Golden by Sherri Lipman McCauley, 2015
Using the Michael Miller challenge fabrics add additional solids, the quilt was machine stitched and machine quilted. Improvisational piecing was used for the majority of the design, along with some... more
Better Together by Laura West Kong, 2015
"My inspiration for this quilt is a celebration of diversity. It's so hard to believe that in 2016 we haven't learned to accept and embrace each other's differences. Our differences make this world a... more
Fragmented Circle by Elizabeth Timmons, 2015
"Inspired by Sarah Bond's String Fan templates and the Confetti Border prints in Silver, I created the Fragmented Circle. Working with a limited color palette and no direction besides the large fans... more
Twizzle Glitz by Heidi Grohs, 2015
The black and white Michael Miller Glitz fabric immediately reminded me of the battle my right and left brain have in my life. I have been using half rectangle triangles recently and felt that one... more
Intertwined Lives by Lynn Kline, 2015
I reworked a block I designed earlier this year for the Cirrus Solids BOM challenge. The woven glitz fabrics show how we, individual people, are different colors and have different features, and how... more
Putting on the Glitz by Tami Levin, 2015
The Michael Miller challenge fabrics reminded me of the glitz from Art Deco designs. Keeping that in mind I wanted the overall look to be on pointe. The squares were a bit too static which is why I... more
Under Pressure by Alissa Lapinsky, 2015
We are all under pressure. but we must remember that quite often, being under pressure yields beautiful results.
Navy Pier Summer by Maria Villar, 2015
"The pattern in the grounds of Chicago's Navy Pier inspired this quilt. The integration between the small and big zig zags created such a beautiful pattern that I immediately knew I wanted to... more