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Managing Inspiration Overload

By: Jessica Plunkett

Inspiration is everywhere. It’s there every time we open up social media, attend guild meetings, visit museums, or travel to events like QuiltCon. Join Jessica Plunkett as she talks about how to translate those experiences into something meaningful. Let’s turn overload…

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Region 5 Town Hall – June 2022

By: Frances Silverman

Join MQG Region 5 Representative Frances Silverman as she shares updates from the Modern Quilt Guild and invites questions from members of region 5.

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Bullet Journaling for Quilters

By: Emily Weerts

Learn how to layout and customize a Bullet Journal (or any dot grid notebook) to keep track of all your quilting schemes and dreams. Develop a system that helps you design, shop, plan, track, and organize your quilting process. Emily…

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Apremoo Quilt: April 2022

By: TaMara Howard

Created to commemorate Juneteenth becoming an official federal holiday in the USA, Apremoo is a modern take on a traditional African-inspired pattern. Representing thunder and lightning, the design symbolizes both power and resistance, while reminding us to continue to fight…

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Frontier Star Quilt: May 2022

By: Lindlee Smith

Frontier star is a good pattern to start with if you are new to cutting 45-degree angles and sewing diamonds together. The quilt comes together quickly because of the large diamonds. It is a good gateway quilt into a more…

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Deco Breeze Quilt: June 2022

By: Kristyn Jansen

As a block-based quilt, you can rearrange the blocks in Deco Breeze to be at different points in the rows and create a whole different effect. Playing with color and where the lights and darks go can also create another…

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Modern Bricks Tote

By: Debbie Schuster

This bag is a fun, practical accessory. It utilizes basic piecing with binding accents applied in an unusual way to jazz it up. It can be made in a variety of fabric styles and colors. If you are new to…

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Make-It, Take-It: Thread Catchers

By: Sue Bouchard

This fun cup-shaped thread catcher is perfect for throwing little bits of thread and scraps while sewing. Fun bonus: it is also great as a cozy for a drink – no more worries about a drippy ring next to your…

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Quilt Math: Design to Components

By: Yvonne Fuchs

In each issue of the MQG Journal this year, Yvonne Fuchs will be sharing an important behind-the-scenes aspect of quilt pattern writing: quilt math. In this article, we are going to work through the process Yvonne used to go from the design…

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Houston Strong: Bound Together by Shared Experiences

By: Tina Curtis

Our guild began the 2020 QuiltCon Community Outreach Challenge by putting together a committee and voting on designs. One thing that rang true throughout the process: we wanted to create a quilt to represent Houston. Houston has survived Hurricane Harvey,…

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Five Tips from Audrey Esarey

By: Audrey Esarey

I always love learning new things from the sewing and quilting community. As a lifelong student, finding new approaches helps me bring my creative ideas to life, achieve my long-term goals, and make my workflow more efficient. Between guild meetings,…

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Susan Hudson’s Walk Through Two Worlds

By: Teresa Duryea Wong

Each time Susan Hudson – a successful Diné, Navajo quilt artist – accepts an invitation to present a lecture or grant an interview, she begins a journey through two worlds. When she speaks and when she makes art, Susan does…

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