Workshop: Playing Outside the Box with Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Playing Outside the Box with Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Staring with absolutely nothing but scraps, we will PLAY and build a block and get you started building your own quilt. 
By trusting your intuition, looking, listening, and finding inspiration in what you make, will to tell you what comes next in your design process.
Build confidence in just letting loose and having some fun in working in a way you might not have done before.
Approaching your work from a different perspective will set your creative ideas flowing!  A short talk at the beginning of class, will follow by play, and tips for a few fun techniques to try!
Material List: 
Material Fee: 

$15 includes fabrics, pattern and treats




About Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Victoria Findlay Wolfe is a New York City based award winning quilter, fabric & thread designer, and author of 15 Minutes of Play (C&T publishing), Founder of NYC MOD quilters, Board member of the International Quilt Association, the Quilt Alliance, and runs several community drives with BumbleBeansBASICS. Born and raised on a farm in Minnesota, she credits her quilting influences to her grandmother’s double knit crazy quilts that kept her warm, growing up. Her biggest supporters are her husband and daughter.