Workshop: Aerial with Carolyn Friedlander

Aerial with Carolyn Friedlander

Learn how to paper piece while tackling a strip-friendly, graphic project by designer Carolyn Friedlander. Let her guide you step-by-step as you complete your first block in this quilt with an improvisational look. With plenty of hands-on instruction and tips to equip and enthuse you for future paper-piecing, Carolyn will also walk you through fabric and color strategy, creating your own color gradations, maximizing your scraps, and other tips for finishing your Aerial quilt top.
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$12 includes Aerial pattern & paper piecing templates for the workshop.



About Carolyn Friedlander

Carolyn Friedlander is a quilt and fabric designer working from her hometown of Lake Wales, Florida, an environment she enjoys for its warm weather, few distractions, and potent community of quilters and crafters. In her work, she draws inspiration from features of the Florida landscape—its long leaf pines, palmettos, water, scrub land, sand—as well as her background in architecture. You can follow Carolyn and her work on her website and blog.