Since moving towards solid fabrics, I enjoy creating geometrical quilts using large scale piecing. The thing I love most about my quilts is the dichotomy between the bold and rigid piecing and the... more
let's connect by christopher thompson, 2015
In a world overwhelmed with technology, it's easy to get tangled up in living life on a screen. Let's commit to disconnecting and reconnecting the old fashioned way.
Represent by Debbie Grifka, 2015
I've been playing with lines a lot in my designs and I love designs that can be taken at face value and, at the same time, have a hidden meaning. The placement of the lines in Represent is based on... more
Modern Fans by Suzy Williams, 2015
This quilt design is the geometric abstraction of industrial fans. By starting with a set structure in mind, I reduced the elements until they were in their simplest forms. The gradation in color... more
Mesa by Nancy Purvis, 2014
During my travel through the Southwest, I was amazed by the beautiful scenery. It was quite different from my lush, green, and tree-studded homeland-North Carolina. What I found most fascinating... more
Cut & Keep by Gina Pina, 2015
This is an applique quilt where the pieces are between the quilt top and the batting. I placed the pieces under the quilt top right before quilting on a longarm. I added dashed cut lines to imply a "... more
Skylight View by Jennifer Rossotti, 2015
This quilt was inspired by the paths of airborne birds viewed through skylight windows. Portions of the design were constructed using the foundation paper piecing technique. Designed in Adobe... more
Jungle Ave Tapa by Michelle Wilkie, 2015
"The design was inspired from Tapa cloths that I had picked up in the Pacific Islands. Tapa cloths are a plant based geometric printed cloth usually using a limited color palette of brown, white and... more