The Light of May by Krista Hennebury, 2014
In Vancouver, the May sun rises with a warm pink and yellow glow. In the evening it sets over Vancouver Island, casting a grey light over my spring garden. This quilt represents that morning and eveni... more
Blackbird Fly by Krista Hennebury, 2012
Fabrics were carefully chosen here to recreate the words of a meaningful song that required thoughtful and deliberate reading - the text is not meant to jump out at you, rather draw the viewer in to a... more
Jagged by Alissa Carlton, 2014
This quilt is improvisationally pieced from start to finish. First long strips and then some cutting and sewing. Dense straight line quilting fills in the whole top to add to the graphic bold feel of... more
Turning A Corner by Alissa Carlton, 2014
This quilt continues my exploration of straight lines and 90 degree angles turned on the bias. Dense straightline quilting fills in the entire quilt to accentuate the piecing design. The quilt is al... more
Paint Chip by Sarah Lowry, 2014
The magical paint chip aisle at the home improvement store inspired this quilt. Whenever I look at paint chips I am always drawn to the boldest and strongest of colors, colors you could not imagine us... more
Peek by Melanie Tuazon, 2014
Peek is a study in contrast and aesthetic inspired by a mid-century trellis shape I spotted and couldn't get out of my head. The thin elements are all pieced. I also wanted to experiment with expansiv... more
Swan In The Water (Justin Nozuka) by Kristyn McCoy, 2014
After staring at all my MM charm pack squares for weeks and weeks, I found inspiration as I listened to Swan In The Water. I arranged my colours to resemble the rainbow reflection when the setting su... more
Diamond Chains by Charlotte Noll, 2014
Diamond Chains designed and created for 2014 Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Challenge. I've always wanted to make a yellow quilt. Gray diamonds are traditional blocks on point using Michael Miller... more
Sol by Nathalie Bearden, 2014
Life is imperfect and improvised. Each morning is a calling for a brand new day, full of amazing possibilities. Sol is an abstract interpretation of life, the sunrise, and the renewed faith that each... more
Amazonia by Nathalie Bearden, 2014
While I was growing up in Brazil, I spent much time dreaming of adventuring into the Amazon rainforest. I read many books about this magical land of undiscovered tribes and beholder of secrets to cure... more
Huckleberry by Rebecca Bryan, 2014
I set out to make a rainbow quilt that showed the entire color wheel. There are 72 different colors apart from the background, with the darker values in the center ring of hexagons and the lighter val... more
fish tails by Kristen Ballou, 2014
This quilt was designed for a "binary" challenge we did for our guild (use of two colors, shades allowed). I love the colors of the sea and i (keep) gravitating back to them. So while choosing a set o... more
Matrix Blooming by Anne Deister, 2014
Matrix Blooming is based on a single block that has been manipulated through color and placement, to create a multi-layered design with a strong feeling of depth. The use of limited floral prints and... more
Sunrise Sunset by Katherine Dithmer, 2014
We have always loved the lonestar pattern and couldn't decide between making one in cool colors or warm colors, so we decided to do both. The final design looks like the one star is rising and the ot... more
Gaggle of Geese by Janice Ryan, 2014
I have recently been inspired by Mariner's Compasses and I wanted to challenge myself to make one entirely from flying geese. "Gaggle of Geese" features 360 flying geese which radiate out from the cen... more
Minimal Bars by Andrew Joslyn, 2014
I am inspired by minimalist design, so I designed this quilt with only three colors, all in shades of cream/beige and with very minimal piecing. Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, United States 60" x 80" ... more
North Alabama Hillsides by Cathy Fussell, 2014
I frequently drive through North Alabama and am intrigued by the beautiful landscape. For this pattern I was inspired by a Gee's Bend quilt that is made of similar "relaxed tumblers" (my term), but in... more
Smithereens by Emily Cier, 2014
Emily likes to play with rotary cutters much like Edward Scissorhands likes to play with hedge trimmers. 'Smithereens' is what happens when Emily and her rotary cutter meet a roll-up. Much chaos ensue... more
Wavelength by Lee Heinrich, 2014
This is my crazy twist on a class Grandmother's Two Patch block. Instead of repeating the block in a standard grid, I repeated elements of the block in a radiating pattern, to give it an exploding fee... more
Starfall II by Faith Jones, 2013
The Starfall II quilt is a larger version of my original Starfall design from 2012. Assembled in sections like a puzzle, this quilt features several star blocks that are pieced using the Partial Seam... more
Evening Star by Abigail Fuller, 2014
Inspired by an antique quilt top seen in a local exhibit several decades ago. It stuck with me that much. To modernize the design I used one star and wider strips within the star. The quilting design... more
Totally Biased by Lucy Vail, 2014
I guess I love a challenge because once I realized that these circles could be made from one repeat panel, flipped, mirrored, and inverted AND that it would require over 3000 inches of bias tape -- I... more
gRadient by Elizabeth Balderrama, 2014
"""gRadient"" from Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs We chose slight gradations and subtle textures in shades of blue. This block placement gives a phenomenal optical illusion that is enhanced even... more
Convergence #2 by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, 2014
The design of this quilt was inspired by the actual process of making bias tape—long strips coming out of the metal tape maker bending and turning all over my work table. As the strips were being made... more
Namaste' by Cheryl Olson, 2014
"Inspired by the Celtic Knot designs the Wedding ring, also known in quilting as the Orange Peel became my design of choice for this piece. While reflecting on the eternal circles I thought of the gre... more
April Showers by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, 2014
Inspired by the cool colors and white in the Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture collection, my quilt is an abstract interpretation of spring rain showers. To make the quilt, I started making inset c... more
Avalon Sunrise by Colleen Wootton, 2014
I draw Inspiration from the clarity of line in work by color field painters like Frank Stella, Jean Davis and Ellsworth Kelly. The color for the rings on this quilt came form my summers at camp on Cat... more
What's the frequency, love? by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, 2014
Inspired by frequency waves, my quilt is an abstract interpretation of what the word "love" might sound like. In the design phase, I looked at what the quilt might look like in different colors and ul... more
Deux by Colleen Wootton, 2014
I draw Inspiration from the clarity of line in work by color field painters like Frank Stella, Jean Davis and Ellsworth Kelly. The process of making my art quilts is a step into the future, using comp... more
Propelled Pixels by Kim Lapacek, 2014
This quilt was inspired by a game of Quilt BINGO on a bus trip from Wisconsin to the International Quilt Show in Houston. The announcer called out 'nine patch' instead of 'log cabin' which instantly... more
Mod Hex 2 by Jen Sorenson, 2013
This is the second quilt in a series of modern hexagon quilts I made. Originally designed for a class on modern hexagons, this quilt was inspired by traditional hexagons and my desire to incorporate m... more
Freeflow by Lee Heinrich, 2014
This quilt uses offset staggered blocks and lots of negative space to update this traditional block. I offset blocks and my use of color makes the blocks seem to flow right into each other, which is w... more
Sugar Snow by Lee Heinrich, 2012
This quilt is an example of finding design inspiration in the world around us. The design was inspired by the crystalline "sugar snow" that often falls in Wisconsin in the late spring and indicates th... more
Map by Carolyn Friedlander, 2013
The inspiration for this project came from a design in my first fabric collection, Architextures, which was originally inspired by my drawing of a map of St. Louis. It has been fascinating for me to t... more
Modern Mojo 2 by Linda Thielfoldt, 2014
What a great color! I bought the green fabric intending to make a wholecloth quilt. When I came across the spiky looking white print I knew I had to change my plans. A little graph paper, a little c... more
Summer Tee by Leslie Lamb, 2013
Inspiration can strike anywhere! I was walking though a department store when a boys' toddler sized t-shirt caught my eye. I immediately saw a quilt in the random stripes. The black fabric in the quil... more
Mondrian with Munsell's Values by Katrine Eagling, 2014
"I was inspired by two books I was reading. Complete Mondrian and A Grammar of Color. Mondrian's lines with color blocks energized me. Especially his last work entitled ""Victory Boogie Woogie"" wh... more
Pike's Peak by Cheryl Brickey, 2014
Pike's Peak uses half square triangles, bright colors, and negative space to create a fun and modern quilt. The straight line and dense back and forth quilting continues the quilt design into the neg... more
Lucky Day by Cynthia Frenette, 2014
Improv piecing and techniques, inspired by candy coloured rainbows, happy rain, and of course, candy! Mission, British Columbia, Canada 32" x 42" ... more
Abacus by Christa Watson, 2014
"I made Abacus as a free quilt-along on my blog to encourage others to try machine applique, one of my favorite techniques. I cut the circles with a die cutter and quilted it with an allover textural... more
Wakefield by Liz Harvatine, 2014
The first two incarnations of this design were made for the twin daughters of a friend who referred to her girls as "Jessica" and "Elizabeth" before they were born, hence the name "Wakefield" after th... more
Bauble by Emily Cier, 2014
Take a bunch of brightly-colored geometric scraps of fabric. And a tube willed with mirrors. You might be able to construct a kaleidoscope that reveals mind-bending abstract patterns full of a fancifu... more
Vega by Cynthia Whitten, 2013
Vega by Cynthia Whitten, completed in 2013. Inspired by a painting I saw a on-line and a braided quilt that was on pinterest. I took those two inspirations and added my own twist of colors and sizes... more
Color in Flight by Cynthia Whitten, 2014
"Color in Flight by Cynthia Whitten Inspired by a tile wall that I saw in a magazine - the wall was in a kitchen in australia. Machine Pieced and Machine Quilted." ladera ranch , California, United... more
Tessellation 3 by Nydia Kehnle, 2014
Tessellation 3 is my third version of this quilt. The paper pieced pattern was designed by myself and Alison Glass. In this version I went in without a color plan or picked palette. I only focused o... more
Iceberg by Crystal McGann, 2014
You can never cross the ocean, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Made for the Sewvivor quilter's edition competition 2014. Kambah, Australian Capital Territory, Australia 42" x... more
Moccasin by AnneMarie Chany, 2014
Moccasin was designed to be a Block of the Month Sampler quilt that is set in a fun and funky way. Instead of setting this BOM in a typical grid, the layout is based on the Japanese X... more
Chandelier by Lee Heinrich, 2014
The fabric I used in this quilt seemed to call out for a design that would look at home in a renovated Victorian in some posh urban neighborhood. So I used negative space and an offset-block layout to... more
Spring Frames by Marla Varner, 2014
I challenged myself to not only use Michael Miller's Spring Couture fabrics, but to use all the colors in the line. This quilt is pieced improvisationally and the circles are hand appliqued. It is qui... more
In Wedowee by chawne kimber, 2014
"Part of a series of log cabin quilts representing places important to me, this is our ancestral home--a dirt floor stick shack--where my father was raised on the land where our ancestors were enslave... more
This Way, That Way by Faith Jones, 2013
This Way, That Way is an improvisationally pieced quilt. The print flying geese are combined with two shades of Essex Linen – yarn dyed in black and flax. The flying geese are pieced in different dir... more
Big Top by Faith Jones, 2014
Inspired by vintage quilt block Spring and Fall by Nancy Cabot, I modernized the original block by using bold chunks of color rather than intricate piecing. I created a gradient of color across the q... more
Star Bright by Faith Jones, 2012
The Star Bright Quilt is a foundation paper pieced pattern that I designed for my book Vintage Quilt Revival. This quilt features a vintage Classic Exploding Star block which is staggered in two colu... more
Bearface by Jenna Richardson, 2014
Inspired by abstracted animals I came across online, I used improvised piecing to make this quilt. I did not want to overquilt and take attention away from the bear's face, so I decided to keep it si... more
Crossroads by Jennifer Benoit-Bryan, 2014
This quilt is a scaled map of the Six Corners neighborhood of Chicago. I've always loved maps and recently started seeing maps in terms of positive and negative space. I like the interesting shapes... more
Little Brother by Stacey Murton, 2014
"I was inspired to make this pixel quilt by the other pixel quilts I had seen, including the Ron Swanson and Sherlock quilts. This is of Austin native and resident Jared Padalecki from the tv show, S... more
Retro dots and dashes by Kaye Simard, 2014
Derivative work inspired by "Retro lines of black and white" by artist Wen Wen. Machine pieced, hand quilted applique (circles) using paper pieced glue basting method with wash away foundation and mac... more
Somewhat Herringbone by Dorie Schwarz, 2014
I started Somewhat Herringbone as a project to use up my leftover whites, and the whites used in this quilt vary in material, texture, and color. I was inspired by Six White Horses' Improv Chevron tu... more
Fresh Pack by Dorie Schwarz, 2014
The Fresh Pack quilt is inspired by the knit Inspira Cowl, a pattern by user graphica on ravelry. The pattern uses two different yarns with long color changes to create a series of stripes that gradu... more
Happy by Carrie Wikander, 2014
Happy is inspired by the endless Texas sky with its billowing clouds, bright sun and numerous shades of blue. It's a modern, graphic interpretation, of course. Fredericksburg, Texas, United States... more
Fallout by Michelle Lieberson, 2014
I am interested in shapes and patterns, and how the eye sees them when colors change. I used a traditional triangle layout, but was inspired by the symbol for the Fallout Shelter, a sign that I rememb... more
Rothko's Dream by Evie Guigley, 2014
I wanted to make this quilt after studying monochromatics in color theory. We looked at a lot of Rothko paintings and I really like how he uses one or two colors. I wanted to use all pink and tried to... more
Filtered Sunlight by Judy Durant, 2014
This quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted in a spiral pattern. The quilt design uses a basic, traditional pinwheel block and employs alternate grid work with the intentional use of background... more
Flight Path by Mary Menzer, 2014
I wanted to show a migration of Autumn colors with flying geese blocks. I drew the pattern on graph paper, and stayed almost 100% true to the drawing. The different background colors also show the d... more
What's thePoint by Susan Slusser Clay, 2014
I was inspired by a poster by Fred One Litch. The quilt is pieced entirely with Michael Miller fabrics, and was submitted in the fabric challenge. I like the contrast of the low volume fabrics with t... more
dots by svetlana sotak, 2014
I designed this quilt to show off little pieces of favorite fabrics beautifully framed by low volume sashing and wide borders. The colorful circles are machine appliqued and the quilt is machine quilt... more
Mercury by Jodi Weir, 2014
"My inspiration for the design of this quilt was Navajo rugs and the bold use of geometric patterns. My goal was to design a high impact quilt design using mostly half square triangles. The colour... more
Oh the Places You'll Go by Cheryl Brickey, 2014
Oh the Places You'll Go is my entry for the Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture QuiltCon Challenge. When I received the fabric bundle, the colors reminded me of the book cover illustration to Dr. Se... more
Stair Railing by Kendra Biddle, 2014
Inspired by an image of a hand railing with bright red contrast against gray and beige neutral background colors by Thomas Demand, I wanted to eliminate the additional visual information and distill t... more
Read Between the Lines by Stephanie Ruyle, 2014
This quilt was competed start to finish in one month. I wanted to incorporate some improv piecing and inset seaming playing the warm and cool fabrics against each other. Although I used mostly solids... more
Anni Albers' Orange Chair by Martha Peterson, 2013
I made this quilt for the Seattle Modern Quilt Binary Challenge in which we were challenged to make two color quilts. An email ad with Anni Albers designs led me to explore more about her textiles, he... more
Harlequin Star by Ara Jane Olufson, 2013
I was inspired by a traditional Mennonite quilt by Amy Bucher from the late 19th century that used a checkerboard pattern rather than the traditional radiating colors of a lone star. I wanted to offse... more
Love in the Digital Age by Kristin Shields, 2014
This quilt was made with improv piecing of many little squares of my favorite reds and neutrals. I had an idea in my mind's eye and the quilt came out just as I imagined. The title came from my coll... more
The Power of Three by Kristin Shields, 2014
This quilt was made in response to a call for quilts by Sherri Lynn Wood for a book about modern improv piecing. The power of three refers to the shape of the triangles and the graphic quality of red,... more
Tangelo by Shannon Page, 2013
I used most of my favorite fabrics for this quilt and now I am not so hung up on cutting into hoarded fabric. Nothing is sacred! DALLAS, Texas, United States 67" x 72" ... more
Summer Break by Amy Anderson, 2014
A reading of Gwen Marston's "Minimal Quiltmaking" inspired a day of exploration played out on my design wall. Minimal, yet figurative; a sailboat at night. Asheville, North Carolina, United States... more
Sunset Waves by Laura Hartrich, 2014
I answered Sherri Lynn Wood's call to create a quilt using one of her improv scores from her book Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters. I chose colors that appealed to my eye but also had a high varia... more
Barn - Remnant by Kim Eichler-Messmer, 2014
Barn - Remnant was inspired by the remaining parts of broken down barns in the Midwest. It represents a memory of what the barns used to be. Kansas City, Kansas, United States 72" x 88" ... more
Funky Junk by Renee Tallman, 2014
This quilt started as a turquoise pieced top that I hated. I cut it up and sewed it back together seven times and took it out of the garbage at least twice. In the course of this quilt's life, it has... more
Cascade Quilt by Kristi Schroeder, 2014
This quilt was a collaborative project with Callie Works-Leary at CityCraft of Dallas, who requested I design a quilt featuring Kona Cotton's new 32 solid colors. The design is simplistic, but impactf... more
Wooden Block Quilt by Sarah Laws, 2014
This quilt was inspired by wooden block toy shapes. The color palette features dimensional coral colors with a navy blue for contrast. I used jumbo blocks of flying geese, drunkards path circles and s... more
Haberdashery by Amy Friend, 2014
"This quilt is the result of my continued exploration of the diamond shape. I wanted to create a quilt with a minimalist design and a refined color palette. I designed my own paper pieced block and re... more
Curious by Amy Friend, 2014
This mini quilt was made as a personal challenge to design a minimal quilt with large scale piecing (proportionally to the size of the quilt) and to explore the diamond shape. I decided to place the d... more
Ad Libbing by Linda Hungerford, 2014
Together, Linda and Lora made 15" x 15" improvisational blocks based on a color palette they jointly selected from Lora pieced the quilt top. Linda layered two battings, Quilter's Dr... more
Shapes by Linda Hungerford, 2014
This quilt was initially inspired by my attraction to circles. Using solids and a favorite text print, the design evolved as I added other shapes, and intentionally left negative space where quilting... more
Spare Change by Betsy Vinegrad, 2014
Spare Change is a modern twist on the traditional Chinese Coins pattern with the roles of the cables and coins reversed. I designed it for RaNae Merrill's upcoming book about sideways spirals. The pie... more
Self-Portrait, Year Two (Beneath the Surface) by Penny Gold, 2014
By the second year after the death of my son, the persistent sense of grief and loss had become invisible to others. From the outside (the lavender side of the quilt), all looked normal. But underne... more
After Dinner Mints by Paige Alexander, 2014
When the challenge rules were announced, I scoured Michael Miller's website for a print to complement the solids and chose Candy Pointillism. Working within the size restraints of the Spring Couture... more
Dizzy Geese by Kathie Beltz, 2014
"Dizzy Geese" is made of two sizes of Migrating Geese, moving off into the distance. Not only does the echo quilting echo the geese, but it also forms other geese within the quilting. Greenfield, Ne... more
Akhaten by Shannon Page, 2014
This resulted from deconstructing my original design. I cut up the original top to make this and I could not be happier with the result. Dallas, Texas, United States 65" x 65" ... more
Tuning Fork #12 by Heather Pregger, 2013
My current series features the tuning fork, a shape that I find to be wonderfully versatile. Using this figure as the building block of the design, I vary its size and value to create an impression o... more
Spirograph by Matt Macomber, 2014
This quilt was inspired by the lid of a vintage Pyrex casserole called "Spirograph". The background diamonds were pieced using a modification of an online tutorial by Anna of Six White Horses (Six-whi... more
i Quilt by Kathy York, 2014
At times I feel alone, but I am not. I am supported by many friends and family. These are the little "i" blocks that make up the big central "i". The other "i" blocks in the field are for all the p... more
Connect The Stars by Barbara Cline, 2013
Diamond chains connect the stars of various sizes to each other. There are ll different fabrics used in the background fabrics of this quilt. By placing black tulle strategically over some of the back... more
Under The Sea by Barbara Cline, 2012
Only two different triangles blocks are used in the piecing, but by changing the colors in the two triangle units, and rotating the blocks you get star designs, pinwheels and diamond chains connecting... more
Meandering by Pam McCallie, 2014
"This piece was created for an exhibit at the Tennessee Aquarium. I combined my appreciation for the tradition and history of quilting, along with my love for clean, simple design to create this piec... more
The New New by Amy Anderson, 2014
What always strikes me most about spring are the vivid and varying greens from the new leaves, grass, and plants emerging. Sky, sun, leaves, flowers, and a chance for new beginnings. Semi-improvisatio... more
Quilt for Our Bed by Laura Hartrich, 2014
I have been a quilter for 5 years and had never made a quilt for our bed. I decided it was time. I was inspired by Jen Carlton Bailly's phenomenal "5HTP Squared" quilt, which used quarter circles in... more
Bias 3 by Alissa Carlton, 2014
Bias 3 continues my ongoing exploration of negative space and turning the traditional grid on the bias, all in the context of a very graphic design. The quilt is all machine piecing and machine quil... more