Welcome to MQG’s volunteer page! Here you will find short-term opportunities as well as committee and task force opportunities.

Click on a volunteer opportunity to see more detailed information. When you are ready to volunteer, click on "Apply” or “Sign up" at the bottom of that page to fill out your information.Come back often to learn about new volunteer opportunities! You can also join our volunteer newsletter and we will send you a notice when new items are posted.Opportunities to volunteer for our committees and task forces will be posted when available. 

QuiltCon 2022 Volunteers

Location: QuiltCon 2022 — Phoenix, AZ, Feb. 16-20, 2022


Volunteering is a great way to fully experience QuiltCon, meet new people, and have fun! We have many returning volunteers every year, dedicating their hours over and over again because they have such a great time, but we are always happy to welcome new volunteers!

Volunteer signups for QuiltCon 2022 will open in Fall 2021. Sign up for the Volunteer Newsletter to get updates about volunteering opportunities.


Whether you have 2 hours or 20 to pitch in, we would love your help! Here’s what you get in return:

  • A warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing you’ve done a good deed
  • Access to our super swanky Volunteer Lounge
  • A rockin’ t-shirt showing the world you’ve joined the elite team of QuiltCon volunteers

Super Volunteers

Super Volunteers are those amazing folks who do at least 16 hours of volunteer time at QuiltCon. If you’re one of our amazing over-achievers, here’s what you’ll get:

  • All the perks of general volunteering
  • Not just one, but two t-shirts
  • A goodie bag
  • Early registration for the next QuiltCon

Volunteer signups for QuiltCon 2022 will open in Fall 2021. Check out all the info on the QuiltCon site!