Since moving towards solid fabrics, I enjoy creating geometrical quilts using large scale piecing. The thing I love most about my quilts is the dichotomy between the bold and rigid piecing and the org... more
let's connect by christopher thompson, 2015
In a world overwhelmed with technology, it's easy to get tangled up in living life on a screen. Let's commit to disconnecting and reconnecting the old fashioned way. ... more
Represent by Debbie Grifka, 2015
I've been playing with lines a lot in my designs and I love designs that can be taken at face value and, at the same time, have a hidden meaning. The placement of the lines in Represent is based on t... more
Modern Fans by Suzy Williams, 2015
This quilt design is the geometric abstraction of industrial fans. By starting with a set structure in mind, I reduced the elements until they were in their simplest forms. The gradation in color valu... more
Mesa by Nancy Purvis, 2014
During my travel through the Southwest, I was amazed by the beautiful scenery. It was quite different from my lush, green, and tree-studded homeland-North Carolina. What I found most fascinating wer... more
Cut & Keep by Gina Pina, 2015
This is an applique quilt where the pieces are between the quilt top and the batting. I placed the pieces under the quilt top right before quilting on a longarm. I added dashed cut lines to imply a "b... more
Skylight View by Jennifer Rossotti, 2015
This quilt was inspired by the paths of airborne birds viewed through skylight windows. Portions of the design were constructed using the foundation paper piecing technique. Designed in Adobe Illust... more
Jungle Ave Tapa by Michelle Wilkie, 2015
"The design was inspired from Tapa cloths that I had picked up in the Pacific Islands. Tapa cloths are a plant based geometric printed cloth usually using a limited color palette of brown, white and b... more
Group Self Portrait by Gina Pina, 2015
This is a group quilt that was drawn during the East Austin Studio Tour November 2015 by visitors to my longarm quilting studio. The quilt was pieced and quilted and then visitors were given permanent... more
Under Currents by Patty Sloniger, 2015
This quilt was directly inspired by the oceanic fabrics I wanted to use. The top is pieced to simulate ocean currents, using half-square triangles in a decidedly diagonal direction, while the quilting... more
Hot Spot by Krista Fleckenstein, 2015
This quilt was a quick study of improvisational piecing, with the intention of focusing on quilting details in the negative space. Using a facing instead of a traditional binding makes the quilting fl... more
Hexie Beast by Liz Harvatine, 2015
This is my idea of a quilt joke. I find the thought of an entirely hand pieced quilt with enormous pieces both ridiculous and hilarious. This quilt was English paper pieced, using poster board hexagon... more
powder blue by Shawna Doering, 2015
Experimenting with color combinations is my favorite thing. There are endless possibilities! I always start with this when beginning a quilt. Next, I enjoy simple design elements and I love to incorpo... more
Neutral Courthouse Steps by Kristi Schroeder, 2015
A modern take on a traditional block, courthouse steps, I wanted to explore the use of color to influence the design and movement throughout the quilt. ... more
Twisted Sisters Quilt by Stephanie Ruyle, 2015
A modern quilt interpretation of the iconic game of "Twister". 24 unique colored circles, made with different methods and an updated color palette. The negative space also contains deconstructed circ... more
Big Bang by Charlotte Upitis, 2014
I used improvisation to make space. A technique my Mom taught me that she learnt from Nancy crow. I like to just cut fabrics freely and see where it takes me. When I was done the quilt I ended up appl... more
January by Liz Harvatine, 2015
I designed this pattern for the LAMQG's 2015 block of the month. It is one of several designs I've made that involve layered, interlocking curves. I used Adobe Illustrator to create templates. ... more
red hot by Shawna Doering, 2015
The first thing I focus on is how colors interact with each other. This often makes really interesting and surprising color combinations. Then, I find a way to use traditional quilt blocks or shapes i... more
Winged by Krista Fleckenstein, 2015
Inspired by the EZ Quilting Challenge, I was determined to use just the 45 degree template to cut each piece in this quilt top. 480 triangles in cool hues make up the quilt. Even though it has a struc... more
Golden by Sherri Lipman McCauley, 2015
Using the Michael Miller challenge fabrics add additional solids, the quilt was machine stitched and machine quilted. Improvisational piecing was used for the majority of the design, along with some h... more
The Modern Strip Quilt by Vicki Ruebel, 2015
This quilt was a collaboration of the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild. Members were given fabric and guidelines to piece the blocks. The design and piecing was done by Kristin Reisner, Kristen Welsh, I... more
Over Under by Daisy Aschehoug, 2015
While traveling in Norway this summer, I saw Kaffe Fassett's exhibition at the Hadeland Glassworks. I loved the negative space in his knitted Half Circle Throw and instantly wanted to try the design i... more
basics by Laura Cox, 2015
Inspired by an Alexander Girard textile print, "basics" is built improvisationally with lines and triangles and the lack of ruler use. Created for an Umbrella Prints challenge, this quilt stepped me o... more
Little Tents by Daisy Aschehoug, 2015
In March of 2015, I asked the Love Circle of the charity bee, do. Good Stitches, to send me improv triangle blocks in navy, light blue, and yellow. I wanted the triangles to suggest a camping scene,... more
Better Together by Laura West Kong, 2015
"My inspiration for this quilt is a celebration of diversity. It's so hard to believe that in 2016 we haven't learned to accept and embrace each other's differences. Our differences make this world a... more
Find Joy by Nicole Maroon, 2015
"I designed this quilt for an event called Fun A Day in January of 2015. The purpose of the event is to spend a few minutes each day doing something creative, as a way to endure the short, cold days o... more
Corsage by Stacey Day, 2015
Corsage was created for the Riley Blake challenge. I was testing a pattern for a friend and thought that the small pieces were perfect for little snapshots of the fabric. After quilting, my husband me... more
Neolithic by Jessica Levitt, 2015
Neolithic is an experimentation with organic shapes. It was created using machine reverse appliqué with glue basting. As I played with simple curved forms, they remind me of the ancient standing sto... more
Almost Purr-fect by Kathleen Robertson, 2015
Michael Miller's Cattitude fabric was the inspiration for this 18 degree wedge mini quilt. I choose to make the whiskered cats a focal point of my design. I cut varying widths of Cattitude prints and... more
Stripy stripes by Macy Grable, 2015
This is my first quilt that I have ever made! I named my quilt stripy stripes because I made my quilt from jelly roll strips. I became interested in quilting after watching my mother quilt and use he... more
Crackle by Amy Garro, 2015
This quilt was an exercise in pushing myself in my piecing... more
Sliced by Nicole Neblett, 2015
The colors for this quilt were inspired by a blouse with random lines of black, cream and gold. In sketches, I experimented with the placement of lines to create slices of color radiating at various a... more
Happiness by Karlie Grable, 2015
My quilt is called Happiness. I named it this because it is very colorful and bright. I found a pattern called "the Lady" by Villa Rose Designs. The fabric is from Me and My Sisters. I machine pie... more
Red X by Nicole Neblett, 2015
One night I challenged myself to make a quilt block in 10 minutes as part of the "Improv with Intent" charity quilt challenge. I used red, gray, and cream fabrics and the "slice-and-insert" technique... more
Stacked by Nicole Neblett, 2015
This quilt was born of my desire to whittle down my scrap bin. I used improvisational piecing to create a background of various white, cream and tan colored fabrics and a column of "stacked" pieces of... more
No Sleep Till Brooklyn by Allison Chambers, 2015
My quilt designs are often inspired by pop culture references, as is the case with this one. I thought it would be funny to make a quilt featuring the Beastie Boys' song "No Sleep Till Brooklyn," sin... more
The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts by Cassandra Beaver, 2015
Six separate sections of vibrantly colored violets combine to create a unified central image. Tightly spaced matchstick quilting continues the color of each segment outward to the edges of the image.... more
"Colorful bricks by Karlie Grable, 2014
This is my first quilt that I have ever made. I became interested when I started watching my mother use the long arm quilting machine. I designed my own quilt and picked out my own fabrics. She taugh... more
The Loops by Magdalena Langa, 2015
"Best inspiration sometimes comes on its own when you least expect it. I was lying on a couch in my house, thinking about a possible quilt design and there it was just next to me... I used simple bl... more
Tilting at Windmills by Susan Strong, 2015
The design for this quilt came from some block doodles I had done on the back of an envelope. I expanded on the block ideas using EQ7 and completed the quilt design. I printed foundation paper temp... more
Fragmented Circle by Elizabeth Timmons, 2015
"Inspired by Sarah Bond's String Fan templates and the Confetti Border prints in Silver, I created the Fragmented Circle. Working with a limited color palette and no direction besides the large fans,... more
Winter Tree by Trish Walstad, 2013
"This quilt was designed for a Boston Modern Quilt Guild challenge. The challenge required the use of the colors grey, soft white, black, red, and powder blue. Trees inspire me. Trees are everywhe... more
Windy by Emily Parson, 2015
I was inspired by a crisp October day with a deep turquoise sky and the beautiful golden trees. I machine appliqued the leaves and arranged them as if the wind was blowing the trees and making the le... more
Twizzle Glitz by Heidi Grohs, 2015
The black and white Michael Miller Glitz fabric immediately reminded me of the battle my right and left brain have in my life. I have been using half rectangle triangles recently and felt that one twi... more
Pickled Beets by Latifah Saafir, 2015
I love the classic shapes found in traditional quilts. Pickled Beets was inspired by the triangles that are captured in curves found in some Pickle Dish quilts. This large arcs of this quilt were draf... more
Counterclockwise by Elaine Poplin, 2015
A new spin (HA!) on a familiar pinwheel design. I made the pinwheels interlock so that the block construction is harder to recognize. The lighter background section is that size because I ran out of t... more
Concordia by Nancy Purvis, 2014
Concordia came about from another design I had sketched. As I tweaked the design, a more complex design emerged. I colored the tips of the geese to offer sharp, contrasting triangles and chose dark... more
Stone + Bloom by Kelsey Boes, 2015
Juxtaposing a graphic and organic pop with crisp geometric piecing in her quilt Stone + Bloom, Kelsey explores layering through minimal forms. Screen printing over her finished quilt tops, Kelsey sele... more
Intertwined Lives by Lynn Kline, 2015
I reworked a block I designed earlier this year for the Cirrus Solids BOM challenge. The woven glitz fabrics show how we, individual people, are different colors and have different features, and how... more
The Other Side by Carson Converse, 2015
I was thinking a lot about why we work so hard to get "somewhere" while making this quilt. Life can feel like an uphill battle, yet we don't always pause to think about what is on the other side. Is... more
Road Work by Debbie Grifka, 2015
"Often, when I design quilts I start with a shape in mind. In this case it was a ring. After playing with colors and lay outs and settling on this one, it reminded me of those stacks of huge pipes y... more
Forever by Debbie Grifka, 2015
I've always been drawn to designs that make secondary circle patterns. Forever was inspired by a ceiling in Biltmore House and such classic quilt patterns as Double Wedding Ring and Orange Peel. Rat... more
Putting on the Glitz by Tami Levin, 2015
The Michael Miller challenge fabrics reminded me of the glitz from Art Deco designs. Keeping that in mind I wanted the overall look to be on pointe. The squares were a bit too static which is why I op... more
Songs of a Distant Lancaster by Tami Levin, 2014
I've always admired the saturated colors of Amish quilts because of the graphics and boldness, especially bar and chevron quilts. With my favorite solids I pieced a controlled improvisation of the sty... more
Score for Showing Up ~ Disco by Sherri Wood, 2014
Freestyle improvised mashup of template-free layered curves and ruler-free strip piecing. Featured in The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters. ... more
Log Pyramid by Linda Jankauskas, 2015
This quilt uses log cabin techniques around a center triangle instead of a square. I used the EZ triangle template to create the center square and to even out the corners of each level of the pyramid... more
Glyph #1 by Carson Converse, 2014
"The linear nature of a ¼"" seam allowance and the natural translucence of fabric are two elements of quiltmaking that I love and are typically lost in the final quilt. For this quilt I layered two s... more
Under the Radar by Corinne Sovey, 2015
I wanted to design a quilt that played with concentric circles and negative space. The entire quilt is traditionally pieced, no applique was involved. The stripes were paper-pieced on giant templates... more
Emerging Illusion by Allison Dutton, 2015
This quilt is a collaboration of the members of Emerge Circle of Do. Good Stitches. Using the blocks of the MQG's March 2015 quilt of the month, Use Your Illusion, and a "color antiquity" palette (hen... more
Cancer & Taurus (Constellation Quilt) by Amber Corcoran, 2015
"I created this quilt while designing blocks for each of the twelve astrological constellations. This quilt uses two of the constellations, Cancer and Taurus, my husband's and my astrological signs.... more
my brother's jeans by melissa averinos, 2015
The denim in this quilt is from my brother Michael's work jeans, which I rescued from the dumpster after his suicide in 2009. I improvisationally pieced the crosses, which resemble a variation on the... more
Shift by Carson Converse, 2013
This piece was designed by drawing directly on large pieces of fabric followed by experimentation on my design wall. Only three solid colors are used to create this quilt. Additional shades are creat... more
Passing Through by Valerie Luberecki, 2015
With the EZ Triangle Quilt Challenge, I wanted to use the triangle template as a starting point for a minimalist design. I liked thinking about the progression of a bold color passing through the tri... more
512 by Jenn Nevitt, 2015
Inspired by an computer generated image of all the possible combinations of two colors in a nine-patch, I designed this quilt. I wanted the nine patch to 'fill up' with color, and the squares inside t... more
Hot Lava by Jenna Richardson, 2015
I wanted to design and make a quilt that had intricate piecing, but more texture than color, and with the color fade appearing random, but not chaotic. I kept the palette simple with two (very simila... more
converging hours by lee chappell monroe, 2015
Using one of the most basic quilting shapes, the half square triangle, to form oversized hourglass blocks, was an exercise in patience. I wanted to create a quilt that was impactful from a distance an... more
Maverick by Amy Ellis, 2015
Inspired by Costal by Matthew Korbel-Bowers, I translated his art piece into a quilt using the triangle template for the colorful pieces. Designed on graph paper, and a little trial and error to know... more
Line Study #1 by Andrew Steinbrecher, 2013
The first in a series, "Line Study #1″ is an exercise that explores the relationship between lines, stripes and color. Using a strip piecing method, vintage striped sheets were combined with commercia... more
Urban/Suburban by Andrew Steinbrecher, 2015
"Urban/Suburban" was inspired by a historic neighborhood in Cincinnati named Over-the-Rhine. Urban decay meets hipster in this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of 150+ year-old brick buildings. This p... more
Piece by Taylor Mesmer, 2015
I took twelve fabrics, that are bright, and cut them in 12 inch squares. I then cut them into the same unequal pattern. After that I mixed up the fabrics so there was three different colored in each b... more
Under Pressure by Alissa Lapinsky, 2015
We are all under pressure. but we must remember that quite often, being under pressure yields beautiful results. ... more
Etude by Bailey Pike, 2015
In music, an etude is a technical piece designed to improve technique or demonstrate skill. In this design, I wanted to do something similar with a traditional quilt block. Although the flying geese... more
Geometric Text by Nicole Daksiewicz, 2015
Geometric Text is a quilt designed using my Modern Hexies method of hand sewing, glue appliqué and machine quilting. Using one of my favorite text prints I carefully kept the main image in tact in an... more
Partly Cloudy by Laura Bennett, 2015
I made this quilt as part of a guild challenge requiring that we only use solids manufactured by Cloud 9. I wanted to play with transparency in my design, but the colors which the solids came in did... more
Shattered and Mended by Lindsey Sanders, 2015
While I designed and constructed this quilt, I was working through some personal struggles. After being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I felt broken. I had to put myself back together again an... more
Navy Pier Summer by Maria Villar, 2015
"The pattern in the grounds of Chicago's Navy Pier inspired this quilt. The integration between the small and big zig zags created such a beautiful pattern that I immediately knew I wanted to recreate... more
Churning by Jean Larson, 2015
I wanted to see what happens when you line up the points of churn dashes in a non-traditional way. Offsetting the columns of churn dashes created opportunities for interesting patterns in the backgrou... more
Dowie by Emily Cier, 2015
"Drops of rain falling in the night, blown by the winds off the Sound and illuminated by the street light. A pattern for Dowie is published in Color Continuum no. 04 Duochromatic by Emily Cier/Caro... more
One Earth by Kathy York, 2015
This quilt is a message of love for the earth and a dream of harmony among all people. ... more
Cog by Emily Cier, 2014
"Monochromatic cogs smoothly spinning like a fresh rotary cutting blade. A pattern for Cog is published in Color Continuum no. 01 Monochromatic by Emily Cier/Carolina Patchworks." ... more
Piece Offering by Dionne Matthies-Buban, 2015
Seattle Modern Quilt Guild has a very prolific Giving Committee. In addition to the guild's offering for the 2016 QuiltCon Charity Challenge, this second quilt was made using similar guidelines. Our I... more
The Hive by Jennifer Bailly, 2015
The Hive was made from playing around with squares and ¼ circles. Using neutral colors to highlight the pop of yellow – the hive. The circular quilting is meant to draw your eye around much like a bee... more
Contradiction by Josée Carrier, 2015
I love playing with reflections. In this quilt, I wanted to use it to highlight contradictions: color contrast, line directions, foreground/background. This quilt was inspired to me by my youngest boy... more
Activating Space Medallion by Jacquie Gering, 2015
This medallion is one in a series of medallion quilts exploring ways to activate space in modern quilt design. The space around the quarter circles is used to provide a focal point, add rotational mo... more
Pineapple Glitz by Susan Slusser Clay, 2015
I designed this quilt using the traditional pineapple block. I changed the placement of color to create a modern design. The quilt is primarily pieced with the 8 challenge fabrics, with some use of Mi... more
Mountain Sunrise by Anne Sullivan, 2015
This Quilt Design A Day pattern was inspired by misty mountains at sunrise. The design plays with value and form, creating balance from the color placement. ... more
Twisted Tulips by Jacquie Gering, 2015
Twisted Tulips is a twist on the traditional drunkard's path block. I played with both scale and placement in this quilt. The quilt was inspired by my mother's desire for a garden in her assisted liv... more
Transcendence by Anne Sullivan, 2015
As an introvert, I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed by being part of the quilting community. This quilt is my ode to that community. Although we have our differences, we come together to creat... more
The Ripple Effect by Janice Ryan, 2015
The Ripple Effect is a variation on a Half-Square Triangle Block. One block is repeated throughout the quilt to create vibration and movement. ... more
Aftermath by Jacquie Gering, 2013
Aftermath was made in response to the bombing at the Boston Marathon and was inspired by the last image I saw when I turned off the coverage on TV. In every act of violence there is aftermath, both p... more
Balancing Act by Stephanie Ruyle, 2015
A playful study of circles, triangles and color, Balancing Act was a test of piecing skills with different circle techniques and insert triangles in differing scale. The incorporation of retroreflecti... more
Inverted #1 by Carson Converse, 2014
Inverted #1 was inspired by the overlapping lines and shapes used in mid-century graphics. It is also one of many triangular designs that I was working on at the time. This quilt is a study in the b... more
Modern Spelunking by Stephanie Ruyle, 2015
Guild Traditional to Modern Challenge based on the split rail/rail block. When the quilt was finished it reminded me of cave stalactites and stalagmites. The quilt is also pieced without specific mea... more
Solid + Plaid Modules by Christine Barnes, 2015
Plain solids and woven plaids make up these shimmering color modules. Light gray-and-white strips separate the units and create a sense of layering, as if the modules float on an airy background. In s... more
Accumulative Effect by Stacey O'Malley, 2015
"This quilt features the accumulated scraps from my first 25 quilts. It uses scraps from every quilt I have ever made. I started with 8 improvised large scrappy blocks, organized by colour. I mixed w... more
QBI (The Quiet Beauty of Imperfection) by Jenny Lyon, 2015
My work is not about perfection. I love the edited beauty of whole cloth quilts. I've taken traditional quilt blocks, improvised a bit and put them on whole cloth (no piecing). I free motion quilt on... more
Antlers by Nancy Purvis, 2015
Antlers was inspired by a set of antlers given to me from a friend. Because of my love for interior spaces and design, I knew that antlers were on trend, and I decided to try to make a modern quilt b... more
Piece 12 by Lissa Alexander, 2015
when working on a catalog cover I combined all the newest fabrics and sorted them by color. This rainbow of colors then became the cover of PIECE, Issue 12 catalog for Moda Fabrics, spring 2015.I love... more
The Long Winter by Catherine Redford, 2013
"Originally made for a Log Cabin Challenge I cut all the colored pieces from one charm pack, added white and stitched the log cabin blocks with no real plan what to do next. Serendipity brought them t... more
This is my quilt. by Lulu McMahon, 2015
I saw the quilt Mumma made and it was too small. I wanted a big one for my own bed. Hers was orange and white. I wanted orange but with pink and purple too. And lots of lines. I sketched this quilt, M... more