Sparkle by Nicole Neblett, 2014
Sparkle is an updated version of the traditional pinwheel quilt block. Set in an expanse of negative space, the pinwheels are slivers of the traditional pinwheels and appear to sparkle as stars in the... more
Improv Pods by Jessica Levitt, 2014
The three main blocks for this quilt were made by members of the Central Jersey MQG after a workshop with Denyse Schmidt on improvisational piecing. Members of the guild made blocks to practice the m... more
Tiki Dilemma by Jodi Robinson, 2014
This original design was created using invisible, machine applique, over the pieced background.The quilting designs were chosen to add interest,but not overwhelm the overall design of the quilt. Enon... more
Transmission by Phoebe Harrell, 2014
The interlocking curves are inspired by retro sci-fi and geometric prints. Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, United States 60" x 70" ... more
Letting Go by Andrew Steinbrecher, 2014
One of the first quilts I have created, "Letting Go" is about discarding previous baggage and hang-ups about creating quilts. "Will it be good enough?" "What if I fail?" are questions I had to let go... more
Disruption by Barbara Lockwood, 2014
This quilt was inspired by a traditional oriental porcelain pattern. Erie, Pennsylvania, United States 65" x 65" ... more
Indie by Phoebe Harrell, 2013
This quilt was inspired by retro electric race car track sets from the 1970s. Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, United States 58" x 58" ... more
Ascend by Nicole Neblett, 2014
Inspired by a postcard, Ascend is a modern minimalist approach to the traditional red and white quilt. I used paper piecing to create the red chevrons and set them off center in negative space, which... more
Tidy Towns: Irish Houses by Andrew Steinbrecher, 2014
"Tidy Towns: Irish Houses" was inspired by a vacation I took to Ireland in the fall of 2014. Row houses in Irish towns are painted bright colors by their owners with each neighbor choosing a different... more
Rocket 88 by Latifah Saafir, 2014
This quilt was designed to highlight the large bold prints in Jennifer Sampou's color:FULL fabric line. Bias tape applique makes this easy and quick while still maintaining a bold statement. Los Ange... more
Comma Comet by Janet Gannon, 2014
The inspiration for this quilt came from Pam's sketch of some stars. We both love color gradation and so we worked to design this quilt to capture both ideas. Janet designed it using graph paper and... more
Quilt #6 by Sarah Rodriguez, 2014
This quilt is comprised of blocks made by the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild. It was the block of the month for June 2014. I loved all the various colors and grays that were chosen. I decided to put t... more