Spring has Sprung by the Canyon Top Stitchers


This quilt, Spring has Sprung, was designed with the concept of a tessellation in mind. I was trying to exhibit a gradation of color by way of a repeating polygon. The shape I chose, the L Shape, was inspired simply from my love of the game Tetris, and the tetromino piece called the L Block. I thought this shape would lend itself well to the challenge of showcasing a color shift. I used all Tula Pink fabrics, with the exception of one Kaffe Fasset fabric found at the bottom. I chose Option 1, and made my colors fade from a Lime Green to a Dark Teal. I used a total of 17 fabrics to complete the challenge. We had a total of four members in our group. I designed the quilt, selected the fabrics, and financed the entire project. My mother in law was my piecer, and then we passed the quilt along to a family member, along with a family friend who attached the facing, and sewed the facing down. I would like to note that I decided to use a facing instead of a binding as it coincides better with the with the idea behind the quilt: that a tessellating pattern can repeat itself on the picture plane for an infinite amount of time and space. Therefore, I would never want to bind that down and enclose it. I also quilted it on my Handi Quilter Amara using a design board from Urban Elements called Circle of Life. I thought the movement created by a circular pattern would enhance the feeling of motion. The swirly pattern illustrates the illusion of a color melt and aids in the blending effect I was aiming to convey. I used Superior Thread So Fine on the top and in the bobbin. The finished size of the quilt is 72 by 96. I also used Dream Puff Batting my Quilters Dream to ensure that extra puff. This was a wonderful project and I enjoyed every moment of it. This is the first twin size quilt I have designed and I absolutely loved the entire process. I look forward to hearing back from you, and I thank you for your consideration.

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