Holyoke 1938 by Timna Tarr, 2014
Holyoke, Massachusetts was one of the country's first planned industrial cities. The city is powered by a dam on the Connecticut River and a canal system. The juxtaposition of the natural river and... more
Desert by Mary Menzer, 2015
Desert - my improv piece of my vision of desert colors and waves of sand. I used my rotary cutter, but no ruler to cut strips and piece them together. I used 28 wt Aurifil for the quilting, and... more
First Position by Melanie Tuazon, 2015
When I pulled the fabric for this quilt, I realized that I was drawn to it because it was the palette of the contents of my ballet bag-- black leotards, pink tights, beige character shoes, and white... more
Lines Lost and Found by Jennifer Rossotti, 2015
This piece is an exploration of hard and soft edges in quilting. Color and converging lines were used to create varying distintness of the lines and form(s). Designed in Adobe Illustrator and... more
untitled by christopher thompson, 2015
with most quilts i create, i let the fabric do the talking and this quilt was no exception. i started by building thin-like rows with severe angles at various heights and trimmed them to various... more
The Great Recession by Hillary Goodwin, 2015
"The Great Recession" was designed for an exhibit at the Seattle Pacific Art Center. It is pieced with recycled leather appliqué and hopefully expresses the too perfect image pre recession and the... more
Don't Look Back by Hillary Goodwin, 2015
This quilt was made for an exhibit at the Seattle Pacific Art Center. It is improv pieced out of linen and ikea canvas and the binding is made from a repurposed suede skirt.
Sinuous by Valerie Shields, 2015
The block was created by my friend, Karen Cunagin. I wanted to use it to create a modern piece with a limited pallet yet pleasing design. I like the simplicity of using one block and getting the... more