Indie by Phoebe Harrell, 2013
This quilt was inspired by retro electric race car track sets from the 1970s. Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, United States 58" x 58" ... more
Ascend by Nicole Neblett, 2014
Inspired by a postcard, Ascend is a modern minimalist approach to the traditional red and white quilt. I used paper piecing to create the red chevrons and set them off center in negative space, which... more
Comma Comet by Janet Gannon, 2014
The inspiration for this quilt came from Pam's sketch of some stars. We both love color gradation and so we worked to design this quilt to capture both ideas. Janet designed it using graph paper and... more
Modern Lily Bean by Claire Jain, 2013
This baby quilt is a direct result of the skills I learned in Christina Lane's class at Sewing Summit. From the first time I saw her Retro Flowers pattern, I wanted to try a layout similar to this, bu... more
Steps by Carrie Strine, 2014
Steps, is an interpretation of a traditional Courthouse Steps quilt. It's a project that's very much about understanding the interactions of color, while if you view it from the right distance it real... more
Dear Gunta by Carrie Strine, 2014
This quilt pays homage to Bauhaus textile master Gunta Stölzl's modernist works created while working in Dessau. This quilt is like a letter to her filled with the questions and eagerness of a student... more
Brothers by Susanne Woods, 2013
My two sons (one little, one big) are as opposite as can be. If one says 'black', the other will say 'white'. The funny thing is, they complement one another perfectly. They may never be side by side... more
Geometric rainbow by Nicole Daksiewicz, 2014
This quilt pays tribute to the Kona solids 303 color card by incorporating every color in hexie form. I used my Modern Hexie pattern method to applique the pieces down with a straight line quilting sh... more
X by Maria Villar, 2014
"This quilt started out because I wanted to try out the Lattice Quilt Block tutorial by Kati of From the Blue Chair blog. The ""X"" shape started jumping out as I put the blocks together on the des... more
Facets by Liz Harvatine, 2014
I wanted to design a quilt around a simple, line-drawn diamond. This quilt is NOT paper pieced. The neutral background pieces were cut using templates and the colored lines are fabric strips sewn in-b... more
Sail by Maria Villar, 2014
This quilt was based on a design I made for the Quilt Design a Day group on Facebook. I wanted to push the triangular shapes to create interesting angles and intersections to form the main shape centr... more
Under the trampoline by Alexia Abegg, 2011
My improvised quilts are composed and sewn to represent a memory or a specific time and place. This quilt was sewn using a combination of fabrics I hand dyed and manufactured cottons. I usually start... more
Bougainvillea by Alexia Abegg, 2011
My improvised quilts are composed and sewn to represent a memory or a specific time and place. This quilt was sewn using a combination of fabrics I hand dyed and manufactured cottons. I usually start... more
Carnival by Melody Baker, 2014
"The early 19th century Carnival often took place in colorful tents with pendant shaped flags flying atop. Many tents were made with rich colors of red and yellow or blue and green, but the combinatio... more
I Like BIG Blocks and I Cannot Lie by Allison Chambers, 2014
My friends of the San Antonio MQG and I like to take the lyrics to popular songs and make them quilt themed, which is how the idea for this quilt came about. We laughed so hard when we changed the ly... more
Road to Pasadena by Kendra Nitta, 2014
My goals when designing this quilt were to use curves, a nontraditional block size, and play with scale. The result is this quilt full of color and movement. It uses a 12x18 block that includes two t... more
Moving Target by Christine Perrigo, 2014
This quilt was inspired by an optical illusion that was featured on the National Geographic show "Brain Games". Your brain should want to see a large blue circle in the center, even though it does not... more
Deconstructed Lonestar by Amy Struckmeyer, 2014
In this quilt, a traditional lonestar is pieced in a scrappy arrangement of bright blues and greens. Then, giving it a dynamic twist, two points of the star are broken, with improvisationally pieced... more
Collaboration by Gillian Smith, 2014
""Collaboration" is a computer-designed, human-made quilt. The design was generated by Foundry, an app I created that randomly generates paper-pieceable quilts. This is one of millions of unique desig... more
Lemonade by Susan Strong, 2014
"Lemonade is a quilt that came from a mistake I made while making blocks for a totally different quilt. For the other quilt, I should have paired fabrics of similar values but instead, paired fabrics... more
Neighbourhood by Michelle Wilkie, 2014
A rug, I had seen in a hotel somewhere, inspired my Neighbourhood quilt. It made me reflect on things I would see around my neighbourhood, like fences and houses. A vibrant warm color palette and the... more
LeMoyne Mum by Melinda Bazzelle, 2014
I was inspired by LeMoyne Star barn quilts. I love the idea of taking a traditional block and enlarging it to the size of the quilt. The colors were chosen simply to match my decor so that it could... more
Watershed by Holly Hughes, 2014
Inspired by my home in the Arizona desert, Watershed is an original design inspired by a Native American symbol for a water house. I used a combination of foundation paper piecing (both pattern and im... more
Memories of QuiltCon by Holly Broadland, 2013
I designed this quilt at a Lizzy House Mini Quilts workshop at QuiltCon 2013, the inaugural modern quilting conference. Everyone made a completely different quilt and I knew mine would involve the hig... more
Grand Pineapple - Dichotomy by Allison Lee, 2014
75 different colors were used in my original design, "Grand Pineapple - Dichotomy". I was inspired to work with the entire gorgeous spectrum of Denyse Schmidt's Free Spirit solids. I created the fou... more
Redirected by Hollie Lobosky, 2012
I rarely work with fabric from a single line, but I was inspired here. I used the shot cotton in the negative space to enhance the piecework and mirrored the dual tonality in the shot cotton by quilti... more
Shoot That Poison Arrow by Hollie Lobosky, 2014
While not inspired by the ABC song, I did get it stuck in my head while working on this quilt. It was improvisationally pieced utilizing low volume fabric scraps to make the arrows stand out. Venice,... more
Totally Spring by Dora Cary, 2014
This quilt was created with the Michael Miller Spring Couture line in mind and I used almost all the colors in the collection. My inspiration came from dandelions and the idea was to have smaller dand... more
Spiced Chai Quilt by Katie Blakesley, 2012
Spiced Chai is based on a traditional Tea Leaf block. Instead of a standard quilt layout of repeating blocks set in a grid with sashing between them, a few key design changes—eliminating the sashing,... more
Blue Pinwheel by Barbara Perrino, 2013
"Original design constructed with Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids, Essex Yarn Dyed Linen. My designs often start as doodles with the ""keepers"" transferred to graph paper before cutting and const... more
MG Opposing Triangles by Katie Pedersen, 2012
The blocks in Opposing Triangles are created using one of my favorite angle piecing techniques. The layout and color way evolved as I made each block and placed them on my design wall. I love how Kr... more
Color Play by Kari Vojtechovsky, 2013
Simplicity and calm were on my mind when I made this quilt. Because it was also designed to be a project for others to make from a book, it was designed for the block to provide minimal structure that... more
Linen Log Cabin by Barbara Perrino, 2014
"Original design inspired by favorite traditional/historic pattern. Free-hand cut for the perfect imperfect, and ensuring that each piece is organic and unique. Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids and... more
Building Bridges by Jacquie Gering, 2012
Building Bridges is a graphic representation of a move from one city to another and from one life to another. Kansas City, Missouri, United States 65" x 82" ... more
Crossing the Line by Corinne Sovey, 2014
I wanted to challenge myself to make a truly modern quilt, and decided to do so by playing with 60 degree angles. I played around in Illustrator and came up with this design. I wanted to stay true to... more
Texas Forever by Corinne Sovey, 2014
I moved to Texas several years ago and originally designed this as an art print. I wanted the shape of Texas to be communicated via geometric shapes. I instantly realized the half-square triangle comp... more
Fifty Shades of Geese by Patricia Roche, 2014
Fifty Shades of Geese was an experiment in using flying geese blocks in a modern setting and color-way. I used Triangles on a Roll foundation paper to make rows of geese. Chandler, Arizona, United S... more
Sunset by Corinne Sovey, 2014
I designed this quilt based upon the traditional rail fence pattern. I played with color to mimic the setting sun. I quilted the quilt with various colors of thread to add dimension via matchstick qui... more
Upstairs by Kristen Lejnieks, 2013
This quilt was inspired by an image of a brightly painted floor and the duct-tape art of Rebecca Ward. I chose the deep jewel tones to complement the geometric design and to highlight the perpendicul... more
Passages by Patty Simmons, 2014
I've always been inspired by the beautiful quilts of Gee's Bend and the work of Lisa Call. They were both my inspiration for working with the Michael Miller Challenge fabric for QuiltCon 2015. Passage... more
Emergent by Kari Vojtechovsky, 2014
The intent was to create interest and movement in a bold, graphic quilt that has no traditional quilt block. The quilt elements are flat although together they create depth. Harmony is achieved throug... more
Cycles 2 by Leanne Chahley, 2013
Cycles 2 is the second quilt a series I call cycles. This quilt was inspired by the rugged west coast of Canada. The colours are taken from the sun drenched, west coast, northern Pacific Ocean beach p... more
7 Up by Debra Jalbert, 2014
My own pattern, 2 of 2, all home machine. Clermont, Florida, United States 48" x 58" ... more
Prill by Rossie Hutchinson, 2014
I like big geese and I cannot lie. These enormous geese were pieced using the quilt-in-a-day method. Their size and flying-everywhere-ness is based on a rug I saw at my friend Prill's house. The bl... more
Breathe by Leanne Chahley, 2014
Breathe evokes lightness and air and is a reminder to just breathe, just be. This quilt uses a combination of quilting cottons and linen fabrics with purposely uneven matchstick quilting in multiple... more
Modern Amish II by Mickey Beebe, 2014
This quilt was created for the Amish: the Modern Muse exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles in San Jose, CA. My inspiration was a Roman Stripe quilt from the collection of the Internat... more
That Twitch by Caro Sheridan, 2014
"Learning to quilt my instructors emphasized perfection: choose the right colour values, sew precise seams, and follow a pattern to the letter. Regard and respect for the rules wasn't an option, it wa... more
Fractured Churn Dash by Erin Davis, 2014
One of my favorite 'classic' blocks is the Churn Dash. By putting a modern spin on only a portion of the block by improvisationally piecing each center with colors from MM's CC line, yet maintaining t... more
Ms. O.D's Flying Quilt by Ebony Porter, 2014
The design is taken from a traditional flying geese quilt pattern. The name comes from the source of the pink fabric. A friend was generous enough to allow me to have an old dress I found crumbled up... more
Sea Glass Herringbone by Claire Jain, 2013
I credit the existence of this quilt to my husband, who insisted I test a pattern I was creating with pretty fabrics rather than scraps from the muslin pile. I pulled fabrics based on a color palette... more
Peace by Leanne Chahley, 2014
Peace is about finding your centre, being calm and quiet, and achieving peace. I made her during a turbulent time when personal loss was inevitable. The modern geometric pattern is called Consider an... more
Sunset Boulevard by Jennifer Lanak, 2014
One evening, I was enjoying a particularly colorful sunset while driving home. I looked up at an office building that I was passing, and it seemed each window was reflecting a different color. This... more
Staircase by Kate Ivie, 2014
I made this quilt for my best friend, Hannah. I started it when I was ten and gave it to her for her 11th birthday. I picked the back fabric specifically because her favorite colors are blue and orang... more
Orbits by Amy Stevenson, 2014
This quilt uses bias applique, curved piecing, and alternate grid work. I love the drunkard's path block, and while working on a guild round robin, I started experimenting with combining bias applique... more
Capsule by Jen Carlton Bailly, 2013
"Remember the commercial from the '80s when a cold capsule was opened and all the tiny beads were released? That was my inspiration. Under a deadline (I made this quilt with all Modern Solids by Aliss... more
One Third Street Neighborhood by Amy Stevenson, 2014
I used the pattern by my friend and fellow A2MQG member Debbie Grifka, and decided I wanted to see it in a saturated palette and rather than using just a light and dark, I also wanted to see a mid-ton... more
Aura Blue by Jaime David, 2014
This quilt was designed as a submission for the book, Optical Illusions. To create a glowing effect, I varied the shade and tones of analogous colors and arranged them in value order. As a result our... more
Shattered by Veronica Ferguson, 2014
This quilt was a journey into the unknown and unfamiliar. Pastels are not my usual colour palette and I couldn't resist setting them against a deeper colour; experiments with strips led to the design... more
Apple Stars by Amy Garro, 2013
While making this quilt, I played with the idea of negativity - when you stand back, the star shapes appear where the dots do not. I created this effect by matching the solid star fabric to the backgr... more
Fly Away by Heather Jones, 2014
I often experiment with issues of scale in my work. This quilt, Fly Away, is an example where I have taken a traditional quilt block design, the winged square, and increased the size of the block so t... more
Ceiling Tiles by Amy Garro, 2014
This quilt was inspired by the lights and ceiling tiles in a hotel ballroom. I matchstick quilted it with a variety of threads, many metallic, to highlight the metallic prints. The pattern for this qu... more
Long Island Modern Sampler by Kim Soper, 2014
What started with blocks chosen by my local guild, slowly grew into something bigger and more personal as I added my own touches in between. There are so many blocks from the blog-world included in th... more
Whirling Dervish by Elizabeth Dackson, 2014
Whirling Dervish is a crazy paper-pieced wonder - one that I initially designed with both y-seams and paper piecing, but since I decided that was beyond evil, I reworked the templates to create the bl... more
Flame by Rebecca Bryan, 2014
This quilt is made from diamond shaped blocks that look like flames candle. In this quilt, I wanted to create a textured look and make the foreground "flames" appear to be floating. To do so I used ma... more
Triangles Quilt by Tara Faughnan, 2013
My favorite parts of a quilt are the seams-the places where two colors come together. I like to see how the same shade of pink can look so different next to a teal blue versus a dark limey green or a... more
Steal This Quilt by chawne kimber, 2014
"This minimalist design captures the puckish mood of the midcentury US counterculture movement. A direct reference to Abbie Hoffman's ""Steal This Book,"" the text can be seen as instructional. On the... more
Line & Shape by Heather Grant, 2014
I was inspired by a pencil drawing by Tamas Horvath, a designer from Budapest, that I saw on Pinterest. The way the lines created a circle was a wonderful juxtaposition that I thought would translate... more
The Overgrown City by Cadence Jenkins, 2014
I designed this quilt to enter into the Texas State Fair. I combined City themed fabrics and Wildlife themed fabrics in a wonky 4-patch pattern. I then quilted this quilt with my Aunt's long arm. T... more
Knit Snippet by Lotje Meijknecht, 2014
Knit Snippet's idea came from a torn pattern snippet from a old knitting pattern. It is intended to give you the look and feel of craftsmanship, handiwork and creative inventions based on available ma... more
Boxed In by Elizabeth Dackson, 2014
Boxed In is a twist on a traditional nine-patch block applying a change in scale as well as playing around with the symmetry of the nine-patch. There's two layers of nine-patches going on here, as wel... more
The Mona Lisa by Rowena Bayliss, 2014
Pixelated quilt using tones and hues from the painting The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. My inspiration comes from my love of Graphic Design for which I studied. I have quilted using straight lines... more
Gypsy Wife by Catherine Mosely, 2014
"I loved this pattern from the minute I saw it and couldn't wait to make it! I really wanted mine to be different though, and I wanted the blocks to stand out, so I used only solids and turned the st... more
Grab The Brass Ring by amy dame, 2014
"Our society has long had a preoccupation with rings of metal. We reach for the brass ring, we exchange rings as symbols of our eternal love, we award rings to winning sports teams, we hang rings from... more
Possibilities by Cheryl Olson, 2014
"This design came to life while playing with the EQ7 program. I knew that I wanted a simple pattern, yet one that would also show elements in design as well a rhythmic overlapping pattern. I had a lot... more
Stock on Hand by Katherine Jones , 2014
Working at a plumbing firm my inspiration was our workshop where the owner hoards pipes of various diameters, lengths and composition. I like my quilts to be used and thus this was made for the owne... more
CPU by Katherine Jones , 2014
Inspired by the sponsor of the bias binding challenge, Panasonic, an electronics company this quilt is my interpretation of a circuit board. Bias binding strips were machine appliqued in conjunction... more
We Are by Anne Sullivan, 2014
"We Are" is an introspective design looking at how my life, livelihood and local culture are defined by modern technology, which is something that Amish culture avoids. Despite this extreme difference... more
Modern Line Study by Lauren Palmer, 2014
I began this study by mapping quilted lines on a solid white plane. After some initial quilting, bias strips and more stitched lines were added improvisationally to create a dynamic yet minimalist co... more
Anniversary Quilt by Katrina Hertzer, 2014
This quilt was inspired by Massimo Vignelli, designer of the Stendig Calendar, who passed away earlier this year. In celebration of his life's work and my love of typography, I made this quilt as a wa... more
Holy Sh*t Sherlock by Kristy Daum, 2014
The ridiculousness of building a cultural icon in tiny bits of fabric intrigued me, and this quilt is one enormous piece of fun-loving admiration for BBC's SHERLOCK, as played by the actor Benedict Cu... more
STAR'D by Kristy Daum, 2013
This quilt was made in response to an Ohio Star Challenge that my guild (St. Louis MQG) issued in 2013. My concept was to break this beloved block into individual components and highlight each step in... more
Improv Double Wedding Ring by Natalie Sabik, 2013
This quilt was inspired by the traditional double wedding ring pattern, yet is completed improvisationally pieced. To design the quilt, I sketched out the components of a traditional double wedding r... more
Absent Minded by Lauren Palmer, 2014
While rearranging striped fabric to create a new composition, I felt that the repetition I had created needed to be disrupted. Chunks of green stripes are injected into the blue grid, representative... more
Ethos by Natasa McFadyen, 2014
My life experience shaped my beliefs and my guiding ideas, heavily influencing me as an artist. Snippets from my past such as surviving a bloody civil war, being touched by the senseless deaths or my... more
Improv Log Cabin by Tara Faughnan, 2014
The inspiration for this quilt came as I was doing the dreaded job of organizing my scraps. I laid them all out on an old drying rack and was struck by both the range and the subtle variation happeni... more
2-Squares = 4-Half Square Triangles by Mary Langenberg, 2014
This quilt has only 2-9 inch squares and 2-26 inch squares of fabric for the front and back. Enjoy designing in a geometric minimalist style. Overland Park, Kansas, United States 26" x 26" ... more
Half Square Triangles by Tara Faughnan, 2014
This quilt is a culmination of three things: a recent obsession with Navajo design, my long time desire to make a quilt using half square triangles, and my continuing love of exploring how colors play... more
Teal Sunshine by Matthew Wheeler Wheeler, 2014
I purchased a 10 degree ruler and this is my first quilt using it. I make strip sets and then cut out the wedges and set them with white. Delta, British Columbia, Canada 29" x 29" ... more
Scatter by Amanda Hines, 2014
I used a Log Cabin technique to build this quilt, and I liked the idea of scattering different colors in the negative space of the radiating strips. The sizes of each color are consistent, and the pl... more
Tough Titties by Adrianne Reid, 2014
The quilting on this quilt recounts anecdotes of subtle but infuriating instances of every day sexism. "Tough Titties" is a reference to the way this kind of discrimination is often dismissed and wom... more
Água by Nathalie Bearden, 2014
The ages old housetop variation pattern, so well crafted by the quilters of Gee's Bend, takes new meaning in Água - each strip of fabric, the resemblance of a ring in a ripple of water. The varied sha... more
Score For Strings: City by Sherri Lynn Wood, 2014
"Ruler free strip pieced from vintage 70's fabrics and solids. Based on my original Score For Strings featured in ""The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters,"" STC Craft/Abrams, 2015. (enter in Impr... more
Ducks in a Row by Rebecca Bryan, 2014
I was first inspired to make this quilt as I was eating barbecue at one of my favorite restaurants in Houston, Texas. One of the western themed textile pieces caught my eye and I thought it would make... more
Diamond Dust by Doris Brunnette, 2014
Diamond Dust was created for the Riley Blake MQG fabric challenge. In late January 2014, I started cutting squares for half-square triangles with no real plan in mind. But as I sewed and trimmed the H... more
Squaring The Circle by Jo Avery, 2014
The original inspiration for this quilt was a TV science lecture for kids where they showed you how to make a square by dividing 4 circles into quarters. I immediately thought 'quilt block'! I made a... more
Museum Windows by Melissa Fontanese, 2014
This quilt was inspired by a friend's photo of a stained glass window at the Museum at Prairiefire. It was machine improv-pieced from trapezoidal sections of strips. The quilt was machine quilted wi... more
When Oceans Rise by Amanda Hohnstreiter, 2014
What started as a Quilt Design a Day exercise became a challenge to use a monochromatic color scheme and large scale templates. This was the first quilt I've made that I designed myself, and it was th... more
Balancing Act by Amanda Hohnstreiter, 2014
A Quilt Design a Day exercise inspired by a pre-selected palette from became a personal challenge to experiment with a design made entirely using quarter circles. After pumping up the... more
An Ode To The Past by Rachel Singh, 2014
"This quilt is based on a Bauhaus illustration by Wilburn Bonnell III, Circa 1971. The Ad is from a series 'Great Ideas of Western Man' by The Container Corporation of America. This art illustration... more
48 by Christa Watson, 2014
"My quilt is based on an optical illusion called ""Cafe Walls."" When viewed from a distance, the thin grey lines look skewed when in reality they are straight. For a more pronounced illusion, take a... more