Grand Canal by Casey York, 2013
Garden designers of the 17th century used principles of forced perspective to create vistas that appeared endless; inspired by Versailles' Grand Canal, designed by Andre Le Nôtre, the foreshortened fo... more
Starry Eyed by Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield, 2014
This quilt is both improvisational and organized. We know that life runs smoother with organization, and yet many times improvisation rules the moment. When designing this quilt I tried to balance the... more
Syncopation Quilt by Jean Cockburn, 2014
During the past year, Sherri Lynn Wood, through her Daintytime blog, asked for volunteers to work on various improvisational quilt scores. I was privileged to work on score #5 for a rhythmic grid quil... more
Eggs and Darts by Amanda Leins, 2014
In this quilt I took an ancient design motif from Greek and Roman temples and created a quilt for modern sensibilities. By enlarging an otherwise small detail and placing it off center, it becomes mod... more
Lovely Fishbourne by Amanda Leins, 2014
Based on a 1st century AD Roman mosaic in Sussex, England, "Lovely Fishbourne" shows that we all speak the same language of pattern, which reiterates itself across the centuries in various forms. Comb... more
[The American Context #16] Christina's World by Luke Haynes, 2012
Andrew Wyeth painted his neighbor Christina Olson after seeing her drag herself home through the field. This painting speaks to the concept of relative distance and what we take for granted. This wor... more
[The American Context #68] Double Elvis by Luke Haynes, 2012
This piece wants to talk about the collision between pop art and traditional art. The posture the figures are in reference the "double Elvis" painting by Andy Warhol. Yet the people aren't famous, so... more
Fill the Void by Cinzia Allocca, 2014
Quantum physics shows us that we are all connected in this great universe and that space is not space, but actually energy. All the thoughts, actions and energy we project into the universe are interc... more
Eames Blocks by Lorena Marañón
Designed by: Lorena Marañón, Individual Member Pieced by: Jen Carlton Bailly, Portland MQG Quilted by: Gina Pina, Austin MQG... more
Rachel Singh
Central Jersey MQG Member... more