UFO Challenge by Austin MQG, 2014
Our guild had a UFO challenge. In January 2014, every guild member was asked to write all their UFO's on an index card. Each meeting, members crossed off the UFO's they completed. INSERT NAME HERE was... more
Quilt #6 by Sarah Rodriguez, 2014
This quilt is comprised of blocks made by the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild. It was the block of the month for June 2014. I loved all the various colors and grays that were chosen. I decided to put t... more
Playing with Little Bits by Rose Daley, 2014
Progressive quilt using a scrappy "low volume/little bits" theme created at Mid-Atlantic MOD 2014. Low volume fabrics were sent to each quilter a few weeks before the retreat. Each quilter created a s... more
Percolate by Emily Cier, 2014
These look like triangles, but they're really ripples on a pond. Or a rainstorm. Or drops streaming down a window. Or a shattered ice sheet. In any case, something to do with water. Definitely water.... more
Modern Migration by Erin Davis, 2014
"I wanted to reflect my love for the traditional flying geese block in a more modern way....and truth be told, just purchased a 60deg triangle ruler and was dying to use it! I love how this origina... more
Lowcountry by Phoebe Harrell, 2014
Members of our guild were asked to contribute a block that represented our home, Charleston, South Carolina. Sullivans Island, South Carolina, United States 66" x 66" ... more
Improv Pods by Jessica Levitt, 2014
The three main blocks for this quilt were made by members of the Central Jersey MQG after a workshop with Denyse Schmidt on improvisational piecing. Members of the guild made blocks to practice the m... more
I See Spots by Nancy Zieman, 2014
After attending Quiltcon 2013, I was inspired to create several modern quilts. "I See Spots" is a bed-size quilt with 18" blocks, 9" blocks and 9" x 18" rectangles. The focal points are the circles or... more
Confetti by Jen Sorenson, 2013
This quilt was created thanks to the participants of the Simply Solids Bee on Flickr in 2013. I sent out a number of neutral whites and cream solids along with small pieces of navy, lime and dark pink... more
Churn Dash 2: Complementary by Martha Peterson, 2014
After taking Sherri Lynn Wood's Improv Round Robin class at QuiltCon 2013, three of us in the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild decided we had not had enough fun. We used the same "listen and respond" techni... more
Central Jersey MQG Banner by Members of the Central Jersey MQG, 2014
This quilt is our guild's interpretation of the meaning of modern quilting. Using our logo colors and fonts as inspiration, we chose a palette of fabrics and reproduced the logo, designed by Jessica L... more
Tidy Towns: Irish Houses by Andrew Steinbrecher, 2014
"Tidy Towns: Irish Houses" was inspired by a vacation I took to Ireland in the fall of 2014. Row houses in Irish towns are painted bright colors by their owners with each neighbor choosing a different... more
You Can't Rush Art by Amanda Jean Nyberg, 2014
There is a line in the movie Toy Story 2 where the man who is repairing Woody says, "you can't rush art". That sums up my journey of making this quilt perfectly. I began with a bunch of solid scraps a... more
Yin Yang by Serena Brooks, 2014
The Chinese Philosophy of Yin Yang refers to complementary, interconnected forces where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Beginning as a design exercise in a Nancy Crow workshop, I expl... more
Wild Geese by Penny Gold, 2014
This quilt was made as part of Sherri Woods' request for submissions to her forthcoming book on improvisational quilting. I was assigned a "score" of improvising on the flying geese block. The quilt... more
Untitled (Improv Half-Log Cabin) by Heather Jones, 2014
This is one of my all-time favorite quilts that I have ever made and the design for it was inspired by the work of the Gee's Bend quilters. I used a limited color palette consisting of natural and dar... more
Tuning Fork #13
A tuning fork resonates at a specific constant pitch, depending on the mass and length of the two prongs. In this quilt, the forks vary in size and the surface of the quilt reverberates with their man... more
Tune in Next Week by chawne kimber, 2014
This quilt originated as a Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge sponsored by Michael Miller. The grey print reminded me of the stellated Sputnik satellites and early television antennae. Hence it inspi... more
Transposition by Anne Hammond, 2014
This Quilt is about how our lives intercept with each other at certain points and then more in diffrent directions Silver Spring, Maryland, United States 54" x 52" ... more
Through the Open Window by Amy Anderson, 2014
Improvisational quilt begun at a workshop with Loretta Bennett of Gee's Bend. As I put the quilt together, the blocks began to seem like views through windows - buildings, cars, trees and the like. Ma... more
This Way by Tricia Royal, 2014
This improvisational flying geese block quilt is a variation of an improvisational project score featured in the forthcoming book The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters, by Sherri Lynn Wood. Chicago... more
The White Quilt by Shannon Page
The quilting took more than 60 hours on a domestic machine. It is a combination of improvisation and planned design. DALLAS, Texas, United States 83" x 83" ... more
The Rabbit Hole by Nydia Kehnle, 2014
The Rabbit Hole was created out of scraps. For me it came together completely organically as I was exploring shapes and colors as a brainstorming technique. It wasn't meant to be a quilt it was mean... more
Sunburst Quilt by Tara Faughnan, 2013
"This quilt was started as a test project for Sherri Lynn Wood's book, The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters. The assignment was to create strip pieced sheets of fabric, and then sub cut these to m... more
Spiraling out of Control by Christa Watson, 2014
"Spiraling Out of Control was originally made for the Riley Blake MQG challenge as an experiment in line, form and texture. The blocks were improvisationally pieced without the use of foundations or t... more
Shifting Impressions by MARIANNE HAAK, 2014
My quilt was inspired by my participation as a test quilter for the The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood. I created curved piecing using freehand cut bias strips. I then shatter... more
Shades of Gray by Terry Aske, 2013
Squares and strips of bright color dance across a monochromatic background of white, black and shades of gray. I had a lot of fun designing this quilt. I didn't have a sketch or plan – just an idea... more
Score for Modern Block Improv: Flying Geese by Sherri Lynn Wood, 2014
"Improvised patchwork repetition and variation of the traditional block ""Flying Geese"" based on my original Score For Modern Block Improv featured in ""The Improv Handbook For Modern Quilters,"" STC... more
Rainbow Remix by Rebecca Bryan, 2013
Inspired by quilters of Gee's Bend, I set out to make a rainbow quilt using an improvisational technique. Each block blends 2 different colors together and moves the spectrum around in surprising but... more
Primary by Elisa Albury, 2014
Made as a test quilt for Sherri Lynn Wood's upcoming improvisational quilting book. Improv-pieced using a "rhythmic grid 'score'." Alas, it was not selected for inclusion in the book, but I love it an... more
Pickle Jars by Jamie Gonce, 2014
Improv circles float on a pickle-green background. Free-style crosshatch quilting juxtaposes the curves and gives an almost screen-door feel to Pickle Jars. This quilt was made especially as a QuiltCo... more
Off Centre by Andres Rosales, 2014
This quilt started as an attempt to recreate a quilt block I gave away. I started adding design elements and editing out others that didn't work. Ventura, California, United States 71" x 69" ... more
Modern Sunset by Lauren Palmer, 2014
An experiment in hand-dyeing cotton led me to create a modern palette of coral and teal solids that range in saturation. Mixed with black and white, each block is improvisationally pieced and positio... more
mahjong by Leslie Schmidt, 2013
I had this lovely fabric printed with mahjong tiles that had been kicking around my studio for ages. One morning I decided to use it. Brooklyn, New York, United States 68" x 72" ... more
LITE BRITE by Maria Shell, 2014
LITE BRITE came from a pile of small strips on my cutting table. I began to arrange them on a black background. While I find the design elegant in its simplicity, the colors really do dance. I'm alway... more
Las Ventanas by Kristin Shields, 2013
This quilt started out in a workshop with Jean Wells. I was inspired by the colors of Mexico and went from there. Each window (Las Ventanas means The Windows in Spanish) is improvisationally pieced... more
Kelly Quilt by Maritza Soto, 2014
Inspired by the paintings of hard edge painter and minimalist Ellsworth Kelly, I randomly cut and pieced strips which became blocks which became columns to achieve a seemingly scattered but structured... more
Juicy by Charlotte Newland, 2013
An exploration of colour and scale, using improvisational piecing of half-square triangles. London, United Kingdom 44" x 48" ... more
Intersection by Neva Asinari, 2014
This piece demonstrates the "Slice and Insert" technique taught by Jacqui Gering of Tall House Prairie Studios during an August 2014 workshop for our guild. Piecing for this quilt is improvisational.... more
Infinite Whispers by Jennifer Chon, 2014
I created this quilt because my low volume scrap bin was overflowing. I love improv piecing. One afternoon, I began mindlessly piecing small scarps together and later found myself loving the end res... more
Gradient by Alys Gagnon, 2013
"Gradient started as a single block, created for a guild block challenge at my very first Modern Quilt Guild Meeting. The expansive negative space and the analogous colour scheme are a playful respo... more
Full Bloom by Latifah Saafir, 2014
Full Bloom was designed using Sherri Lynn Wood's Bias Petal Improvisational Score. I was challenged to make a quilt using this technique but, still wanted to maintain my own voice. Los Angeles, Calif... more
For Tanya by Emily Coffey, 2014
This quilt was made in memory of my best friend who lost her battle to cancer. The inspiration came from her love of sunrises over the ocean. Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, United States 50" x 63.... more
Folded Flock by Jenna Brand, 2014
Inspired by origami cranes, this quilt used improvisational piecing to create a flock of geese as well as arrows to signify movement. Dexter, Michigan, United States of America 54" x 54" ... more
Fade to Black by Sarah Lowry, 2013
When I first obtained a charm pack of Botanics (Designed by Carolyn Friedlander, produced by Robert Kaufman). I immediately sorted the fabric line by color intensity. As soon as I did that, this quilt... more
Fade into Gray by Stephanie Ruyle, 2014
This quilt was recently part of the Modern Quilt Guild Exhibit at the International Quilt Festival- Houston. It is designed to commemorate a significant milestone for Grayson Heppe. His name was the i... more
face #1 by melissa averinos, 2014
After creating a large raw-edge appliqué self-portrait, I challenged myself to make a face quilt that was pieced. This image was not based on a photograph or drawing and no computers or charts were in... more
Entropy by Elisa Albury, 2013
"Made for inclusion in Minimal Quiltmaking by Gwen Marston (AQS 2014). I explored the concept of minimal design using three elements: unbleached muslin combined with small scraps, all set with the sim... more
Emerald City by Charlotte Newland, 2013
Made for the Pantone Colour of the Year challenge - Emerald. Improvisationally pieced. London, United Kingdom 36" x 45" ... more
Blocks from the Crayon Box by Carolyn Griffith, 2014
I used the stack, shuffle and slide technique in Karla Alexander's book, Stack, Shuffle, and Slide: A New Technique for the Stack the Deck Quilts. I did follow her suggested layouts, but I adapted all... more
Bird's Eye View by Nathalie Bearden, 2014
Bird's Eye View is a quilt inspired by masterfully crafted row crops. Crops that when viewed from above look like works of modern art. The Woodlands, Texas, United States 56" x 68" ... more
Arne by Rossie Hutchinson, 2013
This quilt is pieced with an improv stack-and-whack pattern of my own design. The overall look is loosely based on a textile design by Arne Jacobsen, which I made irregular and multi-colored. The pa... more
Aleph Bet by Serena Brooks, 2014
Beginning as a design exercise in a Nancy Crow workshop, I explored the impact of placing flat colors next to glowing colors using my own repeated motif. After taking this piece home and reworking it... more
Abby's Abstract II by Amanda Jean Nyberg, 2013
This piece was designed by my daughter, who was 7 at the time. I gave her a bowl of solid colored scraps and she designed this piece on my design wall. I sewed it up, thus preserving a bit of her artw... more
A Dance for Emily by Rossie Hutchinson, 2014
I made this quilt while pattern testing for Sherri Lynn Wood's upcoming book—it is a variation on her Rhythmic Grid Score, which is featured in the upcoming book, The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilte... more
Typewriter No. 5 by Jessica Toye, 2014
While wandering through antique shops I spotted this old typewriter. I snapped a photograph that I used to design this quilt. I manipulated the photo on the computer before constructing this quilt w... more
[The American Context #68] Double Elvis by Luke Haynes, 2012
This piece wants to talk about the collision between pop art and traditional art. The posture the figures are in reference the "double Elvis" painting by Andy Warhol. Yet the people aren't famous, so... more
[The American Context #16] Christina's World by Luke Haynes, 2012
Andrew Wyeth painted his neighbor Christina Olson after seeing her drag herself home through the field. This painting speaks to the concept of relative distance and what we take for granted. This wor... more
Turn Down For What by Lauren Palmer, 2014
Lil Jon, he always tells the truth. Lexington, Kentucky, United States 62" x 82" ... more
Tiki Dilemma by Jodi Robinson, 2014 2
This original design was created using invisible, machine applique, over the pieced background.The quilting designs were chosen to add interest,but not overwhelm the overall design of the quilt. Enon... more
The dishes can wait by Rachel Kerley, 2014
"This is the first in what has become a series of free turned applique quilts. No raw edges, no fusible. In this case I machine appliqued most of the shapes down. Im always looking for inspiration a... more
The Conan Quilt by Allison Chambers, 2014
I've been a fan of Conan O'Brien and his late night comedy since I was a teenager and recently while watching his show I noticed a lot of his fans were making artwork using his likeness and presenting... more
Survivor by Jennifer Benoit-Bryan, 2014
At some point in life, most people live through a terrible event. In my case, afterward I struggled to label myself, neither survivor nor victim felt completely right, although I felt much closer to... more
Sticks and Stones: The Border Test by Rachel Kerley, 2013
All machine made. The quilt was a quilting test for the border on the larger Log Cabin. Each piece was turned before being applied by machine. Machine quilted, machine bound. Its also a commentary on... more
Self-Study #4: The One for T by chawne kimber, 2013
"Claiming stand-your-ground rights, in February 2012 George Zimmerman shot and killed unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. In the immediate aftermath of the killing, the hoodie be... more
Rocket 88 by Latifah Saafir, 2014
This quilt was designed to highlight the large bold prints in Jennifer Sampou's color:FULL fabric line. Bias tape applique makes this easy and quick while still maintaining a bold statement. Los Ange... more
Outside the Box by Jenny Voss, 2014
Outside the Box begins with 140 edge-turned machine appliqued ovals that radiate from the center. After being drawn to the dark center, I wanted the viewer's eyes to move outward around the lightening... more
Off The Chart by Lynn Harris, 2014
The inspiration for this quilt design came from a colorwork knitting chart for a sweater yoke or mittens. The three colors on the chart were translated into a background color and two sizes of circles... more
Off Center by Charlotte Noll, 2014
Designed for 2014 Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake Challenge. Added chevrons to supplied challenge fabrics with white background. Front is appliqued, back is pieced. Free-motion double-line home-machine... more
Lost and Found in Translation by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 2014
"I made the improv portion of this quilt first, but I was lost and uninspired by it. I left it up on my design wall for weeks. I stared at it every day, and played with the double wedding ring pattern... more
Hometown Quilt by Gina Pina, 2014
This is a modern signature quilt. I had every visitor to my quilt studio during the 2014 East Austin Studio Tour write the name of the town they where they were born onto a fabric scrap. I quilted all... more
Grand Canal by Casey York, 2013
Garden designers of the 17th century used principles of forced perspective to create vistas that appeared endless; inspired by Versailles' Grand Canal, designed by Andre Le Nôtre, the foreshortened fo... more
Chosen 2 by Catherine Redford, 2014
From being sent as a parent chaperone on the 2nd grade library field trip, rather than the architectural tour, to rejection as a suitable volunteer more recently, I have felt the pain of being surplus... more
Catenary by Carolyn Friedlander, 2014
The name Catenary refers to the natural arch that's created by a cord hanging from two points. When I lived in St Louis, I learned that the shape of the Gateway Arch was inspired by this type of curve... more
Botanics in Green by Carolyn Friedlander, 2013
Botanics is a celebration of the enticing and graceful forms found in some of my favorite plants. With the release of my fabric line, Botanics, I was intrigued with a more modern and graphic approach... more
33 by Gabriela Kirst, 2014
Self-portrait inspired by a photo of myself with two Java sparrows. Machine and hand appliquéd. Grass Valley, California, United States 40" x 44" ... more
Citrus Wedge by Jen Carlton Bailly, 2012
"Made from my friends stashes, Citrus Wedge was a quilt made just for me. With my favorite colors and a yearning for sunshine in the dark winter months of the Pacific North West. Experimenting wit... more
Welcome to Colorful Colorado by Katie Larson, 2013
This quilt was created for my husband Jesse who was born and raised in/near Boulder, Colorado, and is the inspiration for this quilt. The three sections represent the Colorado geography of the mesas,... more
Refresh by Anna Boenish, 2013
I was inspired to make this quilt after attending the first QuiltCon. It is the fourth quilt I ever made. After learning how to English Paper Piece from a family friend, I decided to combine English... more
Profits & Losses by Gina Pina, 2014
I wanted this quilt to look like a P... more
GLITCH! by Susan Strong, 2014
The idea for GLITCH! came from a conversation with my son. He suggested that I google 'glitch furniture' and see if I could get a quilt design idea from it. The idea grew from there. I wanted a sim... more
The Anglegorical Impulse by Emily Sherry, 2014
"The idea behind this quilt was to take something very minimal and make it complex. Solid fabrics and a simple triangle shape build a strong design of overlapping tones and blend thick angular lines... more
Pinwheels by Kate Ivie, 2013
I made this quilt at a summer camp at The Cotton Cupboard in Lackway, TX. I like it because each block looks like a pinwheel. This was the second quilt that i have made. I hope you like my quilt! Aus... more
Staircase by Kate Ivie, 2014
I made this quilt for my best friend, Hannah. I started it when I was ten and gave it to her for her 11th birthday. I picked the back fabric specifically because her favorite colors are blue and orang... more
Sam and Suzy by Megan Callahan, 2014
Inspired by the Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom and resurgence of 60's era plaids. Sam and Suzy features a fine one inch square pixelated piecing for the central images. The background is made up... more
E Quilt by Cynthia Ann Morgan, 2014
Using the lustrous, luscious fabric in the Cotton Couture line, I played with the alphabet on both the front (letter E) and back (letter F)of the quilt. The letter E is not obvious except for the one... more
Diving Geese by Katie Pedersen, 2013
Diving Geese evolved through my desire to create a minimalist design with no recognizable block layout. The triangular 'geese' were created using the modern crazy piecing technique and scraps. I used... more
Icy Waters by Amy Garro, 2014
This quilt is made entirely from one block design, which has been rotated and reflected with varying color placement to create the look of many blocks. It is meant to convey chunks of Ice breaking off... more
Rainbow Magic by Mollie McMahon, 2014
This is the first ever quilt I made. Mumma let me choose fabrics from her boxes and use her sewing machine and I got this made. It's called "Rainbow Magic" as I love all the colours in it and it makes... more
September Dawn by Kathryn Upitis, 2014
"September Dawn - Modern Kerr Inspired by the hometown painter Illingworth Kerr and turning his painting into a modern quilt with Michael Miller" Calgary, Alberta, CANADA 53.5" x 83" ... more
Fractal Kaleidoscope by Katie Larson, 2014
Fractal Kaleidoscope was created by joining six small Fractal Radiance quilts together. Three of the sections are in the original formation, and three are reflected to create a kaleidoscope effect whe... more
and the moon at night by Colleen Molen, 2014
Inspired by a piece of art while browsing for a kindle cover, I immediately started doing math, drawing templates, and playing with colors. While the original was pink, I had to go bold with my favori... more
Woodcut by Holly DeGroot, 2014
This quilt was created for the Modern Solids Challenge, organized by FreeSpirit Fabrics and Coats... more
Woodcut by Holly DeGroot, 2014
This quilt was created for the Modern Solids Challenge, organized by FreeSpirit Fabrics and Coats... more
Equalizer by Cheryl Arkison, 2014
A request from my husband, and the inspiration behind my latest book: You Inspire Me To Quilt. I finally made it for him, his own piece of audio inspired comfort. Calgary, Alberta, Canada 90" x 64"... more
Bauhaus Revisited by Rebecca Burnett, 2014
This was inspired by a lithograph by Lazlo Moholy-Nagy. I loved the piece and it was a great chance to try to reproduce the transparency with fabric, which I have wanted to do for a long time. Toront... more
Sparkle by Nicole Neblett, 2014
Sparkle is an updated version of the traditional pinwheel quilt block. Set in an expanse of negative space, the pinwheels are slivers of the traditional pinwheels and appear to sparkle as stars in the... more
Transmission by Phoebe Harrell, 2014
The interlocking curves are inspired by retro sci-fi and geometric prints. Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, United States 60" x 70" ... more
Letting Go by Andrew Steinbrecher, 2014
One of the first quilts I have created, "Letting Go" is about discarding previous baggage and hang-ups about creating quilts. "Will it be good enough?" "What if I fail?" are questions I had to let go... more
Disruption by Barbara Lockwood, 2014
This quilt was inspired by a traditional oriental porcelain pattern. Erie, Pennsylvania, United States 65" x 65" ... more