Palm Block, Cool Color Shift, Hawaiian Style by the Oahu MQG


As President of the OMQG I take great pride in my guild members Aloha spirit. They took a very simple block, the palm block and made it represent Hawaii in the most radiant way. Four patch palm squares come together to form the fronds of our Hawaiian Palm tree The cool color shift starts with the white on white block in the upper right hand corner. Next the yellow of soft sun melts into the blue sky with tropical green foliage, different colors of blue represent the ocean which surround our Island home. Quilt design by Christine Lutz. Design & production assistance; Barb Hall, Martha Wacker, Lynn Hiyakumoto, Renee Carlyle, Christine Lutz. Sewing Blocks; Cheryl Bellamy, Jennifer Nakaido, Dawn Hrynewch, Nadia Hrynewch, Pamela Bechtal, Lynn Hiyakumoto, Ellen Owens, Ruth Davis, Jane Nishiguichi, Stephanie Okabe, Charlene El-Swaify, Martha Wacker, Barb Hall, Paula Turney, Jane Guinn, Norine Oyasato, Annie Kuhn, Lourdes Smith, Renee Carlyle, Leslie Allen. Top Assembly, Norine Oyasato, Quilting by Barb Rubio. Quilt binding by Cheryl Bellamy.

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Oahu Modern Quilt Guild