Calm After The Storm by the Space Coast MQG


Created by the Space Coast Modern Quilt Guild based in Rockledge, FL, this quilt was truly a group effort. Our guild members participated in creating the original design, shopping for fabric, sewing mosaic pieces, cutting and sewing strips, sandwiching, machine quilting, big-stitch hand quilting, binding, and creating a label. About our design: Our home state of Florida is often plagued by tropical storms and hurricanes. As each storm approaches we prepare and then we weather the storm, waiting for the calm that will surely follow. That is what our originally designed quilt “Calm After the Storm” represents. This quilt utilizes six cool colors in the blue/green spectrum, representative of the waters surrounding us. The design begins with a mosaic of colors, representing the storm at its height; it is everything chaotic and dangerous, uprooting everything in its path. The mosaic field evolves into a gradation of color strips, dark to light, representing the gradual calming of the waters after the storm has passed. For surely as day follows night, calm will follow a storm.

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Space Coast Modern Quilt Guild