Collaboration by Gillian Smith, 2014
""Collaboration" is a computer-designed, human-made quilt. The design was generated by Foundry, an app I created that randomly generates paper-pieceable quilts. This is one of millions of unique... more
Neighbourhood by Michelle Wilkie, 2014
A rug, I had seen in a hotel somewhere, inspired my Neighbourhood quilt. It made me reflect on things I would see around my neighbourhood, like fences and houses. A vibrant warm color palette and... more
Watershed by Holly Hughes, 2014
Inspired by my home in the Arizona desert, Watershed is an original design inspired by a Native American symbol for a water house. I used a combination of foundation paper piecing (both pattern and... more
Memories of QuiltCon by Holly Broadland, 2013
I designed this quilt at a Lizzy House Mini Quilts workshop at QuiltCon 2013, the inaugural modern quilting conference. Everyone made a completely different quilt and I knew mine would involve the... more
One Third Street Neighborhood by Amy Stevenson, 2014
I used the pattern by my friend and fellow A2MQG member Debbie Grifka, and decided I wanted to see it in a saturated palette and rather than using just a light and dark, I also wanted to see a mid-... more
Line & Shape by Heather Grant, 2014
I was inspired by a pencil drawing by Tamas Horvath, a designer from Budapest, that I saw on Pinterest. The way the lines created a circle was a wonderful juxtaposition that I thought would translate... more
Grab The Brass Ring by amy dame, 2014
"Our society has long had a preoccupation with rings of metal. We reach for the brass ring, we exchange rings as symbols of our eternal love, we award rings to winning sports teams, we hang rings... more
Modern Line Study by Lauren Palmer, 2014
I began this study by mapping quilted lines on a solid white plane. After some initial quilting, bias strips and more stitched lines were added improvisationally to create a dynamic yet minimalist... more