventually reflected to create a symmetrical design. Paper piecing was used to achieve accuracy. ... more
Handcrafted Triangles by Jennifer Johnston, 2015
This quilt started with a bundle of Alison Glass's Handcrafted fabric line, some coordinating chambrays and a desire to do some relaxed piecing after a stressful day at work. I felt that improvisatio... more
Digital Waves by Jennifer Johnston, 2015
I love creating a gradual fade from one colour into the next in my quilts. The small triangles produced by the EZ Quilting 60 degree triangle ruler were perfect to produce the fading effect I wanted.... more
F*CK THE QUILT POLICE by Nancy Purvis, 2015
The title is intentionally strong and does not apply to professionally judged quilts. FTQP encompasses all the frustrations from people who want to quilt but won't because they fear what others will... more
The Big Swirl by Betsy Vinegrad, 2015
"The Big Swirl" is a twelve sided log cabin block designed in Electric Quilt 7. The pattern, inspired by the spiral quilts of RaNae Merrill, was printed on 35, separate, 8 1/2 by 11 inch foundation sh... more
Blind by Nancy Purvis, 2015
Blind was inspired by the windows in my home. Early in the mornings, I would see strong shapes from the sun shining through them. With some devoted sketching, Blind was born. I love lines, and this... more
Message in the Dark by Sarah Maxwell, 2015
As my youngest daughter prepared to leave for college hundreds of miles from home, I hoped she would take one of my quilts to decorate her room. However, nothing I had made fit in with her bold, brigh... more
Migration Quilt by Yara Greuter, 2015
"Migration – the movement from one place to another. Birds build beautiful symmetric formations when migrating, they know exactly where they are going. When I recently relocated from my hometown 90... more
You And Me by Kristyn McCoy, 2015
"You and Me I made this quilt using the Pantone colour of the year- Marsala. I learned this technique of machine quilting from Krista Withers at QuiltCon 2015- and wanted to try my own version of it... more
Wildfire by Kirsty Cleverly, 2015
This quilt was created with log cabin blocks in two colours, set on point. Four different log cabin blocks of varying proportions form the asymmetrical design which morphs from light to dark. The red... more
Since moving towards solid fabrics, I enjoy creating geometrical quilts using large scale piecing. The thing I love most about my quilts is the dichotomy between the bold and rigid piecing and the org... more
Since moving towards solid fabrics, I enjoy creating geometrical quilts using large scale piecing. The thing I love most about my quilts is the dichotomy between the bold and rigid piecing and the org... more
Rainbow Plus by Kirsty Cleverly, 2015
This plus quilt started as a rainbow-coloured testament to my 'glass half full' outlook on life. After piecing, I sent Rainbow Plus to Fiona Bell who custom quilted it with an appropriately fun and ca... more
You are not aLone Star, Shine by Jane Davidson, 2015
The lone star block is made with precision so every point is exact and inset squares and triangles lay flat. I wanted to dismantle the traditional block and fracture the lay out to disenfranchise the... more
Square Dance by Carol Dennis, 2015
I learned of a technique on the internet where strips are sown together and cut into squares. Right sides together the squares are placed together with one square running horizontal and the other vert... more
Fruity Star-Crossed Strings by Kristin Shields, 2015
Fruity Star-Crossed Strings was inspired after seeing an antique quilt made with the improvised cross shaped block in the middle. I decided to use that as the center of a liberated star. To make the... more
Fractured Star by Donald Wattam, 2015
This quilt was inspired by an antique quilt listed on eBay. The original quilt consisted of many of these stars. I chose to enlarge the star to make a larger quilt. ... more
Delta Breeze by Cindy Wiens, 2015
I was sitting in a church pew and noticed the upholstery. This design is based very loosely on the upholstery. ... more
Enthusiasm by Rossie Hutchinson,
We constructed this quilt working together, improvisationally, in one session. The design evolved as we worked: we started at the center with layered curves, and then moved to playing with lines, and... more
Just Point Me in the Right Direction by Cindy Wiens, 2015
The design is based partially on a local clothing store sign. I like the irony of the word "up" with the arrows pointing in both directions. ... more
Mistwraith by Rossie Hutchinson, 2015
"This quilt began its life in a round robin bee and about 30% of the quilt top was made by my fellow members of the Ann Arbor Quilt Guild. About the name: A mistwraith is a creature of fantasy in... more
Hillary Quilton by Diana Vandeyar, 2015
This quilt is a personal social commentary, documenting this period in American political history. I chose traditional blocks with "girl", "daughter", "mother", "grandmother", "sister", "aunt" and "la... more
Thoroughly Modern Ginny by Diana Vandeyar, 2015
As a tribute to our new home in Virginia I created this supersized "Virginia Star" quilt block. In congruence with Virginia's tradition of southern elegance, I set out to create a refined, yet relaxed... more
Facets by Katherine Jones, 2015
Made using the 45* triangle and all my grey solid scraps. Inspired by the idea of light through an emerald cut stone. The layout was designed in CAD but fabric choices were made as I pieced. Machi... more
Thoroughly Modern Jacquie by Katherine Jones, 2015
Inspired by a conversation with a fellow MQG member, Jess Frost, at our annual state quilt show about the influence of Jacquie Gering on the modern quilting movement - straight line walking foot quil... more
DripnSplash by Katherine Jones, 2015
Made to experiment with variable width bias binding applique, creating an interesting negative space between the stirps and use a neutral colour palette. Inspired by a leaking tap. Machine and hand... more
Citron by Darcie Kantor, 2015
This quilt is inspired by the constant sunshine, the many lemon trees & modernism found in Palm Springs. I drew the diamond shapes on paper using a ruler. I then paper pieced the blocks together. ... more
Candy Dots by Samarra Khaja, 2014
Who doesn't like giant candy? Exactly! Playing with scale and dimension, this quilt is all about childhood memories and having fun making an oversized ode to a candy classic. Candy buttons, candy dots... more
Windowsill by Riane Menardi, 2015
The fabric in this quilt was reclaimed and hand-dyed by an Iowa maker, using natural dyes like rust and indigo. The quilt was constructed from the inside out, and the center reminded me of a rustic wi... more
Punk Rock Glitz Quilt by Melissa Draper, 2015
I had been wanting to do a Libs Elliott Rebel Quilt for quite a while and when I received my Glitz fabric in the mail and had the small dots in black and white I immediately decided to add some fun co... more
Linked In by Julie Anderson, 2015
"Linked In...Even before creating the piece I wanted to challenge myself to use a piece from each fabric that was apart of the challenge set. Linking all the squares and rectangles together before ma... more
A Kiss For Paul by Tricia Royal, 2015
This quilt is lovingly dedicated to my father, Paul, who died in October 2015 due to complications from his treatment for pancreatic cancer. My dad got joy out of dressing colorfully, and he passed h... more
Scrap Coins by Heather Kinion, 2015
This piece was the first thing I began sewing after a very long trip after a very trying summer. I used beautiful shot cottons leftover from a long ago quilt and sewed until I ran out of fabric. The s... more
Melon Wedding Ring by Karin Jordan, 2015
I cut fabric into strips and pieced together a rough block before cutting each melon shape for the rings. Inspired by the vibrant colors of AG Handcrafted, and the movement created by the rings playin... more
The Stars Dream of Snow by Kari Anderson, 2015
I was inspired by the drifting and falling sense of the Michael Miller Glitz "Confetti" pattern, as well as the dreamy metallic sparkle of the graphic. I wanted to reinforce the sense of movement thro... more
Orange Ripple by Kari Anderson, 2013
I made this pattern with a simple repeat of the same triangle. My intention was to produce the rippling gradient by varying and increasing the placement of the orange and patterned fabrics amongst the... more
Little Blue Dress by Jenny Rachwalski, 2015
I treated the Glitz fabric as an "accessory" that I chose to highlight by using it sparingly on a simple background – like wearing statement jewelry with a little black dress, so I've titled my quilt... more
Zag by Kari Anderson, 2014
I was first inspired by the zig-zag fabric and curious how I could create a visually interesting pattern from its linear qualities. This design was made by graphically overlaying two geometric line pa... more
Staircase by Ginger Conner, 2015
I started this quilt when I was 9 and finished when I was 10. I looked at some other youth quilts and wanted to make a quilt of my own. I went to my Aunt's house and started to work on it. I added the... more
Another Time, Another Place by Natalie McCrory, 2015
"The time was 1957. The place was my grandma's brand new house. The minute I saw the Glitz fabrics, I knew what I needed to create! My grandmother, Estella Floerchinger, was quite the seamstress and... more
The wrong block by Daria Blandina, 2015
The quilt comes from a block " wrong" and developed around it. It is cut reassembled many time than they are cut and sewd the pieces around. Still cut,turned and sewn the pieced are cut whit scissors... more
Mid-Mod-Pods by Anya Byam, 2015
I love improv piecing and mid century modern design. This piece was made without any templates, cut free hand and pieced by machine. I used dense echo quilting to add texture and to emphasize the d... more
Cat Face! by Megan Callahan, 2015
Inspired by the Highlands fabric by Violet Craft, I created an oversize cat face that matches her Cattitude print, combining it with a bright patchwork background. Originally designed as part of the M... more
Quarter Round by Krista Hennebury, 2015
A contemporary log cabin study that plays with negative space to alter the square shape when four quarter cabin blocks are pieced together. ... more
The Five by Krista Hennebury, 2015
To commemorate the five U.S. Supreme Court judges who bravely voted for marriage equality in the case of Obergefell v.Hodges in June, 2015. Their sombre robes, their weighted decision, and the joyous... more
Jurgis and Ona by Shannon Page, 2015
The strips and orange fabric were placed next to each other on my shelf haphazardly and I became obsessed with using them together. The quilt is an experiment in scale and color using a standard impro... more
Tilting Toward Improv (citron) by Cindy Kaiser, 2015
'Tilting Toward Improv' is my first stab at improv piecing. I took my small citron triangles and improvisationaly pieced the light value prints around them. When I cut the bigger 60 degree triangles I... more
Fraction by Louise Orth, 2015
Fraction is made using simple blocks, the Half Square triangle and Quarter square triangle and 16 different Kona solids. I love playing with colours, solids especially, it feels like I have a fabric p... more
Treetops by Abigail Fuller, 2015
"Inspired by the view out our living room window early in the morning, with mist obscuring everything but the treetops. When finished, I decided not to call it Mist because it also looks like a field... more
Sprinkles by Abigail Fuller, 2015
The first of a planned series of rain quilts, this one began with a charm pack I received at QuiltCon 2015. As I worked, it reminded me of a summer shower, one of those brief ones late in the day with... more
Sweet Lean To by chawne kimber, 2015
Part of a series of log cabin quilts about places important to me, this sweet pastel improvisationally pieced leaner reminds me of many structures near our family homestead in rural Alabama. ... more
Cotton Sophisticate by chawne kimber, 2015
"In essence, I am a sophisticated cotton picker." This is a summary quote in southerner Eartha Kitt's autobiography, Alone With Me, that has myriad (direct and indirect) meanings I identify with. This... more
"Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" by Janet Hoeltzel, 2015
My design was inspired by the famous line from the movie, Dirty Dancing, spoken by the main character right before he brought Baby onto the dance floor in the finale. Strips of the golden Michael Mil... more