Fill the Void by Cinzia Allocca, 2014
Quantum physics shows us that we are all connected in this great universe and that space is not space, but actually ener
Eames Blocks by Lorena Marañón
Designed by: Lorena Marañón, Individual Member Pieced by: Jen Carlton Bailly, Portland MQG Quilted by: Gina Pina, Aust
Rachel Singh
Central Jersey MQG Member
Delores Hamilton
Triangle MQG
Leanne Chahley
Edmonton MQG Member
Doris Brunnette 1st Place Winner
Des Moines MQG Member
Melissa Corry 3rd Place Winner
Individual MQG Member
Amanda Hohnstreiter
Austin MQG Member
Angie Henderson
St. Louis MQG Member
Stitch Mischief by Jade Prosser
Vancouver MQG Member