Welcome to the new MQG website!

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Your MQG member profile now gives you the opportunity to connect and engage with other members of our community. Some of the new features include:

  • You can now form connections with your friends and fellow MQG members.
  • You can create albums and upload photos to your profile.
  • Status messages give you a way to share what you’re working on with other members or connections.
  • Profiles have a “wall” where connections can leave messages for each other.
  • Join Circles for special interest and guild groups. You can create photo albums within Circles too! 

To get started:

Log into your profile using the Member Login button at the top right of your screen.


You’ll see your MQG Member Dashboard with your information.

Member Dashboard

 These links here are a great starting point.

  • Member Directory: A listing of MQG members by name, state, and country. You can find other members and message them through the site! Don’t want to be found? You can change that on your profile page.
  • Membership Card: View or print your MQG membership card!
  • Change Email Address: If your email address changes, let us know by filling out this form.
  • Event Calendar: See upcoming MQG events!
  • My Profile: Go here for all the fun social community stuff!


  • My Community: This is where you can see the activity of all your connections.
  • Connections: View and manage your MQG connections, as well as search for new ones.
  • My Profile: Change your Profile Picture or Password, Edit your Privacy and Contact Preferences, View your guild page (if applicable)
  • My Features: Join and view Circles. Upload and view your photos.
  • Inbox: Message your MQG Connections through the website.

Viewing Resources

When you click over to check out all the MQG Resourcesyou'll be met with a pop-up box. If you're a member, click the "I'm a Member" button — the system will either log you in, or ask you to log if you haven't already. Then, you'll be able to view all the MQG webinars, patterns, blocks, etc.


How do I change my email address? My physical address?

Please use the "Change Email Address" form on your member dashboard.


How do I change my name? Hey, what’s the difference between Full Name and Contact Name?

Great question! You can change both of these in your Profile. When you’re on “My Profile” scroll down and click the Edit button by your username.

 Your Full Name is your official name in the MQG Database and how you will be addressed on any MQG Communications. Your Contact Name is what others will see when you interact with them in the Social Community. 

How do I change my password?

Hover your mouse over the “My Profile” tab. You’ll see several options, one is Change Password. Click on Change Password and make your updates.

How do I change who can see my photos and connections?

Hover your mouse over the “My Profile” tab. You’ll see several options, one is Privacy. Click on Privacy and edit your settings. 

How do I make myself invisible in the Member Directory?

When you’re on “My Profile” scroll down and click the Edit button by your username.

Then, at the bottom of that screen, click “Please hide my profile from the member directory”. With that selected, your profile will be excluded from any directory searches.


What are Circles?

Circles are spaces where members can gather around certain topics of interest. Each guild has its own circle that it can manage, and you will find circles already created for techniques such as Paper Piecing and Hand Piecing.

How do I join a Circle?

Find one you’re interested in and click the Join Circle link at the top right. When you join a Circle, you’ll get news about it in your My Community feed and it will appear in your list of “My Circles”.


Can I start a Circle? How do I start a Circle?

Yes! If there’s something you want to chat about but a Circle doesn’t exist yet, you can create one. Just use the orange “Create” link at the top right.

You’ll need to name and describe your Circle, as well as decide if it is Open or Private, if Photos are allowed, etc.