Creative Webinar: Siddi Quilts of Karnataka with Shruti Dandekar

October 31, 2017

7 p.m. India Time Zone
1:30 p.m. GMT
2:30 p.m. CET
9:30 a.m. EDT
8:30 a.m. CDT

From the western ghats of Karnataka, Shruti brings to you all the wonderful quilts of the Siddi Community. Living with limited means of survival, often shunned by the society around them and struggling to be a part of the mainstream of the Indian population, the Siddi tribe represents the strength, endurance and beauty of their ancestors! While they have accepted the treatment given to them, they have also worked hard to create a community for themselves. They have celebrated their lives and brought beauty in the world around them. A glimpse into the world of this wonderful tribe and their quilts, that are just like them - raw, organic and a beautiful blend of the African and Indian cultures!

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