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Pinball by The Jake Shlims Quilt Collective


Community has always been at the heart of our existence. Community is often family, support, understanding, peace, and thriving existence. Community, as a concept, has been challenged to its core in the past several years. Ten random quilters, bound together by the concept of community through quilting, came together to create this quilt. Through compassion, support, and an unwavering desire to connect with those who share this one common bond, these ten quilters wanted to explore how our vastly unique personalities could come together in one quilt. As a collective, we followed the rules of creating a gradient by piecing blocks in a thoughtful color study. Each quilter worked in the realm of one color with accents and touches of adjoining colors. Together, the quilt was joined using partial seams and filler blocks – a beautiful analogy of how community often works. As the sections came together we noticed a trend of implied movement, a wandering through the depths and the nuance of real communities. In a moment of brilliance, we saw ourselves come together through the shared connection of games. We saw a pinball machine – the bumps and glides of game and thrill spinning their way throughout this quilt. Throughout, a piece of each of us, connected together through community. We hope you’ll take note of the bottom right corner, the starting place of our community and of our game, where the pinball moves upward through the flying geese and spins its way around each of our contributions to this collective quilt.

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The Jake Shlims Quilt Collective