Alturas Carkai by Carolyn Friedlander, 2015
Curiosity drives many of my projects. In this one, I couldn't wait to see how one of my designs on fabric would work with a quilt that I'd designed a few years prior. It explores the relationship betw... more
Glade by Carolyn Friedlander, 2015
In exploring a design, I sometimes get more excited and intrigued the more that I work with it. Glade is the perfect example of that being the 4th project originating from the same initial concept. H... more
Ebb by Carolyn Friedlander, 2015
A colorful array of stacked crescents is where my Ebb quilt began. I wanted the sliding and layering of shapes to be made from little bits of a lot of different things. As I cut out the pieces, I laid... more
Roundabout by nancy thornburg, 2015
This quilt design was inspired by mid-century modern art. Its' simplistic repetitive pattern is complemented by the concentric circles and repeated lines of the quilting (so beautifully done by Natali... more
Collection by Carolyn Friedlander, 2015
In this quilt, I wanted to explore shape and color. Shape not only because of its technical role in needle-turn appliqué--one of my favorite techniques--but also because of the versatility of shape th... more
Everglade by Carolyn Friedlander, 2015
Inspired by a road-trip sighting, this design started with a simple, perforated-lattice shape which I explored through variation in scale, color and fabric. I wanted the quilting to not only highlight... more
Positively Transparent by Paige Alexander, 2015
I attended a workshop taught by Lizzy House focusing on color theory and design principles. Armed with colored pencils and graph paper, I started with the simple plus sign and focused on the effect of... more
Barcelona by Paige Alexander, 2015
Inspired by the artwork of Donna Mibus who recreated the panels flanking a Turner mirror from the late 1950's, I turned to the Quick Curve Ruler to construct the biconcave shapes and set the blocks in... more
Mr. Swirl E. Bones by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 2015
Mr. Swirl E. Bones took several lives to become what he is now. Inspired by the halloween panel, and a conversation about carnivals and dart throwing...By playing with negative space, both in design,... more
Directionally Challenged by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 2015
While playing with the intricate piecing, movement and rhythm in this quilt, I decided to add some improv piecing with the mini triangles. After finding the right movement, the name struck me, "Direc... more
Bzzzzzz by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, 2015
I designed Bzzzzzz over the course of many major winter storms. There was so much snow I could barely see our beehives out my studio windows. Bzzzzzz is a reminder that during the coldest of days od w... more
Circles in Squares by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, 2015
Circles in Squares was inspired by the design of the traditional drunkard's path block but at an exaggerated scale. The quilt was pieced on a machine with hand appliqued bias tape. ... more
Lots o' Dots by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, 2015
Lots o' Dots was inspired by the emphasis on dots in the Glitz fabric collection. When I received the fabric samples I immediately started to think about where dots appear in my life. My friends and I... more
Picnic Petals by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, 2014
Picnic Petals was inspired by the traditional flowering snowball quilt pattern. When laying out the quilt blocks and colors I looked at many photos of pinwheels and flowers—objects that reminded me of... more
Free Geese by Shannon Storms, 2015
This quilt was an exercise in improv and collaboration. We met many times over the course of a couple of months to create this quilt together. We found that working together produced a quilt that neit... more
Spunky Squares by Gabriella Grove, 2015
The junior modern quilt guild was donated pre cut jelly rolls, I needed a pattern that would incorporate all these different colors and patterns. ... more
ohmygosh polish by Gabriella Grove, 2015
I was looking through pintrest trying to find a unique pattern for my quilt. I came across this nail polish quilt. It caught my eye because I absolutely love doing my nails different colors and design... more
Mixed Cassette Tapes by Lysa Flower, 2015
A mini quilt challenge isn't so unlike making a mixed tape. The Fraser Valley Quilt Guild gave it's members a mini quilt challenge in March of 2015. Six Robert Kaufman solids and three Carolyn Friedla... more
Ruins by Kerri Green, 2015
Ruins, from my House Plan series, features an elevation of walls that are falling away. Bright blue bricks are juxtaposed with shards of light. ... more
Graphics 1 by Kerri Green, 2014
Symbols are a part of our everyday life but they require interpretation. In this work, I wanted the graphics to speak out yet allow the viewer to interpret the meaning. ... more
Overwhelming Unknown by Matt Macomber, 2015
The design for this quilt started with a 1930s vintage quilt I bought online that is made of these even nine-patch blocks with a solid center square and eight half-square triangles. I haven't been abl... more
Facets by Matt Macomber, 2015
This quilt was made for a Seattle Modern Quilt Guild paint chip challenge that was an installation of eighteen inch square quilts displayed edge-to-edge as one large wall-covering quilt. I really want... more
Triangle Transparency by Yvonne Fuchs, 2015
As a Quilt Design a Day (QDAD) participant, one of the challenge prompts is to try to use transparency in your design. Triangle Transparency was one of my earliest QDAD designs, because the color pale... more
Eichler Homes by Mickey Beebe, 2015
"Eichler Homes" is a Modern take on the classic house quilt. It was inspired by a poster - Mad About Modern - by Ryan DeMarco made for a Mid-Century Modern house tour in Charlotte, NC. (used with perm... more
Color Bars by Melody Baker, 2015
Loving the modern simplicity of a geometric stripe is what drove me to create this quilt. The technique started by blocking out the design into sections, selected a standard width for the colors, then... more
Blue spiderweb by leslie schmidt, 2015
I love traditional spiderweb quilts and really enjoyed making this exuberant version. I respect and admire quilters who can piece with precision, but the fun for me with this quilt was allowing the "w... more
Satsuma by Cathy Fussell, 2015
This quilt was inspired by the Gee's Bend "Housetop" quilts. I chose the name "Satsuma" because of that color in the middle. Satsuma is also a fruit I love to eat and a word I love to say. I chose to... more
Modern Wedding Ring by Katherine Dithmer, 2014
This quilt has a modern wedding ring design- it is bias tape appliqued wedding rings with pops of color in some of the ring intersections. ... more
Wonky Metamorphosis by Katherine Dithmer, 2015
This quilt takes a traditional "Sawtooth Star" block and morphs it, slowly losing its points, until it disappears into the background. ... more
Frequency by Cheryl Brickey, 2015
Frequency combines an improvisational pieced background of muted-colored shot cottons with black appliqued triangles for a minimal and graphic design. The triangles were formed by tracing the EZ Tria... more
Yesterday by Cheryl Brickey, 2015
Yesterday is a modern interpretation on a classic quilt block dating back to the late 1800's, the "double hour glass" block which is also sometimes referred to as the "wondering lover" block. I enlar... more
Tranquility by Kristin Shields, 2015
Tranquility was made for the Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild's Cool Colors Challenge. I started it in a class with Gwen Marston called Minimal Quiltmaking. I decided to concentrate on minimal colo... more
Modern Improv Sampler by Kristin Shields, 2014
Modern Improv Sampler includes all the techniques I teach in my Intro to Modern Improv classes: various triangle techniques, skinny inserts, and gentle curves. Working in a free, liberated, and impro... more
The Spectrum of the Ordinary by Kristin Shields, 2015
The Spectrum of the Ordinary is inspired by a poem called The Ordinary by Kirsten Dierking. I took the colors of the poem and translated them in to abstract shapes reminiscent of mid-century modern g... more
Net positive by Meghan Gordon, 2015
I selected flying geese to maximize the fat-eighth cuts of Michael Miller's Glitz collection. I densely hand quilted in black, white and metallic silver thread. ... more
Bling on the Bias by Terry Aske, 2015
For this quilt, I used a simple circle design, with improv strip-piecing. I made freezer paper templates for the circle and background, then randomly cut strips and sewed them together to cover the f... more
Eclipse by Terry Aske, 2015
I think I'm addicted to circles! And I'm fascinated by the interaction of circles and lines. I used some of my favorite colors in this asymmetrical circle design. I quilted it with vertical lines,... more
Elliott's Quilt by Amy Hoffman, 2013
This was the first quilt I made as a member of the Seattle MQG and before I owned a sewing machine, so I was required to stitch it entirely by hand. The guild had just announced a star-themed quilt ch... more
Steeped in Tradition by Debbie Jeske, 2015
As I was thinking of "modern steeped in tradition," I came up with a very sparse log cabin block, and off I went. ... more
Mod Mood by Debbie Jeske, 2015
Mod Mood was created in conjunction with Bee Sewcial, an improv, solids-only bee where members are encouraged to push their creative boundaries, try new methods, and be inspired by singular prompts. T... more
Uncommon Time by Claudia Gomez, 2015
This piece was inspired by the complex rhythms that Dave Brubeck explored in his 1959 album Time Out. I started with the vivid memory of floating effortlessly across the floor in a jazz dance class. I... more
Release the Geese II by Sarah Bond, 2015
In my "Release the Geese" series, I've been exploring one classic quilt form: Flying Geese. Release the Geese II combines form, direction, color and pattern. I love the movement created with the co... more
Swarm by Selina Cheng, 2015
"Bees colonise by swarming; it's an exodus to a new promised land. A tribute to bees: ""A work of arte; and yet no arte of man, Can worke, this worke, these little creatures can"" ~ Geffrey W... more
Lunar Orbit by Victoria Mansfield, 2015
My goal was to create a 3-dimensional looking image using improvisational piecing and scraps. Over 150 different fabrics were used to help give the effect of shading. The background was quilted firs... more
Otaru Winter by Cynthia Vogt, 2013
Reflecting the stillness and isolation of a small village on Hokkaido Island, this piece is my interpretation of an image described to me by my husband. A fresh snowfall blanketed the village - only t... more
Boxed In by Wendy Nutt, 2015
Heavily influenced by many modern quilt designers and Gee's Bend quilters, I see myself continually using geometric shapes and designs. This design began using Touch Draw program for iPads. I wanted t... more
Vortex Redux by Jackie Benedetti, 2015
At a retreat with Joe Cunningham, we were challenged to use, as inspiration, an antique quilt made prior to 1900. I chose a quilt known by both Kaleidoscope or Vortex which had hung at the Red and W... more
Kaleido by Jeannie Jenkins, 2014
I set out to design something that included a minimalist aesthetic, it had to contain curved piecing and be made solely from solid fabrics. I designed this quilt on EQ7. The quilt is partially pape... more
Cobogó by Silvia Sutters, 2015
I drew inspiration through an exploration of the artist Victor Vasarely and tile designs used in Brazil to ventilate buildings. The square tiles are called Cobogó and the stark red captures their terr... more
Mod Mountains by Susanne Williams, 2015
Mod Mountains is a graphic interpretation of the Rocky Mountains. Woven cottons, plaids and solid fabrics were chosen to represent the classic mountaineer. The use of negative space causes the viewer... more
Drip by Suzy Williams, 2015
Droplets of rain dripping and joining together inspired this quilt design. Solid shades of blue and green were mostly used to highlight the overall composition rather than the individual parts, howeve... more
Blood of my blood by Charlotte Newland, 2015
This quilt was all about process. Each step was deeply intentional, from the placement of the applique to the red threads in the quilting. The result is an intensely personal quilt, not easily explain... more
5/525 by Hillary Goodwin, 2015
You are more likely to die these days from a prescription narcotic overdose then a car accident. Prescription narcotic addiction has reached epidemic proportions AND narcotics remain an important too... more
Color Study (Triangles) by Erika Mulvenna, 2015
"I first studied Color Theory as a painting student, following exercises in mixing pigments to learn about color principles and interactions. The inspiration for this piece comes directly from one... more
Escapade by Elaine Poplin, 2015
Made as a memory quilt for a long-overdue weekend getaway that my husband and I took this summer. We reconnected that weekend, and want to remember not to let the chaos of life blur our marriage in th... more
Arrowhead Quilt - Berry Colorway by Kristi Schroeder, 2015
The design of the arrowhead quilt was inspired by my time spent in the mountains of New Mexico as a child while hiking throughout the Pecos wilderness and discovering fossils along the way. ... more
Primarily Minions by Irene Roderick, 2015
I love minions! I can't help it. They are cute and make me laugh and I enjoy them with my grandkids. I designed this quilt from the basic shape and colors of minions but simplified them to create a... more
Focal Point by Christa Watson, 2014
I've learned so much about modern quilt design since attending QuiltCon in 2013. Many of those I look up to in the movement have given me great design advice like "include a focal point, go more asymm... more
Rain by Christa Watson, 2014
My husband is always encouraging me to go more modern with my designs. He was doodling on his iPad one day, and I thought his drawing would make a great modern quilt. I was pleased to include this qui... more
Colorfall by Timna Tarr, 2015
This leaf shape is one that I often doodle and use as a quilting design, but this is the first time I have pieced it into a quilt. The leaves were improvisationally pieced as separate units, then mach... more
Holyoke 1938 by Timna Tarr, 2014
Holyoke, Massachusetts was one of the country's first planned industrial cities. The city is powered by a dam on the Connecticut River and a canal system. The juxtaposition of the natural river and th... more
Party Day and Night by Anna Koelewyn, 2015
I was inspired by the Michael Miller Glitz fabric to make something fun and happy. I used my favorite improvisational piecing technique and some Michael Miller solids and just went crazy. So much fu... more
Layered Conversations by Amanda Leins, 2014
Without my friends, this quilt would not have come to be. We three came together, sharing our time, talents, and support for each other. ... more
Desert by Mary Menzer, 2015
Desert - my improv piece of my vision of desert colors and waves of sand. I used my rotary cutter, but no ruler to cut strips and piece them together. I used 28 wt Aurifil for the quilting, and also... more
Fruit Flavors by Mary Menzer, 2015
Fruit Flavors was a love fest for me - I made this quilt for my first granddaughter, Harper. I love the Sunprint collection, and though I am not normally a maker of rainbow quilts, I wanted to use al... more
Mount Monadnock by Debra Jalbert, 2015
"Mount Monadnock 3,165 feet of granite rock. Ascended as I was welcoming 50. Most Ambitious Hike I have ever completed. It took a lot longer than we planned, my sister and I. Such a Grand Adven... more
Shattered by Debra Jalbert, 2015
Shattered is a quilt inspired by all the large and little challenges that surprise us in life. When first broke, life can feel torn to pieces, unbearable. But with time, mending and help, those chall... more
Cut Diamonds by Beth Shutty, 2015
Working with EQ7, I started with a one-block triangle grid quilt, changing block colors and placement until I settled on a diamond shape. I then designed different blocks by removing triangles to exp... more
Vortex by Beth Shutty, 2015
I started with two design goals; improv piecing and gradual color change from white to black. Playing with altered grids on EQ7, I liked the X grid and thought it reminded me of a vortex. I changed... more
Plaid On Point by Jennifer Jones Rossotti, 2015
Inspired by the interaction of colors in yarn-dyed, woven fabrics. Colors were carefully selected to create the illusion of transparency. Center plaid diamond made of four large blocks in as many col... more
Modern Glacier by Pamela Gavin, 2015
"Modern Glacier - created by Pamela Gavin Inspired by the glaciers of Alaska and the quiet whites of the ice, dirty grey/aqua/black as they move across the land. Quilted by Darla Hennessee Hall Jul... more
Celebrating I Do! by Pamela Gavin, 2015
Celebrate I Do! Designed and sewn by Pamela Gavin. I was inspired by the fabrics to celebrate the merging of families with the couple say I Do! ... more
Tumbling Paint Box by Jennifer Rossotti, 2015
Inspired the Modern Rainbow trend and a child's watercolor paint set. The basic block unit for this quilt employs a strip and slash technique. The blocks were created in two different colorways to c... more
Tessellation 4 by Nydia Kehnle, 2015
Tessellation 4 is my fourth version of this quilt. The paper pieced pattern was designed by myself and Alison Glass. In this version I was inspired to use Vanessa Christenson's beautiful ombre' line o... more
Momentum by Melanie Tuazon, 2015
I went to the Museum of Modern Art this summer when I was feeling stuck creatively. I found myself just as inspired by the architecture as I was by the art. I saw a quilt in the lines of the building,... more
First Position by Melanie Tuazon, 2015
When I pulled the fabric for this quilt, I realized that I was drawn to it because it was the palette of the contents of my ballet bag-- black leotards, pink tights, beige character shoes, and white r... more
Flounce by Melanie Tuazon,
Flounce was inspired by the curves, delicate points, and visual impact of architecture from the Eastern hemisphere. The secondary design evokes petals and the relationship between nature and structure... more
Diamonds Quilt #2 by Tara Faughnan, 2015
This quilt was started as a quick color study. I cut and arranged all the pieces over the course of a couple of days, and didn't make too many changes to the layout when I pieced it together. This w... more
Ephemera by Jennifer Rossotti, 2015
This quilt was inspired by the waves of the ocean and sashiko embroidery. Templates were drawn in Adobe Illustrator then traced and cut by hand. Machine pieced, quilted on a frame, then finished wit... more
Lines Lost and Found by Jennifer Rossotti, 2015
This piece is an exploration of hard and soft edges in quilting. Color and converging lines were used to create varying distintness of the lines and form(s). Designed in Adobe Illustrator and machin... more
Rocky Road to Kansas Refreshed by Cheryl Brady, 2015
A poster of the traditional quilt block, Rocky Road to Kansas, hanging above my 94 year-old mother's sewing machine, the muddied colors of the sky and sea in Denmark, and a snowstorm in Colorado, prov... more
Fall For Me by Libs Elliott, 2015
I am a huge fan of black and white stripes and the visual impact they can have when used in repetition. I wanted to create a piece that vibrates when you look at it. Using my Accuquilt Go! die cutter,... more
In Flight by Dawn Golstab, 2015
In Flight was inspired by an Eloise Renouf graphic print "Grey Flock". I loved her graphic interpretation of the classic Flying Geese quilt and recreated that bird shape with fabric to create my floc... more
Making Triangles by Dawn Golstab, 2015
Making Triangles was inspired by the tiny EZ Triangle template I received for the challenge. It looked so small I wanted to make it the star of the design. The design process was an organic exercise... more
A Path in the Clouds by Dawn Golstab, 2015
A Path in the Clouds was inspired by a graphic print by Eloise Renouf, "Curves" and her fabric collection, "First Light". This is a modern take on the classic Drunkard's Path, creating a random path... more
Shape Shifting by Dawn Golstab, 2015
Shape Shifting was inspired by an Eloise Renouf graphic print, "Simple Shapes No4". The beautiful Carolyn Friedlander "Doe" collection was a perfect match for the elegant lines and angles. The techn... more
Scrappy Side Trip by Leslie Tucker Jenison, 2015
Inspired by a guild bee to create a "Trip Around The World" quilt, I opted to play with the concept by off-setting the core of the medallion. Because, after all, some of the best trips are the side t... more
Thoroughly Mondrian Millie by Leslie Tucker Jenison, 2014
An improvisational play on the traditional log cabin, this is my fourth in a series. Expanding and contracting the central square lends itself to endless possibilities. ... more
Luna by Shannon Logan, 2015
I immediately thought of the moon when I saw the Michael Miller fabric. I outlined the traditional friendship star block as the background quilting to represent the night sky. ... more
Kill it with fire by Libs Elliott, 2015
This is a piece Made by Libs Elliot who created it in tandem to the piece by LUKE Haynes to showcase the differences between two quilters when using the same starting fabric piece. ... more
Gwenny's Woodpile by Karen Duling, 2015
"Gwenny's Woodpile is my tribute to Gwen Marston. In 2014, Gwen sent me a photograph of the woodpile at her home on Beaver Island as she was working on her ""Free Range Triangle Quilts"" book, noting... more
Catnado by Karen Duling, 2015
"Catnado is an expression of my fascination with feline imagery in fabric. The EZ Quilting Mini 45 and Mini 60 degree Triangle Templates were sized well to fussy-cut tiger cats from a fabulous collec... more
Gray Circle by Serena Brooks, 2015
A limited color palette and modern concentric wonky squares were my inspiration for this improvisationally pieced quilt. I like using a traditional quilt block, in this case, the log cabin, and pushin... more
Falling by Kathy York, 2015
I was inspired by these batik circles that I made in my studio. Once arranged into these curving lines, it reminded me of strands of beads. So, I hand stitched some dashed lines to represent the cor... more
untitled by christopher thompson, 2015
with most quilts i create, i let the fabric do the talking and this quilt was no exception. i started by building thin-like rows with severe angles at various heights and trimmed them to various size... more
Floating Squares No. 2 - Based on a Score by Sherri Lynn Wood by Maritza Soto, 2015
I pieced this quilt when taking one of Sherri Lynn Wood's classes on Improv From a Score. Sherri's quilts and her approach to quilting have always resonated with me, and I jumped at the chance to lear... more
What Ellsworth Kelly Taught Me About Quilting by Maritza Soto, 2015
When I first saw the "Spectrum Colors Arranged By Chance" series by American artist Ellsworth Kelly, I had to play with this idea he presented and make a quilt using the same basic set of parameters a... more
Forest Abstractions by Violet Craft, 2014
"The Forest Abstractions quilt was my first ""abstractions"" design project. The creation process for my ""abstractions"" allows me to collide my worlds through my love of inspiration in our daily... more
Jungle Abstractions: The Giraffe by Violet Craft, 2015
"The Giraffe is the second project in the Jungle Abstractions series. The creation process for my ""abstractions"" allows me to collide my worlds through my love of inspiration in our daily enviro... more
Jungle Abstractions: The Lion by Violet Craft, 2015
"The Lion is the first project in the Jungle Abstractions series. The creation process for my ""abstractions"" allows me to collide my worlds through my love of inspiration in our daily environmen... more