Hot Lava by Jenna Richardson, 2015
I wanted to design and make a quilt that had intricate piecing, but more texture than color, and with the color fade appearing random, but not chaotic. I kept the palette simple with two (very... more
converging hours by lee chappell monroe, 2015
Using one of the most basic quilting shapes, the half square triangle, to form oversized hourglass blocks, was an exercise in patience. I wanted to create a quilt that was impactful from a distance... more
Maverick by Amy Ellis, 2015
Inspired by Costal by Matthew Korbel-Bowers, I translated his art piece into a quilt using the triangle template for the colorful pieces. Designed on graph paper, and a little trial and error to know... more
Line Study #1 by Andrew Steinbrecher, 2013
The first in a series, "Line Study #1″ is an exercise that explores the relationship between lines, stripes and color. Using a strip piecing method, vintage striped sheets were combined with... more
Urban/Suburban by Andrew Steinbrecher, 2015
"Urban/Suburban" was inspired by a historic neighborhood in Cincinnati named Over-the-Rhine. Urban decay meets hipster in this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of 150+ year-old brick buildings. This... more
Piece by Taylor Mesmer, 2015
I took twelve fabrics, that are bright, and cut them in 12 inch squares. I then cut them into the same unequal pattern. After that I mixed up the fabrics so there was three different colored in each... more
Under Pressure by Alissa Lapinsky, 2015
We are all under pressure. but we must remember that quite often, being under pressure yields beautiful results.
Etude by Bailey Pike, 2015
In music, an etude is a technical piece designed to improve technique or demonstrate skill. In this design, I wanted to do something similar with a traditional quilt block. Although the flying... more