Positively Transparent by Paige Alexander, 2015
I attended a workshop taught by Lizzy House focusing on color theory and design principles. Armed with colored pencils and graph paper, I started with the simple plus sign and focused on the effect... more
Bzzzzzz by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, 2015
I designed Bzzzzzz over the course of many major winter storms. There was so much snow I could barely see our beehives out my studio windows. Bzzzzzz is a reminder that during the coldest of days od... more
Mixed Cassette Tapes by Lysa Flower, 2015
A mini quilt challenge isn't so unlike making a mixed tape. The Fraser Valley Quilt Guild gave it's members a mini quilt challenge in March of 2015. Six Robert Kaufman solids and three Carolyn... more
Facets by Matt Macomber, 2015
This quilt was made for a Seattle Modern Quilt Guild paint chip challenge that was an installation of eighteen inch square quilts displayed edge-to-edge as one large wall-covering quilt. I really... more
Modern Improv Sampler by Kristin Shields, 2014
Modern Improv Sampler includes all the techniques I teach in my Intro to Modern Improv classes: various triangle techniques, skinny inserts, and gentle curves. Working in a free, liberated, and... more
Eclipse by Terry Aske, 2015
I think I'm addicted to circles! And I'm fascinated by the interaction of circles and lines. I used some of my favorite colors in this asymmetrical circle design. I quilted it with vertical lines... more
Steeped in Tradition by Debbie Jeske, 2015
As I was thinking of "modern steeped in tradition," I came up with a very sparse log cabin block, and off I went.
Blood of my blood by Charlotte Newland, 2015
This quilt was all about process. Each step was deeply intentional, from the placement of the applique to the red threads in the quilting. The result is an intensely personal quilt, not easily... more